The market of the motherboards in recession

PCB orders are declining, European, American and Chinese markets are less prosperous than expected...

SMT - PCB nu 2

Manufacturers of motherboards have announced reduced 30% their orders of PCB and for the months of July and August. This reduction is then that the majority of manufacturers are optimistic about shipment figures for the third quarter. Nevertheless, these figures must imperatively be revised downward because sales in the United States and Europe are low while sales in China are lower than expected. As a result, PCB orders rose an average of 2.8 million monthly units to only 1.95 million units.These figures, it can wonder about estimates of the manufacturers that year still hope to increase their sales of many percent without anyone actually founded behind. As a result often current mandatory adjustments of the year, followed by adverse movements in financial markets. The world economy is not in the beautiful fixed and it is vain to hope that the consumer will perpetually buy new products in this bleak atmosphere. Our consumer society has its limits, the non-iPad Tablet market takes off not beautiful evidence.


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