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The Razer Marauder Razer Starcraft II on PC-Overware test








This keyboard adopts an ultra compact design as seen on the photos. Everything is compressed to win a maximum of place (note that we have received a QWERTY version for our tests is francized easily via the combination ALT + SHIFT; must know then type without looking at the keyboard if it is complicated). A time of adaptation will be necessary to learn to control the keyboard, like a laptop keyboard where everything is tight. Beyond its primary function of impactor device, this keyboard offers "cool" modes as the recording of macros on the fly or via the utility, the backlight of the keys. Has a keyboard with keys relatively high, the Marauder can be surprising at first glance. Once in the hands, it leaves Taming, and provides the pleasant sensations. Its lining is soft, a true woman skin. Suite on PC-Overware...

NVIDIA mobile GPUS leader!









The latest GeForce series 500 M have the wind in its sails. They allowed NVIDIA to increase its market share of 8.9%. The constructor is takes and 50.6% of the market of mobile GPUS dedicated. Obviously, the loss of Apple which has replaced the GeForce GT 330 m of the MacBook Pro 15 inch 2011 by some 6000 HD Radeon and GeForce 320 m of the MacBook Pro 13 inch and MacBook Air with Intel HD 3000 caused little harm. The GeForce series 500 M are found in many laptops from Acer, Asus, Clevo, MSI, Packard Bell and many others. The success of the GeForce is not really surprising. Optimus is undoubtedly greater than technology switchable graphics of AMD including switching between GPUS as long is that laborious and binding (more detail in the Packard Bell EasyNote TS11 test: Sandy Bridge, GeForce and Optimus within €500)...

Dell (finally) launches its Latitude XT3

The Texas manufacturer Dell has launched its Latitude XT3, a new tablet PC from 13.3-inch...


Latitude XT3 has (finally) be officially launched by Dell. This computer took advantage of a particularly resilient Tri-Metal hull, and a keyboard-resistant liquid falls. Found in the heart of this tablet PC of 323 x 221 x 30.9 mm slab of 13.3-inch 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. This screen is Rotary and touch (finger or a stylus). Latitude XT3 takes advantage in the best of a case of a Core i7-2620M, and 8 GB of memory RAM.

The onboard graphics solution Intel HD 3000 will be in charge of the display, while the storage will be entrusted to a 320 GB hard drive (or a 128/256 GB flash drive) as well as a DVD burner, and a memory card reader. Connectivity includes Gigabit LAN and WiFi 802 .11n ready. Bluetooth 3.0, 3 G modem, GPS module, and the HD webcam are optional. This tablet PC finally has an ExpressCard slot, and a 6 or 9 cell battery. Dell offers its Latitude XT3 from 1878 dollars.

delllatitudext302 delllatitudext303 delllatitudext301

Gigabyte G1.Sniper 2: €400 for a card mother LGA-1155?

The Taiwanese manufacturer Gigabyte will soon launch a motherboard Z68/LGA-1155 to more than €400...

A little over five years ago, the motherboard in the heart of an Intel platform offered a considerable amount of features that are now directly integrated into Santa Clara giant processors. It was justifiable to spend some money on this component. This logic is now ancient history, and it is difficult to see how Gigabyte can afford to seek more than €400 for the G1.Sniper 2.

This motherboard is the players, a population that the Taiwanese manufacturer clearly considered cows milk. To the ATX, it incorporates the Intel Z68 Express chipset and socket LGA-1155, which also supports the current Sandy Bridge, as the future Ivy Bridge.  It has also four slots supporting the DDR3 to 2133 MHz on two channels, and two slots PCI Express x 16 (SNB, IVB 3.0 2.0), which are compatible with SLI, CrossFireX, and Virtu technologies. Side storage, there are four Serial ATA 6 Gb/s, and three ports 3 Gb/s.

gigabyteg1sniper2o03 gigabyteg1sniper2o02

Gigabyte also incorporates a Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 network controller and a Creative CA20K2 audio controller. These solutions significantly lead the invoice, whereas the gains they make are not always obvious. The presence of an amplifier helmet will be more significant. Panel aft of the G1.Sniper 2 shows ports, HDMI, eSATA and USB 3.0. The side a little more, it should be noted the presence of an automatic overclocking button, a Touch BIOS, and a control panel (powered) eSATA port and two additional USB 3.0 ports. It has therefore case a relatively complete product, but we excuse a high label!

