Samsung ships GB hard disk drive internal for notebook computers

Samsung this week, announced the internal hard drive Spinpoint M8 with 1TB capacity, which could raise the bar available on portable storage.The player has two 500 GB platters and 9, 5 - mm (0.37 inches) high, so that the reader can adapt easily to portable storage arrays. The Spinpoint M8 of 5400 RPM price is $129 and available in Europe and the United States.With users storing more videos and images on laptops, storage demand is rising. Most laptops today with a capacity of up to 750 GB hard disk storage, and some PC manufacturers offer the possibility of expanding the two storage locations.Apple, for example, offers up to 750 GB of storage in its MacBook Pro laptops. Dell does not offer storage of more than 500 GB per disk in its Latitude business notebooks. Hewlett-Packard offers 750 GB of storage into the slot in his notebooks want and buyers can select two disks for a total of 1.5 TB of storage on a laptop.

Companies such as Toshiba and Western Digital offer portable 1TB internal drives, but laptops top manufacturers are not yet offering 1TB drives option. Desktop hard drives with 1 TB of storage are now commonly available.The reader Spinpoint M8 is more dense that previous models as it can store more data per unit area, said Samsung. The reader is also more effective power because it has fewer components as leaders to search for and access to the data.The drive is about 7% faster than its predecessor and uses the power of 8 per cent less, Samsung said.

The drive works on the SATA 3gbps interface and has 8 MB buffer. It generates less noise and a comprehensive overhaul of the structure of the disk protects the physical drive fracture and loss of data, Samsung said.


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