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Team Group also released an SSD SandForce SF-22xx

The Taiwanese manufacturer Team Group prepares, also to commercialize an equipped with SSD of a SandForce SF-22xx controller. Her baby is the name of Xtreem S3. It is of course an SSD in 2.5 format inches which operates a SATA III 6 Gb/sconnections. The Xtreem S3 range consists of four models of 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB.

Each of these drives offer a 550 MB/sreading flow. Write flows reach 480 MB/sec for the 60 GB model, 500 MB/s for the 120 GB drive and 520 MB/s for the 240 GB. For the moment, the characteristics of the 480 GB model are unfortunately not known.

Xtreem Team Group S3 SSD are covered by a builder warranty of two years. Prices are not known at the time that it is but we should learn more in the coming days...

LaCie multiplies your USB with the Spider… ports

When using his PC on the move, it is regularly brought to connect all kinds of external devices, whether it is a mouse, usb key, from hard drives, printers, scanners, cameras or whatever...

History to connect all the accessories at the same time, the use of a usb hub becomes quickly indispensable given that most of the notebooks are limited to a few only usb ports.

Rather than propose a conventional usb hub that is imposing and not very convenient to carry with you, from LaCie designers have worked on a product to the original and easily transportable look.

LaCie Spider

LaCie "Spider" is therefore in the form of a cable USB 2.0 equipped with one usb male connector on one side and female four usb connectors at the other end. A kind of multi taken usb somehow... The idea is pretty good. Damage but that LaCie is simply content with USB 2.0. The same thing in USB 3.0 would have been much more significant.

The Spider is already available on the LaCie website (here). It is €14.99, and is covered by a builder warranty of two years.

LaCie Spider

A reader of USB 3.0 in Kingston and Transcend memory cards

Transcend and Kingston benefit from the return of good weather to simultaneously drive of the USB 3.0 standard memory cards. Practical, it should allow everything to everyone to quickly transfer its holiday photos of the memory to the PC card.

In Transcend, door drive RDF8name, it provides four ports: a CompactFlash (CF) compatible with UDMA CF cards, a port SDHC/SDXC which supports the new UHS-1, un smaller port standard adapted for M2/microSD cards and finally a last port for MS PRO/MSXC/MS DUO cards. The device measures 67.6 x 45 mm x 15.2 mm for a weight of about 32 grams. It was announced at the public price of €18,60 TTC.

On the side of Kingston, we are entitled to the RCF-HS3. The device is slightly larger than the Transcend product (it measures 93,17 x 52,68 x 16 mm). And supports memory cards CompactFlash (Type I and II), the Secure Digital (SD, SDHC, SDHC UHS - I, SDXC, SDXC UHS - I), the microSD / SDHC / SDXC and the Memory Stick (Pro, Duo, Pro Duo and M2). The RCF - HS3 of Kingston costs about €40 TTC.

Good Plan: the SSD Corsair Force 3 (SF-2200) 120 GB less than €160

It looks like you a promotion on a latest-generation SSD price? If yes it falls well, TopAchat site decided to make a promo on the 120 GB Corsair Force 3 .

For information, Force 3 is a recent SSD equipped with a SandForce SF-2200 controller and a SATA III 6 Gb/sconnections. This little bolide offers speeds ranging up to 550 MB/s read and up to 510Mo/s write.

TopAchat proposed at this time in €159,90 (instead of €189,90). What is a good deal since found everywhere on the net between €185 and €210. At this rate, you will have both high-performance SSD and of sufficient capacity to install the operating system and your favorite software.

-> see the 120 GB 3 Force €159,90 in TopAchat

Note: these SSDS are new models. They are not subject to the bug met a few months ago.

Good Plan: less than €20 USB 3.0 hard drive dock

This is a rather interesting offer for those of you who want to easily connect a hard drive on the USB 3.0 to a machine. offers a dock USB 3.0 to entry-level price. The spacecraft is on promotion at €19.95 (instead of €36.20) can accommodate any disk hard (or SSD) market is the 2.5 inch or 3.5-inch format. The set can then be connected to the PC via its usb to standard USB 3.0, retro interface compatible USB 2.0 and 1.1. Practice to transfer data or quickly restore files on a PC.

-> see the dock USB 3.0 to €19.95 on
(Please note the offer is valid until tonight midnight only)

Finally emerge when the iPhone 5?

According to the latest rumors reported by the MacRumors.comsite, the new smartphone from Apple could be officially announced and available in mid-September.

