The Sandy Bridge-E always planned for Q4

The launch of the future Core i7 Sandy Bridge-E socket LGA-2011 is always set to the end of the year...


Intel to launch new high platform of range for the general public at the end of the year. In the heart of the latter, will be Sandy Bridge-E processors, which operate the socket LGA-2011. Our colleagues of Donanimhaber come to hand over a new leaf confirming the names of these processors, as well as their time of arrival.

The Core i7-3820 will be the most accessible model, it should be proposed at a rate similar to that of the i7-960 ($294). The Core i7-3930K should be a CPU multiplier coefficients are free. An estimated $ 583 official tariff. Finally, the Core i7-3960X will be the Extreme of this future range declination, and it will be proposed at $ 999. Intel should launch these solutions over the last three months of the year. They should be supplanted in the second quarter of 2012, just after the launch of the first Ivy Bridge processors socket LGA-1155.It should be noted that once more the launch of the Sandy Bridge-E on the fourth appears to confirm, il may motherboards accompanying these processors are amputees of certain features, pending a fuller review. Question is if these two chipsets will be X 79 Express, or if Intel will launch any Z79 Express...


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