The price of SSD Intel 710 Series

The Intel SSD for professional announce very expensive.

Fondeur Intel will launch its new line of SSD for professionals during the month of August. Our colleagues from VR Zone laid their hands on the characteristics and prices of these new SSD Intel 710 Series. Operator interface SATA II (3 Gb/s), the Intel SSD 710 will be declined in 100, 200 and 300 GB version. They have memory Paoc engraved 25 nm and a House with 64 MB cache controller. At the level of performance, the 710 series displays 270 MB/s read, 210 MB/s write, 38 500 4 K random read IOPS and 2400 4 K random write IOPS. They are announced with a MTBF of 2 million hours and a three year warranty.


The SSD Intel 710 of 100, 200 and 300 GB will be sold respectively $ 650, 1250-1900, is almost as much in euros with taxes. At first glance, Intel models are not really interesting since the SSD controller based on SandForce SF-2500/2600 display much higher performance: 500 MB/s read and write, read and write 4 K random 60,000 IOPS and a 10 million hours MTBF.

But Intel has not said its last word because the caster will also propose a DSS 720 Series PCI Express format. Declined in 200 and 400 GB version, these models will use memory chips SLC engraved 34 nm and a controller House operator 512 MB cache. Performance have nothing to do with the models 710 since the 720 Series will reach a 2200 MB/s read throughput, 1800 MB/s write, 180 000 read 4 K random IOPS and 56 000 4 K random write IOPS. 720 Range prices have not yet been announced.

NVIDIA shows good results

The California manufacturer Nvidia progress this quarter, pushed by record results of mobile GeForce...

logo nvidia

NVIDIA continues to back the slope. California manufacturer has just published the results of its second quarter fiscal 2012, ended on July 31. The turnover of the firm to the Chameleon reached $ 1,017 billion, compared with 962 million of the T1. The benefits are $ 151.6 million, against 135.2 million to the T1.

Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia President, says that this strong growth is due to a revival of the demand for mobile graphics chips. The mobile GeForce were pushed by Optimus technology, although the operation of the latter by the manufacturers of laptops remains too sporadic to our taste. Tegra solutions are also in progress. NVIDIA hopes an increase of 4% to 6% this quarter.

Panasonic Announces its Toughbook S10

The Japanese manufacturer Panasonic unveils a new 12-inch Toughbook laptop...


Panasonic has just announced a new Toughbook. The Japanese constructor S10 is designed around a 12.1 inch screen, resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, and the backlight led. The heart of the beast are a Core i5-2520M 2.5 GHz, accompanied by the QM67 Express chipset, and a maximum of 8 GB of DDR3 1333 MHz. The display is driven by the integrated Intel HD 3000 solution, while storage is entrusted to a 320 GB hard drive and a memory card reader. Toughbook S10 connectivity includes WiFi 802 .11n, Bluetooth 2.1 ready.

This computer can also have a reader, fingerprint, and modem 3 G (Gobi 2000) option. It will be proposed with a battery which gives it a maximum of 12 hours autonomy and a half of operation. This machine is slightly strengthened (against small shocks, falls, and pressure, while the keyboard is also resistant to water). It will be included with Windows 7 Pro. Panasonic will propose this Toughbook S10 $ 2449.

Seagate Momentus XT million flows

The American manufacturer Seagate has sold over a million of its hybrid hard disk drives, the Momentus XT...


The first hybrid hard disk drives had been launched in 2006. Their small amount of memory (about 256 MB) considerably limited their interest, and their success was therefore also very limited. Seagate had revived the concept in May 2010, with its Momentus XT. This 7200 RPM HDD incorporates 4 GB of SLC flash memory. It is significantly more efficient than competing solutions. Only black point is its maximum capacity of 500 GB (when there are now 1 To classical models).

Seagate has just announced have passed more than a million units of this hard disk, which is available in many manufacturers machines (example, Asus ROG G73JH, Sony VAIO VPCSC1AFM/S, Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990X, and Alienware M17X/M18X). IDC analysis firm estimated that approximately 25% sold computers in 2015 will be equipped a hybrid HDD. Seagate can therefore expect to beautiful profits...

