Towards a standard for 3D glasses?

Several manufacturers have partnered to develop a new standard for 3D glasses to ensure compatibility with more devices...


Ah 3D, obviously it would let us eat more. Needless to you once more that think your servant, although if added in a layer. The interest of the 3D is overestimated by many manufacturers and consumers and forced the last Harry Potter vision confirmed me in my opinion. 3D brings nothing to the story, worse, it sometimes creates visual discomfort such as a lack of clarity or depth of field. And in the end, once the curtain has fallen, not remembered that history and non-3D effects.The 3D is served us for decades is a typical example of our consumerist society where he needed something to sell, or rather to buy. The marketeux of all kinds are trying to have us believe that 3D enables us to see as in reality however the current 3D is far. Already the mere fact of having to wear glasses is unnatural, since it takes a fireworks for our brain interprets the 3D. True 3D will be the short us without eyeglasses and with much more realistic than today ' today.All of this to bring the news of the day where several manufacturers such as Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Xpand 3D were announced to develop a new standard for sunglasses 3D Bluetooth and infrared. Called "Full hd 3d glasses Initiative", this project should lead to technologies and protocols that enable the industry out of the universal active glasses capable of operating with many devices, ranging from televisions to the screens of PC from the spotlight. First specifications should arrive by the month of September while the first actual implementations should come in 2012.


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