Google wants to mass produce his car without driver

"Kit!" Come seek out me... "." David Hasselhoff is not working in Google (he prefers to sing Ugachaka and eat burgers), but K-2000 has no doubt inspired its engineers.

History to candidates to the presidential agreement on the theme of driving, Google has decided to speed up things with respect to his smart car capable to fly alone. During movement in Detroit, in the US city of industry automotive are where born Ford, General Motors or Chrysler, the Web giant has highlighted the advances and benefits of the autopilot. It must remembered that for a little less than a year six automatic Google cars travel the roads in Nevada where the firm conducted tests to advance his research. And after filing several patents to protect these advances, Google finds it both to a supplementary report.

But before you start the mass production vehicles with automatic operation (the avowed purpose of Google to market the cars for the general public), the firm has yet to demonstrate to the authorities that his car is safer that a vehicle driven manually by an individual lambda. This car packed with technology (cameras, sensors, laser range finder, etc.) should therefore prove himself and, to do this, Google plans to cross the threshold of the million miles rolled by its vehicles without a driver. Currently, ten of these cars drive on highways in Nevada (four new Google Cars have been added recently) and have travelled a total of 250,000 miles.

Google, which took the opportunity to make changes in its system safe, including a system that allows you to disable certain mechanisms to distance for dysfunction, explains that he has not yet finally sealed his plans, and discusses currently with all the automakers before choosing one or more partners for the production of these vehicles without driver.


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