SATA µSSD: an interface for micro flash drives?

SATA-IO also announces a declination of its interface to the embedded flash drives...


SATA-IO is very active this week, since the announcement of the development of SATA Express parallel, the Organization has to reveal a standard for on-board storage systems. SanDisk already uses this "SATA µSSD" for its iSSD. It should be remembered that this solution of 16 x 20 mm x 1.85 mm had been announced as being the smallest in the world. This flash drive is installed on a BGA package which directly welded on the circuit printed motherboard.

SATA µSSD allows to pass the famous storage interface via the electrical signals of the BGA, and therefore to SATA connector. SanDisk solutions are available with capacities of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. For the latest news, they could reach speeds of 160 MB/s read, for 100 MB/s write. The appearance of a standard should allow other companies (which have not necessarily means to design their own interface) design storage reduced dimensions.

LG Xnote P220: a notebook with a dalle IPS

The Korean giant LG will soon propose a new ultraportable computer that adopts a slab type IPS...


LG is to unveil a new ultraportable computer that adopts a quality screen with backlight led and the resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The Korean giant is a specialist of the IPS slabs, and integrates its solutions into its Xnote P220. This machine has therefore angles of visions of 178 degrees on all axes. Its dimensions of 297.6 mm x 193.4 x 20.9 mm for a weight of 1.3 kg. Intel Core i3/i5 of type Sandy Bridge processor, 2 or 4 GB of DDR3 is found under the hood.

The display is driven by the integrated graphics solution Intel HD 3000, while storage is entrusted to a 250 or 320 GB hard drive and a 4 in 1 memory card reader. The Xnote P220 connectivity includes Ethernet 10/100, 802 .11n ready WiFi, and Bluetooth 3.0. This laptop also integrates a 1.3-megapixel webcam. It will be offered in three colours, white, pink or blue. LG will offer its new solution in a few weeks in Korea. The last of the Xnote range then disembark in Europe.

A new SSD Samsung

Samsung starts at the level of the competitors.

Over time, the DSS Samung improve so as to become interesting. Two years ago the Korean giant models were still bad. Early 2011, Samsung marketed its Samsung SSD 470 with rather interesting performance up to 250 MB/s read and write on a SATA II (3 Gb/s) interface. The DSS team also some MacBook Air since the beginning of the year in an OEM version called PM810.


Today, the manufacturer Samsung unveils its new generation of SSD: the PM830. This model supports the SATA III (6 Gb/s) interface and memory etched in the range of 20 nm. The passage to the SATA 6 Gb/s allows the speed of SSDS as Samsung announced a flow rate of 500 MB/s read and 350 MB/s write. This SSD course uses a Samsung controller and the manufacturer does not communicate its characteristics, nor on the differences between the models PM810 and PM830.

The SSD Samsung PM830 will be delivered to partners as early as now in version 128, 256 and 512 GB. It should quickly find them in top laptops of range of the market. Course, models from Crucial or even from OCZ are more efficient, but the increase in the performance of the Samsung SSD is an important event because it is the main provider of computer manufacturers

SilverStone unveils a gamepad to USB 3.0 HDD

The Taiwanese manufacturer SilverStone presents a new external storage solution...

SilverStone has officially announced its DS321. The new system of storage of the Taiwanese manufacturer measures 182 x 123 x 81 mm. Its aluminium shell can accommodate two 3.5-inch hard drives (Serial ATA, and whose capacity does not exceed 2 TB). A fan operating at 2800 RPM (and we hope not too noisy) will come to evacuate the heat. The DS321 will offer several configurations, the JBOD RAID 0 from RAID 1. It connects to the computer via an interface SuperSpeed USB (or USB 3.0). SilverStone will provide its new solution starting from 16 August next in Europe. It will be proposed at the public price of €71 TTC. This tariff will be correct if offered performance are worthy of this name.

silverstoneds32101 silverstoneds32102 silverstoneds32103 silverstoneds32104

MSI is preparing a new motherboard FM1/A75

The Taiwanese manufacturer MSI will soon propose a new motherboard supporting the A-Series AMD socket FM1...