IPhone 5 will be the fifth phone unveiled by the Cupertino firm. It will also be the first smartphone to be equipped with version 5.0 of iOS origin whose output is planned at the same time.

According to MacRumors, to be ready in time, Apple would have already placed a first order of 4 million units (nothing that...). The production of this first batch would be ongoing since the beginning of the month of July.

Bug of the 320 Series Intel: a patch in two weeks

The bug that touch the SSD Intel 320 Series is (finally!) being to be corrected by Intel. Santa Clara firm announcement on his forum that it has (finally!) managed to locate and to reproduce the problem which are a large number of owners of SSD Intel 320 Series

Reminder, the bug caused the total loss data contained on the disk. And corrupted DSS then indicated a storage capacity of 8 MB. So that the disk was completely unusable...

Intel is preparing a firmware update which should fix the problem. Its release is planned for in about two weeks.

If you are affected by this bug, two options are available to you: either wait for the release of this new firmware, contact your reseller or Intel client service to exchange the SSD.

Updated: the patch is available here!

Express ST2: Finally an affordable USB 3.0 key?

SuperTalent offers a little sister to its key USB 3.0 Express RC8.

Indeed, while the RC8 plays in the great Court (with data rates of 200 MB/s) the California firm unveils a low cost of its key version. Design is still close enough, but the "Express st2" key offers speeds significantly indented. They can at best achieve 67 MB/s read and 24 MB/s write, which is not very perfect for a key to the USB 3.0 standard that flows can "theoretically" reach 600 MB/s.

Equipped with an aluminum shell, the USB Express ST2 measures 70 x 18 x 8 mm. It exists in three versions providing respectively a capacity storage 8, 16 or 32 GB. The 8 GB model just beginning to be offered for sale. Count 20 dollars or roughly as many euros with VAT and taxes included.

Update your iDevices with version 4.3.5 of iOS

Just ten days after the release of iOS 4.3.4 Apple already offers a new release of its mobile OS. Available for download via iTunes 4.3.5 of iOS version corrects indeed "a vulnerability related to the validation of certificates" SSL in the Safari browser.

If you have an iPhone 4 (GSM), iPhone 3GS, an iPad (1/2) or an iPod Touch (3 G / 4 G) this update is for you.

Attention all the same: If your device is jailbreaké or désimlocké, it is strongly recommended to wait a bit before you install this new version of iOS. As much more the jailbreak via is no longer possible for the iDevices from iOS 4.3.4.

A signed ergonomic mouse Verbatim: Ergo Mouse

Best known for its storage products for PC Accessories, Verbatim remains not a very prolific manufacturer. He regularly adds new products to its catalogue. Today it is the turn of an ergonomic mouse, the "ergo Mouse" appear on the site of the manufacturer.

The "Ergo Mouse" is an original mouse look. The constructor appears to all build on the takeover of the yellow-necked mouse with a more ergonomic design to facilitate the maintenance of the mouse in the Palm of the hand.

The mouse is a Wireless 2.4 Ghzmodel, which works with a mini usb receiver not greater than the usb connector itself. The power of the beast is provided by two AAA batteries.

The "Ergo Mouse" is covered by a warranty of one year. It is available now in addition to Atlantic in three colours (black, blue or red) for about $ 30.

A bundle prices for SSD Samsung 470 out

To simplify the installation of an SSD in a desktop PC, Samsung has decided to propose a kit to update with some of its SSD. Now, the Samsung series 470 SSD will be therefore delivered with: adapter 3.5 inch to 2.5 inches, fasteners, connectors (a SATA cable and a power cable), a guide to installation and software backup to quickly transfer the files to the hard drive to SSD: Norton Ghost 15.0.

For information, the 470 series SSDS are out discs last year. They are therefore not very recent since they still operate a SandForce SF-1200 controller while the competition uses SF-2200 controllers several months already.

At present, the 470 series is a case. Data rates are limited to 250 MB/s read and 220 MB/s write. And the complete bundle including a SSD and the update kit is really expensive. Indeed count €139 for the bundle version 64 GB, €229 to 128 GB and 449 not less € to 256 GB.

Key usb really very schtroumpfantes…

The film "The Smurfs" out in the room in two days but to wait here they are on a PC or usb key shaped more precisely.

For the moment, site proposes that two of the characters by Peyo but hope that other models complement the collection as great Smurf and one of his (apparently the Joker Smurfs from usbgeek) congeners appear well alone.

