A dock for the iPhone charger

An original way to replace the USB cable.

The BlueLounge manufacturer offers a rather original accessory: the MiniDock. The latter to dispense with the USB cable to Apple dock connector and to place his iPhone or iPod directly on decision-making with the original charger Apple. Particularly suited to the American shipper, this solution also works with the European shipper. In the latter case, the outlet will a little more, suffer European charger is longer. The MiniDock also works with the "square" iPad magazines, in this case, it is more interesting to choose the American version of the product.

MD_027 MD_029 MD_028

The three versions of the MiniDock: American, European and English

MD_033 MD_0222

The BlueLounge MiniDock is marketed at a price of approximately $ 20 which should add $ 5 for delivery to the France.


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