MSI has officially unveil a new motherboard compatible with the APU A-Series (Llano) of AMD. This A75A-G55 is a solution to the ATX. It still hosts a socket FM1 and chipset AMD A75. We can install the DDR3 on two channels and four slots only. This motherboard has a system of military class. It offers two slots PCI Express x 16 (supporting Dual Graphics and CrossFireX technology), three PCIe x 1 slots and two PCI slots. This A75A-G55 storage is based on six ports Serial ATA 6 Gb/s.

Its rear panel shows the connectivity Gigabit LAN and HD audio to 7.1, and two USB 3.0 ports. Video connections include a VGA port, a DVI port and an HDMI port. The MSI integrates House OC Genie II, Winki 3, Click BIOS, and i - load technology. A75A-G55 is visible in preorder in Europe a little less than €80. This tariff us seems to be correct for a motherboard offering this level of functionality.

msia75a-g55boardo02 msia75a-g55boardo03

New SSD in MLC Hitachi

The Japanese manufacturer launches of new flash drives designed around 25 nanometres engraved MLC flash memory...

hitachiultrastarssd400m01Hitachi GST, which will soon fall under the fold of Western Digital, continues to develop its range of flash drives. The Japanese manufacturer presents this day its Ultrastar SSD400M. Found with the architecture of the SSD400S, however, the MLC memory in place of the SLC. It is also of a fineness of engraving of 34 nanometers to a fineness of engraving of 25 nm. Hitachi provides always in IMFT (the joint venture between Intel and Micron). The Ultrastar SSD400M adopt a 2.5-inch format and a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface 6 Gb/s.

Hitachi offers two abilities at this time: 200 GB and 400 GB. Performance are still very good, with sequential 495 MB/s read speeds, and 385 MB/s write. The SSD also reach 56 000 IOPS in reading, and 24,000 IOPS in writing. The Ultrastar SSD400M have a two million hours MTBF, and they are covered by a warranty of five years. They are available now, and therefore complement the ultra-complète range of storage of the constructor.

Samsung Xcover: the Galaxy of the bruisers

The Korean giant Samsung prepares a new variation of his famous smartphone Galaxy, dedicated to the bruisers...


Samsung continues to decline its range of solutions Galaxy. The Korean giant should propose the Xcover during the month of October. This smartphone will be strengthened, enabling it to withstand dust, Earth, and water (maximum depth of 1 metre). Its 3.6 inch capacitive touch screen is also particularly strong, with increased resistance to scratches. Processor 800 MHz, and 150 MB of memory will be at the heart of the beast.

A microSD memory card will be the storage of the applications and documents, as the photos obtained with the sensor of 3.2 megapixels (or frontal camera of 3.2 mgpx). Galaxy Xcover connectivity is based on the trio 3 G + WiFi 802 .11n ready + Bluetooth 3.0. This smartphone has finally a module GPS. It will function under Google Android 2.3, and should be relatively accessible.


A dock internal for HDD in SilverStone

The Taiwanese manufacturer SilverStone presents an adapter 5.25 "to 3.5"...

SilverStone is in its incidental period. The Taiwanese manufacturer comes to unveil a new adapter that will occupy a 5.25 inch Bay. The latter can then accommodate a 3.5-inch hard drive equipped with a Serial ATA interface (knowing that this enclosure is compatible hot swap). The FP57 is designed 0.8 mm thick steel (it will be solid).  It has also a filter to dust, for the case where the user would like to add a fan. Conclude by specifying that it will be possible to install this FP57 without tool. SilverStone will provide its newness from next week, at the public price of 19 euros. This rate is correct given the proposed features.

silverstonefp5701 silverstonefp5703 silverstonefp5702

The USB will offer soon 100 watts of power!

It will soon be possible to get about 100 watts of power via a single USB port...


The USB - IF (USB Implementers Forum) has just made an announcement that will delight in more than one. The USB ports will soon be able to provide 100 watts of power, or ten times more than it currently offers the SuperSpeed USB! It will then load countless devices, which currently require an external power supply (or in the best of cases, multiple USB cables). This technology is compatible with existing connectors and cables, and it will be handled automatically and transparently (everything will be dedicated to the current pine).

It will also work with the USB Battery Charging 1.2 standard and will be backward compatible with USB 2.0. The standard USB Power Delivery should be finalized in the fourth quarter, before being published early next year. It can therefore expect the first compatible products arrive in less than a year.