The two USB stick in the shape of Smurf measure 59 x 33 mm x 16 mm for a weight of about 22 grams. They exist in two capacities: 4 GB and 8 GB and are announced to respectively $ 16 to $ 22. For the moment, it is unclear if they will be imported one day or another on our continent.

Silicon Power Unveils Touch 835

silicon Power lifts the veil on a rather interesting usb key. Its new "Touch 835" usb key is a model to the original design capable of withstanding shocks, dust and water. Practice so... for those who like to carry their data around with them at all times and under all conditions.

Blue, the key measure 35. 5 mm x 12. 3 mm x 4. 5 mm and weighs 4.5 grams. It is provided with several software including utilities SP Widget has different features as for example the possibility to save its data, to save his favorites, encrypt its data on the key, etc...

A trial version of Norton Antivirus is also part of the bundle.

Silicon Power declines Touch 835 in four versions with a storage capacity of 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GBrespectively.

For the moment, the rate of the different models was not disclosed. On the other hand, we know that each key will be covered by a constructor lifetime warranty.

Patriot unveils the SuperSonic Xpress USB 3.0

The Patriot Builders Announces the arrival of a new USB 3.0 to its catalogue. This new model is the name of SuperSonic Xpress USB 3.0. It's a rather fast USB read.

Indeed, the manufacturer announced speeds of the order of 60 MB/s read for the 32 GB model. However, side writing is not necessarily the joy as it levelled off at 25 MB/s only (for model 32Go). 8 GB and 16 GB capacities are a little less efficient with only 50 MB/s read and 20 MB/s write.

The Supersonic Xpress 3.0 measures 0.94 x 55.3 x 20 mm. It will be available in three capacities (8, 16 and 32 GB) from next month. The tariffs will be respectively 25, 38 and 55 dollars. The warranty will be, of two years.

iPhone 5: all rumours at a glance!

The arrival of a new iPhone is always preceded by a series of more or less reliable rumors. And the least we can say is that the next smartphone to Apple is no exception to the rule. Regularly, "leaks" suggest that the iPhone 5 will be equipped with a screen large or able to provide a higher resolution. Sometimes rumors argue also the possibility of a more powerful processor (A5 instead of A4), sometimes more memory, or even the presence of a battery providing greater autonomy. Of course, all this information could be plausible, but at the time that it is difficult to have net.

Fortunately, we should be fixed next month regarding the technical features of the iPhone 5, the new toy from Apple to go out if all goes well towards mid-September...

In the meantime, history of we do wait, site has had the good idea to make a video in which he made the point about the rumours which revolve around theiPhone 5. A simple and effective way to do a little update...

Gigabyte released an external 1.8 inch hard drive: Tiny A2

Barely larger than a lighter, the hard disk A2 Tiny of Gigabyte is a surprising model. Very small, it is only 78 x 59 x 13 mm for a weight of about 80 g. It can be transported easily where you want. It will also find its place in any pocket of jeans and jacket. Practice for those who need to travel light but who still want to keep their valuable data with them...

The Gigabyte A2 Tiny has a grey and chestnut color package, which operates a USB 2.0 connector. Inside is a hard disk format 1.8 inch which provides a storage capacity of 160 GB. A rather low capability by days but the size of the vehicle and the type of use (occasional, Editor's note) that should be sufficient in many cases... Note that the hard disk is maintained in his case by an anti vibration and anti shock system, which should provide a good shelf life. A2 Tiny price is not known at this time.

Traveller USB 3.0: a strong and secure external HDD in Verbatim

Verbatim is to commercialize a new external hard drive: the Store ' no Go Traveller USB 3.0. An original model able to withstand shocks and keep your valuable data safe with built-in hardware encryption and a rubber coated hull. For more security, the data stored on the disk are indeed automatically encrypted by AES 256-bit.

Note that the Store ' Go Traveller USB 3.0 is an external HDD format 2.5 inches. As its name indicates, it is part of a connector USB 3.0 capable of transferring data to 4.8 GB/s.

The Traveller USB 3.0 (black and silver) package contains a 750 GB hard drive. Initially, only the storage capacity will be available but other capabilities could come later...

The Sandra 2011 17.77 Build is sortie…

A new version of Sandra 2011 is available now. This new release which supports priori last components and the latest technologies of the market is 17.77 version number. For the moment, the SiSoftware editor has not yet provided us a detailed list of changes but we should know more soon.

