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Google wants to mass produce his car without driver

"Kit!" Come seek out me... "." David Hasselhoff is not working in Google (he prefers to sing Ugachaka and eat burgers), but K-2000 has no doubt inspired its engineers.

History to candidates to the presidential agreement on the theme of driving, Google has decided to speed up things with respect to his smart car capable to fly alone. During movement in Detroit, in the US city of industry automotive are where born Ford, General Motors or Chrysler, the Web giant has highlighted the advances and benefits of the autopilot. It must remembered that for a little less than a year six automatic Google cars travel the roads in Nevada where the firm conducted tests to advance his research. And after filing several patents to protect these advances, Google finds it both to a supplementary report.

But before you start the mass production vehicles with automatic operation (the avowed purpose of Google to market the cars for the general public), the firm has yet to demonstrate to the authorities that his car is safer that a vehicle driven manually by an individual lambda. This car packed with technology (cameras, sensors, laser range finder, etc.) should therefore prove himself and, to do this, Google plans to cross the threshold of the million miles rolled by its vehicles without a driver. Currently, ten of these cars drive on highways in Nevada (four new Google Cars have been added recently) and have travelled a total of 250,000 miles.

Google, which took the opportunity to make changes in its system safe, including a system that allows you to disable certain mechanisms to distance for dysfunction, explains that he has not yet finally sealed his plans, and discusses currently with all the automakers before choosing one or more partners for the production of these vehicles without driver.

Some "official" info on the Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will launch officially next week, on 3 may, but info already starting to filter.

No more call it Galaxy S III or the "next Galaxy" as like in the teaser Samsung, its final name should probably be Galaxy S3. Indeed, several sources had already alluded to this new name, but there is serious because the information comes directly from chez… Samsung, and more precisely its House, KIES data synchronization software as shown in the image below.


The photo of the model is not, of course, that Galaxy note having been reused but the commercial name and the product code appear well and indicate "Galaxy S3 – GT – I9300".

But in addition to the name, this is also the type of SoC to be used by the smartphone was unveiled by Samsung himself at a comparative technical demonstration. In this case it will be its Quad-Core House, the Exynos 4 Quad (name of code Exynos 4412) based architecture ARM Cortex-A9, engraved in 32 nm, measured 1.4 Ghz and incorporating a Mali-400 MP4 dual-core, it, 400 Mhz graphics chip against on the Galaxy S II 266 Mhz.


All of this is in the end very attractive if these infos are indeed true, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the air to have under the hood to sink to its Chinese competitors that are visible on the horizon (Meizu MX Quad and Huawei D Quad XL). More than a small week to wait to be fixé…

Holey Optochip: the optical chip from IBM

Data transfer will be by fibre optics, IBM confirmed us!

Optical processors, or simply optical chips, it is neither the first nor the last time that we will hear speak. To summarize, researchers are trying to break out of the transfer of information about copper tracks that travel our maps mothers and other electronic cards to drastically increase the bandwidth. To achieve fiber pathway is preferred because it allows to benefit from the speed of light that physically provides information at speeds of almost unlimited transfer speeds, once used electronics following. On this point, IBM researchers appear to have taken a new step forward.

IBM introduced its Holey Optochip chips with 24 holes for the reception of the signal light and 24 other holes for the issue of information by optical fibre. The transfer rate would be of the order of 1 Tb/s... for a short distance, of course. The consumption of such chip does not exceed 5 Watts, this could be interesting for future major centres of calculations or data centers.

IBM said its show of force that the manufacture of the chip does not use new technologies or methods of complex manufacturing, but components today classics on the market, making it so cheap to produce.


Optical receptors on the two rows of top and bottom transmitters.

For researchers, the problem of bandwidth between the components of a computer is then more a problem with this type of optical chips. For them, the bottleneck is now moved to bandwidth network, even if the optical fiber in data-center is widely used. He would then produce optical chips more efficient to propel the light signals over a greater distance, increasing the speed of transfer between components and units of calculation then mechanically.

We hope now that this type of demonstration are not made only to show the power and the level of research in the laboratories of IBM, but that this could lead to actual use in our future computers. Finally, this is not to immediately...

Free Mobile termination: Word of drive

We thank our readers for their testimony on this case. Our doubts of customer account management have steps been confirmed or reversed by the néo-opérateur, but your testimony give us new light...