The ultimate CompactFlash in Delkin

The American manufacturer Delkin has announced new high fly CompactFlash memory card...


Delkin has officially unveil a new CompactFlash memory card. This solution will be offered with 32 GB and 64 GB capacities. It operates a UDMA7 interface and the SLC flash memory. It thus combines high performance with sequential flow of 105 MB/s read for 95 MB/s write, and high endurance. This memory card is specifically designed for industrial applications.

It will thus withstand vibration and shock, and can operate at temperatures ranging from-40 to + 85 ° C. Delkin says that its new FC complies with version 4.1 of the CompactFlash standard. The Builder covers the novelty of a seven year warranty. Only the 32 GB model is currently available on the official $ 549,99 tariff (€459,99 TTC). This is not given, but the sheet appears to bear such a price.

ASUS HD 6770 DirectCU Silent: the week next to €125?

The Taiwanese manufacturer Asus will soon launch its new Radeon HD 6770 passive...

AMD had launched its Radeon HD 6770 at the very beginning of the year. It should be remembered that this solution is essentially a HD 5770, and therefore a graphics card which dated from the fall of 2009. This is however no problem to Asus, as it prepares to unveil a new variation of this reference. This Radeon HD 6770 DirectCU Silent is as its name suggests cooled passively. She therefore adopted a massive sink, which includes four heat pipes Direct Touch copper and a large block of lamellae of aluminium. A small red and black fairing full table, and adds a bit of height to a graphics card that is already at least three slots.

asusradeonhd6770directcusilent01 asusradeonhd6770directcusilent02

Is found under the system of cooling Juniper XT, with its 800 processors and 1024 MB GDDR5, connected via a 128-bit bus. The frequencies are those basic, or 850 MHz in the heart, and 1000 MHz for the memory. Also note the presence of a "Super alloy" feeding system on this novelty. The bracket of the Radeon HD 6770 DirectCU Silent shows of VGA, DVI and HDMI ports. ASUS should launch its small last in the week next in Europe. The first listings show a rate slightly higher than €125.

Google launches games on Google + with Angry Birds

Google + now integrates the games.

Google has to announce the arrival of the games on the community platform + Google. Access to the games is by a new icon at the top just page alongside of circles. For the moment, all users do not have access to the games and as usual with Google, deployment is done gradually. To advertise this new service, Google has chosen titles of choice for the launch. Thus, there are famous Angry Birds list.


True to his reputation, Google wants to always escape platforms and it is likely that term sets Google + are playable from any operating system, be it mobile as Android or iOS, or classical, such as Linux, Mac OS X, Windows... The associated JavaScript HTML5 makes great technical prowess and some games, even complex, could well find their place in the browser. This would allow Google to escape a famous Store and the App Store, passage required for applications on iOS.

Finally, with the arrival of the games on Google +, the giant research competition of course Facebook with the community how much small games to challenge his friends shot of record or even to help in the development of a farm... Of course, if you are not interested in games, it is possible not to follow the activity of your contacts related to the video game.

New HDD reinforced in Transcend

The Taiwanese manufacturer Transcend unveils new reinforced external hard drives...


Transcend presents updated its line of hard drives with new StoreJet 25 A 3 and 25 A 2. The only difference between these two external storage solutions is the connectivity, USB 3.0 for the first, and USB 2.0 for the second. These 2.5-inch HDD measure 130,6 x 80.1 x 15 mm and they weigh 182 g. They will be available in three capacities: 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB. Like many of their brethren, the StoreJet enjoy a hull reinforced with rubber. They also include suspensions, allowing them to receive a number of shocks.

Transcend indicates that 25 3 reached a maximum of 90 MB/s, while the 25 A 2 is three times slower (about 30 MB/s with the wind in the back). The Taiwanese manufacturer provides its what's new with data management software (which will be surely linked to the Quick Backup button) and guarantees its disks over three years.  It is still unclear when and how much the StoreJet 25 A 3 and 25 A 2 will be available. However, it can be said without mistaken that the first cost more than the second...

Heello: the new Twitter

A cry from the heart of the founder of TwitPic...

