Compatible with the flash 24 nm SandForce

Still not to the more affordable SSD.


The SandForce company, specializing in controllers for DSS, took advantage of the Flash Memory Summit taking place currently in the city of Santa Clara, California to show a new revision of its SandForce 2000 controller compatible with the flash memory MLC engraved with a fineness of 24 nm produced by Toshiba. The model presented was displaying rather classical performance for the SandForce controller with 500 MB/s read and write.

The novelty is obviously new fineness of engraving which is expected to still lower cost SSDs gigabyte. Currently, a 256 GB of quality, such as the M4 Crucial 256 GB SSD, sells less than 400 euros. With the new generation of chips, the price should be reduced by 30-40%. In contrast, SandForce does not endurance of chips which should however be reduced. Indeed, reduction of the fineness of engraving also reduces the number of cycles by cells. DuraClass and DuraWrite of SandFroce technologies are intended to optimize the use of cells up to avoid any problem, but it gives no information about the lifetime of these new SSD.


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