-> download Sandra 2011 17.77

For those who do not yet know, be aware that SANDRA (for System yearretrieved, D.diagnosing and Reporting AWizard) can not only provide much information about your computer (motherboard, CPU, RAM, HDD, etc) but also to test the performance of each component of your PC. A small program handy.

Last updated:

The editor has just send us the list of changes made to the Sandra 17.77 version:

-Improved I/O in Physical Disks & File Systems Benchmarks: higher queue depth based on system thread availability (2-64). This helps SSDS and RAID systems we tested score ~ 5-8% better. HDD performance does not change significantly.

-BugFix: Tested Intel "ivy Bridge" & "Sandy Bridge – Ex" support & (preliminary) optimizations: previous versions were not tested on actual silicon so a few things had to be fixed.

-BugFix: Memory bus speed may have been detected paradoxically if Sandra & BIOS diverged: pre - SP4 Sandra over - rode BIOS, in SP4 BIOS over-rides Sandra. We restored previous behaviour.

-GUI: Paint all graphs back-to-front, i.e. current results (red) are painted last, i.e. over the reference results. This ensures you always see the current result. Previously the reference results could obscure it.

-Update: AMD STREAM 2.5 for GPGPU.

Frimez in partnership with a gold ingot usb key

History of impress your friends during this social evenings that you go, is a small usb key which will not pass unnoticed... because it looks like as two drops of water to a gold ingot.

It is also composed of a shell Japanese magnola wood on which have been superimposed several gold leaf from the city of Kanazawa (Ishikawa, Japan). For several generations, Kanazawa is specialized in the manufacture of gold leaf. It also produces 99% of gold leaf to the Japan.

The usb key is a product of good invoice which measures 26 x 82 mm x 11 mm. Is not a golden imitation as it already have seen in the past but rather a gold product. In these circumstances, it is not surprising that its tariff is quite high ($185) despite its low storage capacity (4 GB).

A little more security for key usb LaCie Cookey

LaCie has apparently decided to completely review the package of the usb key Cookey (which resemble real house keys). Indeed, the Cookey will be now provided with several software related to the security of data.

lacie private-Public software will allow for example to encrypt all or part of the data recorded on the key. Thus secure data will remain inaccessible in case of loss or theft of the key. What may be rather convenient for the stunned most of us.

For its part, the lacie PC/Mac lockprogram, allows to lock and unlock a computer. This rather original software, the data of the PC (or Mac) will be available only if the Cookey is connected to the usb port of the computer. The computer will start the OS if and only if the key is connected. It be better avoid losing for not galérer to restart the computer...

Finally, last point, and not least, Cookey usb keys have now standard withoffered a space for online storage on Wuala. Storage space is identical to the capacity of the key. For example: a 16 GB gives right to 16 GB additional CooKey online.

For information, Cookey usb keys are available in the trade since already a moment. 8, 16 And 32 GB models cost respectively €34.99, €54.99 and €99.99 on the LaCie website.

IPhone 5 postponed to early October?

Rumours, more numerous and insistent, that the iPhone 5 is not available prior to the month of October appear to be confirmed. A close source of a French operator confirmed that internal communication on the new Apple phone plans were repelled during the month of September.

If this communication internal about the iPhone 5 starts from mid-September, every reason to believe that the phone does will be marketed only two weeks later at best, i.e. beginning of October. This is consistent with several information so far unconfirmed, the United States according to which a pre-order of the iPhone campaign 5 would be launched September 30 for availability in the first weeks of October.

Usual, Apple remains silent about his new product, and is certainly not speak in before the press conference for his presentation.

PS3: maintenance of the NHP today ' hui

Sony Announces PlayStation Network maintenance. It will intervene in the afternoon.Of 11 August pm to August 12 4 h, the PSN will be unavailable. This means that it will be impossible to connect to the PSN on PS3, PSP and PC. The PSN, PlayStation Home account management and registration will be also inaccessible.

However, the online game will remain functional if it is connected before the start of the maintenance. Collected trophies will not appear during this operation. However, once the NHP is income, they will be synchronized with your account.

LetterBomb, the ultimate hack of the Wii

The latest version of the firmware of the Wii had a peculiarity: any of the hacks to modify its console does work on version 4.3. It is in this light that has created LetterBomb HackMii team, responsible for former hacks on Wii.