Capture d’écran 2011-08-12 à 12.01.39

Like Google + for Facebook, the new micro-blogging service Heello place in direct competitor of Twitter. Heello takes the concept of Twitter with different words so it no longer follows a contact, but on listening and "retweet" turns into ECHO. However, as on Twitter, the length of the messages is limited, here it is 140 maximum signs.

Created by the founder of TwitPic, Noah Everett, this service is somewhat the response of the Shepherd to the Shepherdess. Indeed, Twitter has launched his own partnership with Photobucket photos hosting service so far, it was the service TwitPic was the most used with Flickr, Instagram and Yfrog. The creator of TwitPic, if Twitter starts to compete with its developers, it is normal that they do the same.

Indeed, since the Chirp Conference last year, the Twitter site decided to regain control on several activities. It has for example its own application on all platforms, which although not obviously arranges not third-party developers, and, it hosts him even photos. Communication between developers and Twitter is at a standstill, and the situation is not ready to arrange. More than a competitor, Heello finally is a warning for Twitter that would do well to treat its partners, who are also the first users of the service.

Samsung lance son Galaxy R

The Korean giant Samsung has launched a new variation of his famous smartphone Galaxy in Sweden...


Samsung has officially launched its Galaxy R. This model is slightly thicker (9.55 mm against 8.49 mm) and slightly more heavy (131 g against 116 g) that the Galaxy S II, the Korean giant reference. This novelty adopts a metal hull and Super Clear 4.2 inch (800 x 480 pixels resolution) LCD screen. Under the hood is a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2-1 GHz CPU. The storage of this smartphone is entrusted to 8 GB of flash memory and a microSD slot. The connectivity of the beast is assigned to the 802 .11n ready WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0.

Found on the back of this Galaxy a 5 megapixel sensor (double a Flash led and capable of filming in HD in 720 p) while a webcam of 1.3 mgpx takes place on the front. Samsung also team solution of GPS, FM radio, and 1650 mAh battery. The last Galaxy comes with Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), accompanied by of the wrapper TouchWiz in version 4.0. This new smartphone is available in Sweden against the equivalent of approximately 440 euros. It should land in the rest of Europe quickly...

NVIDIA GeForce drivers are version 280.26 WHQL


Two weeks after the beta 280.19 version, Nvidia publishes its version 280.26 WHQL drivers. These are the first pilots the 280 series WHQL. Between the beta and the final version no great change.Changes include the addition of support for GeForce GT 530, GTX 460 SE V2, GTX 580 M and GeForce GT 520 MX. The addition of new notebooks compatible 3D Vision which here is the list: Alienware M17x R3, ASUS G53SX?3DE, ASUS G73JW?3DE, ASUS G74SW?3DE, ASUS G74SE?3DE, Dell XPS 17 L702x, Lenovo IdeaPad Y570, Toshiba Qosmio X770?3D, Toshiba Qosmio F750?3D, Toshiba Satellite P755?3D, Toshiba Satellite P750?3D, Toshiba Satellite P775?3D, Toshiba Satellite P770?3D.

Finally a few profiles of 3D vision compatible games have been added:

Call of Juarez: The CartelDead IslandHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 L.A. NoirePROUNVirtua Tennis 4Pour more beta details relate to our previous news.

The 280.26 drivers are compatible with the GeForce series 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and ION GPUS for desktop computers. The following series mobile GeForce are also supported: 9 M, 8 M, 100 M, 200 M, 300 M, 400 M and 500 M.
They will be compatible with Windows Xp, Vista and Seven in 32-Bit and 64-Bit version.

Drivers can be downloaded on the official website here.


Sandy Bridge-E, the I7-3960X would be 47% faster than the I7 - 990 X










Two charts published by the site reveal the performance of the model of the future Sandy Bridge-E platform.Sandy Bridge-E will be the next round of top processors range from Intel using the new socket LGA-2011 from replace the set of processors on socket LGA-1366 for call back.

