Seagate GoFlex Turbo: 7200 RPM, and USB 3.0

The American manufacturer Seagate expands GoFlex with a new model based on performance...


Seagate continues to decline its range of GoFlex external hard drives. After the slim declinations and mobile, we discover the Turbo version. This model logically adopt a hard drive running at 7200 RPM. American manufacturer will propose two capacities: 500 GB and 750 GB. There a SuperSpeed USB (or USB 3.0) interface of base, and the flow will be almost native. Seagate also tweaked the aesthetics of these famous external storage solutions, including the hull now displays a bi-ton, silver and black colours.

The manufacturer launches its novelties with a two year subscription to SafetyNet service. This offer, reserved for the United States for the moment, to send the HDD to Seagate failure that it attempts to retrieve the data that it contains. It is hoped now that this option soon activities in Europe. Seagate offers the GoFlex Turbo at the public price recommended $ 119,99 (€99.99 TTC) and $ 139.99 (€119,99 TTC).


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