The most effective Time Capsule news

Tests show that the new Time Capsule are more effective.

In June, Apple quietly renewed its Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme Base Station terminals. The first is disk hard network with support for backups Time Machine with more features of router with four ports - Gigabit Ethernet and the management of several networks Wi Fi simultaneously. AirPort Extreme is the same, but do not drive and only routing functions. Earlier this summer, therefore, the Time Capsule is passed to 3 To and model 1 To has been removed from the catalog for the benefit of the 2 TB. For Apple, these new made then no change except the hard disk, but the FCC documents indicated the contrary.

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Our colleagues of AnandTech tested in depth new pillars Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme in comparison to previous models. Network Marvell chip has been replaced with a Broadcom chip with an enhanced power. Therefore, the scope of the new models has been largely improved, as the performance of transfers to long distance. For example, in the most distant place, the MacBook Pro 2010 could not hang the previous pillar while with the new model, it is possible to surf normally. Finally, Mac equipped with Broadcom chips come also to better exploit the potential of the new terminals, this is the case in all recent Mac, including the latest MacBook Pro 2011 and iMac have three antennas Wi - Fi and support the 802 .11n ready at 450 Mb/s. In practice, this allows to achieve flow of the order of 300 Mb/s, either 35 MB/s.

Small precision is important, this gain of power which can improve the scope and performance of the Apple terminals should not concern the European models since legislation limited the power of the devices to 100 mW on the 2.4 GHz band and 200 mW in the 5 GHz band while the power here achieved mtco2 with new models.


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