Currently high-end consists therefore of the I7-990 X EE (Extreme Edition). It is composed of six hearts with the support of the Hyper-Threading, or twelve Threads. He is running at 3.460 Mhz and monte 3.730 Mhz in Turbo Mode supported by 12 MB L3 cache. The memory controller manages the DDR3 on three channels at a frequency of 1066 Mhz. All for a TDP of 130 Watts.The leak is the I7-3960X EE (Extreme Edition). It will be with respect to him composed of six hearts with the support of the Hyper-Threading or twelve Threads also. He will be running at 3,300 Mhz and will rise to 3.900 Mhz mode Turbo, or nearly 4 GHZ! Backed up by a 15 MB L3 cache. The memory controller always bear the DDR3 but on four channels at a frequency of 1333 Mhz. The HRT will be the same or 130 Watts.
Tests on the first chart show that on Cinebench 11.5 the I7-3960X EE would be 13% more efficient than the I7-990 X, 12% more efficient on POV - Ray 3.7, 36% on the physics of 3D Mark 11 test score and finally 15% better on ProShow 4.5.The second graph shows a growth of 34% in Integer and 65% in decimal floating on SPEC CPU 2006, which measures the bandwidth memory.

It also shows that on the AVX instruction set tested by Sandra 2011 benchmark performance would be an increase of 92% in multimedia.
Regarding bandwidth memory, Sandra 2011 view Quad-Channel 111% higher performance than the Triple-Channel.The average of all these gains represent 47.25% of additional performance.

Still waiting for the end of the year, there was more than expected temperatures to warm us up with some less synthetic benchmarks, and see what would be the daily earnings.


Gigabyte announces its PCI-Express 3.0 and Ivy Bridge compatible motherboards


Known Ivy Bridge, which will be the next generation of Intel processor with the 22 nm, will be compatible with Socket 1155 via a bios update. Gigabyte publishes a list revealing its motherboards series 6 compatible with Ivy Bridge as well as with the standard PCI-Express 3.0.

Support for the PCI-Express 3.0 standard is unique since it depends on the used processor. The Sandy Bridge integrates current processors a controller, which manages 16 lines PCI-Express 2.0 used for graphics cards. Unlike Ivy Bridge will handle sixteen lines PCI-Express 3.0 standard. Slots PCI-Express 3.0 and 2.0 being the same, a switch on the motherboard will then allow following the processor installed to use one or the other.
Course according to the number of adapters installed sixteen lines PCI-Express 3.0 will be spread over one or two ports PCI-Express.Here is the list of motherboards Gigabyte compatible PCI-Express 3.0 and Ivy Bridge via a bios update:


AMD Catalyst drivers are version 11.7


AMD updates days its drivers for its graphics cards these are then version 11.7. Unlike usual performance gain step announced but many bugs corrected.The Catalyst 11.7 drivers will be compatible with cards graphics for desktop and mobile HD 2400 to HD 6900 Series.Resolved issues relate primarily to Windows 7: the problems of the mouse lags, problems introduced by the Catalyst 11.6 version using the exit HDMI/Display Port, finally the problems encountered in the VLC software, WinDVD and PowerDVD were resolved.Concerning the games the 11.7 version correct a bug of the cinematic rendering in Shogun II in Eyefinity configuration. Corrections made on Portal 2 concern the sparkles on the water using Shaders in medium and low quality.

The Catalyst are of course compatible with versions of Windows XP, Vista and Seven in 32 - Bit and 64-Bit.The complete list of corrections made by the 11.7 version may be accessed in English here.


AMD Komodo processor 10 hearts and goodbye AM3 + in 2012


Bulldozer, that represents the new AMD processors and which will be equipped with eight hearts while retaining the AM3 socket, scheduled for the end of the year current may well have a short life span. Indeed AMD provides new processors for 2012. site unveils a graphic of an AMD Roadmap on which can be seen that in 2012 the next processor platform Komodo, who will succeed Bulldozer, will be based on a new socket the FM2.After the FM1, which is the socket for the APUs midrange AMD Lliano, the FM2 would a socket for the mid-range and high-end brand processors.

Komodo would a CPU, it does Group therefore not a graphics chip in addition to the CPU part. It will consist of ten Piledriver hearts which are improved Bulldozer cores. The AMD Turbo Core will be version 3.0 known improvements to the Turbo Core 2.0 version that will equip the Bulldozer processors. The DDR3 support will always be the party and the new socket for Komodo will therefore be the FM2.Bad news with came it a new socket, but good news still, because in fact this new socket FM2 will also support future processors code-named Trinity midrange. Trinity processors will be of APUs they therefore consolidate on same chip, CPU and graphics part for Llano that they will therefore come to replace.Trinity will be Quad Piledriver or the same hearts équiperont Komodo. It will also support the AMD Turbo Core in version 3.0. The embedded GPU will be compatible DirectX 11 and memory type DDR3.