Following our article on 24 April concerning the problems of termination of automatic lines for cause of unpaid for some Free Mobile customers, we have received many accounts to offset our doubts about the methods used by the néo-opérateur the "good" computer management of its customers. Before going further, please note that we always expect a response on the part of Free Mobile and Iliad on this subject, that despite our reminders remain silent for the time being.

To better understand what is happening from the point of view of a customer, we selected one of the email we received:


I am writing to bring some clarification to article "Free Mobile: termination of office for outstanding?", part I of the cancelled Office and with the subscription to €15.99.

My RIB was poorly made outset (because of a bug in Free failing key RIB starting at 0). I called 3 times to correct the very thing before receiving my SIM card, which affirmed the customer service not being able to do so and that this would be "quickly as possible" via the heading "My account" in the customer area on the Internet. Of course, that was the most time.

I sent them a RIB by mail, thanks to 4 weeks to process. Result, first denied collection... In the aftermath, an advisor called, to tell me that I could resolve the outstanding credit card, and that he could - finally - correctly enter my RIB.

Result: settled outstanding RIB ok, rectified... situation 2 months so far were collected and there was therefore no unpaid, at most a delay of a few days on the 1 month which, let us recall, is paid in advance.

My line but was cut on April 14, as those of many other customers. I immediately called customer service of Free Mobile, who asked me to send a recommended. This was done in the wake. This is almost 2 weeks I look now. I have called numerous times customer service which told me nothing could do, and that the situation will be rectified "soon"...

They give me the impression of being overwhelmed, my number is lost, and I am the reverse of the NRJ Mobile pub: I have a mobile, but not of SIM card. This suits me well, because I'm currently looking for a new job (the end of CSD requires) and my number is volatilized, I used 12 years and which appeared on my CV.

"Thank you Free…"

Even if all clients are not affected by this problem, those that are will have therefore lost everything in the case. Difficult to understand how this can happen, especially as Iliad is not in its first move to test on this sector. The automatic collection of Free ADSL subscriptions are made correctly, regardless of the used RIB.

Stalker 2 is cancelled

In full restructuring, Stalker Ukrainian developers will not have the opportunity finish Stalker 2. Unless a new arlésienne emerges...

Stalker 2Sad news for fans of radioactive FPS, GSC Game World closes its doors and the new studio formed in replacement will not be able to continue the development of Stalker 2. All hope seems lost and need a priori keep as a last souvenir of this license original Stalker: Call of Pripyat, the excellent last episode ever. Much better than Stalker: Clear Sky, and at the same level as the first Stalker which we said end-of-test in March 2007: "the chaotic development of Stalker will be simply managed to him remove a bit of finishing level initially and to somewhat aging engine, but in any case he will be able to him remove his soul." "This unique atmosphere and sense of immersion seldom encountered which are of Stalker a must for any lover of FPS".

In the press release which States this bad news, can read: "the reason why we cannot continue to develop Stalker 2 is that we and our investors fail to agree with the holder of the licence fee." The full team which worked on Stalker is now at work on a new project called Survarium. We are so grateful for the support that we have made during all these years the players, and despite our best efforts, it is not possible to continue the Stalker adventure, that we regret as you. "However, we feel that our new studio and our new project will be something unique and will fill the void left by the disappearance of Stalker, and perhaps even better than it still do".

Galaxy GeForce GTX 680 GC 2 GB, overclockée and customized

The Galaxy manufacturer launches a new model GTX 680 overclockée plant and equipped with a customized heatpipe, the GeForce GTX 680 GC 2 Go.

Galaxy released a new version of the GeForce GTX 680, called GeForce GTX 680 GC 2 GB, at frequencies GPU overclockées of plant and equipped with a cooling House system.


Thus this new card is his GK104 beat at 1110 Mhz/1176 Mhz in standard/GPU Boost mode against 1006 Mhz/1058 Mhz initially, the 2 GB of GDDR5 remain for their processors 1502 Mhz as recommended by NVIDIA. Custom cooling system consists of a wide radiator finned aluminum crossed by several heat pipes in nickel plated copper, all being cooled by the breath of two fans of 92 mm in diameter, a fairing aluminium enclosing all.



Map is 25.4 cm long and 11.10 cm high, it has two slots and feeds via two connectors PCI-e 6 + 8 pine. Outputs video proposed are identical to those of the reference map to two DVI ports, an HDMI 1 4A taking and a DisplayPort 1.2.

The price and the date of release of this model in France have not yet been specified by the manufacturer.