Like the famous "Twilight Hack" (which simply used the game Zelda on Wii) and the "BannerBomb", which operated up to version 4.2, the LetterBomb requires no modification to the console to function. It is sufficient to dispose of an SD, card on which the hack in question will be installed. It then pass through the messaging of the console and click on the program, which comes in the form of a message.

While Nintendo continues to fight pirates, this hack shows yet simpler to use than its predecessors, who usually need a game especially for work.

The best Blackberry games to discover

If Blackberry phones do not have the App Store from Apple or the Android Market for Google, they did in are equipped not with quality games. Here is a selection of the best games to discover absolutely on Blackberry.

20 Blackberry games to discover absolutely

M - Disc: a storage medium that is 1,000 years?

Millenniata, a small American company, comes to associate with the Korean giant LG for the implementation of a whole new storage media is to take a very long time. M-Disc is a very close optical drive from the traditional DVD. Same capacity (4.7 GB), it reads on any type of DVD player. Except that its design allows it to withstand extreme conditions for 1,000 years!

On a M-Disc, the data are "engraved on inorganic materials, which cannot be overwritten, erased or corrupted by natural processes", says Millenniata site. His writing is done via a specific writer who "alter physically recording layer by creating real holes".

As a result, the M-Disc are therefore not rewritable. If the storage size is currently limited to 4.7 GB, the US firm plans to support densities of most important engraving for his support in the future. Finally when it comes to price, the cost of returns is logically important, since it was announced 3 $ $ (a little less than 2.10 euros) exhibit. Here's a short video demonstrating the reliability and soundness of the M-Disc.

Google offers Motorola Mobility and its patents

By purchasing Motorola Mobility 12.5 billion (approximately EUR 8.6 billion), Google is the largest acquisition in its history.

La Xoom, la tablette Motorola embarquant Android.

By buying Motorola Mobility 12.5 billion (approximately EUR 8.6 billion), Google is the largest acquisition in its history. As confirmed by Larry Page on the official Google blog, it is Motorola commitment towards mobile devices shipping Android who created this match between the 2 companies. He also confirmed that the two companies will operate separately and thatAndroid will remain an open system. A message to manufacturers such as Samsung or LG that integrate Android in the Smartphone.

But with this acquisition which has surprised everyone, Google appropriates especially over 20,000 patents. An asset which, without Google from the trial, should enable it to better protect the development of Android. Indeed Apple has recently announced its intention to sue Motorola for banning the Xoom whose design would be too close to that of the iPad.

PS Vita: all about the next Sony console

The counter-attack of Sony to Nintendo and its 3DS is known: it is called PS Vita. This new portable console has already presented by Sony, and we now expect its output in the coming months to determine what it is really worth. In the meantime, here is a summary of all the info concerning this new portable console.

Sony PS Vita: the future Queen of portable consoles

Sony, Panasonic and Samsung: agreement for universal 3D glasses

Different glasses in each constructor are among one of the main brakes to the development of 3D. Thus, four major manufacturers are allied to announce a standard format for 3D glasses: Samsung, Xpand, Sony and Panasonic.

These four major players in the terrain imagery will begin the development of this technology common in the fall of next for availability expected in the beginning of the year 2012. An effort that could increase the arrival of 3D in the homes, users can exchange 3D frames between these three brands of televisions and the manufacturer of 3D glasses.

The Acer Iconia Smart test

Last February, Acer was the Smart Iconia, a smartphone with a 4.8-inch screen. Simply giant, this mobile is equipped for multimedia and Internet browsing. With its dimensions, he published small HTC HD2 and stands just behind the 5-inch Dell Streak.

Acer Smart Iconia: smartphone of the sheer scale

Microsoft still in free fall on the mobile

Le LG Optimus 7

Microsoft continues its fall in the mobile sector. Since the launch of Windows Phone 7, its market share dropped to 38% United States.

If the Redmond company should be looking forward to something, that is the launch of the first Windows Phone of Nokia. This phone is almost the last hope for Microsoft to penetrate this market.

It's time for him, both the launch last October of Windows Phone 7 has not been conclusive in terms of sales. Of a market share of 8% in the United States on the mobile market at the time of the availability of WP7, Microsoft moved to a thin 5.8% according to Comscore.

The analysis firm believes that the focus has not quite been in its communication on the differences in Windows Phone 7 Android or iOS. This is what should be Microsoft with the Mango 7.5 update available in the fall. It announced to want to break the principle of "use, an application" by making them more permeable between them.