Finally, on the bottom of range, the roadmap informs us that the Brazos platform will be replaced by the Deccan platform. It has the particularity to include not just the part GPU and CPU on the same chip but also the functions of the South Bridge then appointed FCH. Architecture to appoint Wichita, it will be composed of Bobcat, the same hearts on the Brazos platform. Their numbers will pass two cores to four. The GPU portion will be always compatible DirectX 11, as the memory controller which will always be DDR3.


OCZ announces a range of SSD with the Indilinx Everest controller


OCZ announces a range of SSD with Indilinx Everest controller.After of excellent DSS based on Indilinx Barefoot, a time not so long ago, but yet well gone. Performance has greatly progressed so Everest will replace Barefoot Indilinx or rather OCZ, the latter being owner of Indilinx recently.The Indilinx Everest controller is compatible with a wide choice of components while enabling a rich range of SSD.Thus, Everest is compatible with memory Flash (single-Level, 1 Bit per cell) SLC, MLC (Multi-Level, 2 Bits per cell) and TLC (Triple-Level, 3 Bits per cell).Everest also supports memory ONFI 2.0 and Toggle Flash 1.0 on eight channels with a flow rate up to 200 MT/s (mega-transfer per second), there where other controllers reach 166 MT/s from OCZ.

Advanced by OCZ sequential performance would be 500 MB/s. Everest is also optimized for writing small files with a size of 8 KB, thereby increasing performance for compressed files with a size of 4 KB to 16 KB.System startup time would also be 50% faster than the competition with new algorithms always from OCZ.

For successfully to all this, the Everest controller based on ARM processor dual core supported by of the DDR3 running at 400 Mhz with a capacity up to 512 MB. The maximum supported capacity is 1 To. It will also support the SATA 3.0 (6 GB/s) interface and will be therefore retro-compatible SATA 2 (3 GB/s) and SATA (1.5 GB/s) 1It remains only to wait and see what will actually be worth Everest competition that renews itself fairly quickly.Know also that Everest is already proposed for OEMs to be validated.The complete list Indilix Everest features:

SATA Revision 3.0 - Supports 6Gbps, 3Gbps, and 1. 5Gbps interface speedsDual Core ARM CPU1TB Maximum CapacityHigh Sequential SpeedsHigh Transactional Performance - Optimized for 4 K to 16 K Compressed FilesUp to 8 Channels of ONFI 2.0/Toggle 1.0 Flash at up to 200MT/s with up to 16 - way InterleavingAdvanced BCH ECC engine - over 70 bits per defined sector400MHz DDR3 DRAM Cache Interface with Support for up to 512MBProprietary Ndurance ™ TechnologyEnhanced Power Fail ProtectionSupports up to 1xnm Node NAND Flash with 1, 2, or 3 bits per cellEfficient NAND Flash Management - Dynamic and Static Wear-Leveling, and Background Garbage CollectionBoot Time Reduction Optimizations - Collaborative Platform DevelopmentNCQ Support up to 32 tail DepthEnd-to-End Data ProtectionTRIM SupportNumerous Over-Provisioning OptionsIndustry Standard SMART Reporting

EK announces two new antifreeze for GeForce












Generally the antifreeze whole for graphics cards are limited to models that meet the original design proposed by Nvidia or ATI. EK, brand well known in the area of the water cooling, offers a bit of change with the arrival of two antifreeze for models that do not meet the original design proposed by Nvidia.

The first waterblock is GTX 570 and more precisely the model GTX570 the trademark EVGA HD. Reminder, EVGA GTX 570 HD to the particularity of having a Display Port output and to be less long than a classic GTX 570.

The second waterblock is compatible with the GTX 570 and GTX 580 Direct CU II from Asus. Finished the cooling air with three slots in the Direct CU II series. With this dedicated waterblock temperatures will chutées and congestion will be reduced. The owners of these cards will have then more excuses to go grab a Mhz.

These two antifreeze are planned for mid-August at a rate not communicated.