Tom's Hardware: IBM PC celebrates 30 years

Our colleagues of Tom's Hardware published today a retrospective on one of the elephants of the computer: IBM PC, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year."August 12, 1981, 30 years ago, IBM launched the model 5150 PC, a computer that was to become the first of a (very) long list." Small introspection of the various components constituting the venerable ancestor... »

Nintendo: a new Wii for Christmas

While the Wii U is always expected in 2012, Nintendo has not given up so his Wii, and Announces a new pack for its console lounge, benefiting some menus change for the occasion.

It is a "Family Edition" which should arrive in Europe for the Christmas period. The console will be thus sold with two games to the Wii Sports and Wii Party classic. The pack will also contain a Wii MotionPlus joystick and of course the console, that is of benefit for the occasion ofa very slight relooking, which was intended to be put in the non-vertical and horizontal position.

This new version of the Wii however made some sacrifices, sinceit will be more compatible with games and accessories for the GameCube. Nintendo is a so far not confirmed of possible drop in price for this new model of console.

Logitech Tablet Mouse: mouse for Android

Logitech will soon be compatible with shelves under Android mouse.The Tablet Mouse for Android 3.1 +, it is its name, is designed to work with the shelves with last update 3.1 and higher of Android. It uses the bluetooth Protocol to communicate with the tablet. Logitech is intended only to bars and does not dongle USB, useful for a connection to a computer. Effective up to 10 metres (a little later for a Tablet), it operates on two AA batteries.

There is nothing in its design distinguishes the classic bluetooth mouse. Another bluetooth mouse will be perfectly suitable for use on tablet. The Android of the Logitech mouse is more commercial than anything else. Posted to $50 (€35), it will have to find the public who would like to use a touchscreen tablet with a mouse.

Apple in the top 3 of computer sales in the USA

After the smartphone and tablet, Apple returned to the field on its computer division with the MacBook Air.

The latest estimates, by Digitimes, provide that 10 million of MacBook Air will be sold in 2011. According to MacRumors, Apple surfera on the success of his extra fine computer soon offering a 15-inch version that will complement its Air range already consisting of a 13 and 11 inches.

Apple is very present on the market of devices, it could lead users of its iPod, iPad and iPhone to buy a Mac to harmonize their Park. In this sense, there is already on 2011, Apple holds 11% of the US computer market loan, announces Gartner. He thus advanced to the third place, just behind Dell and HP.

26,000 South Koreans complain against Apple

26 691 South Koreans, all holders of an iPhone, have filed a complaint in partnership this week against Apple for infringement of privacy. The complaint comes from the possibility, for the iPhone, to record the movements of the user via the GPS chip that is integrated.

"We filed a complaint in partnership claiming compensation to Apple and its South Korean subsidiary because of the emotional damage caused by the illegal positioning of Apple iPhone," explained the firm who is charge of the case. Each of the complainants claimed 1 million won (about 648 euros) in compensation.

It may be surprising to see this matter just now in Korea South, the homeland of the manufacturer (and competitor Apple) Samsung, while the two marks are in legal battle in Europe.This is explained mainly by the fact thata lawyer, Kim Hyung-suk, already engaged in a case of this type against Apple, comes just to win his trial against the American giant and won compensation of one million won.The rest, the South Korean telecommunications regulator had already indicated a few weeks ago that he would seek a fine of three million won (about 1950 euros) on the same case.

Mobile: Nokia collapses, Apple takes off

Published by Gartner for the second quarter of 2011 mobile sales figures show that Nokia, though remains leader of manufacturers in terms of market share, suffers a sharp drop in close by 8 points to 22.8%. Samsung moves second (16.7%) and takes advantage of the growing popularity of Android.

Android is indeed used and experienced very strong growth with 43.4% of market share in the second quarter, compared to 17.2% last year. Many sellers of Android with Samsung phones (16.3% of shares), LG (5.7%) or HTC (2.6%) and benefit from this climbing popularity.

With 4.6% of shares, Apple ranks fourth vendor of mobile. iOS remains the third most used mobile system, equipping 16.8% of mobile devices. Gartner also indicates that mobile phones generally have experienced good growth this year, with a good from 16.5% to $ 428.7 million units sold. Smartphones accounted for 25% of them, and have experienced a sharp increase in their sales of 74% on the year.

Another study, conducted on the same period by IDC and focus this time only on the market of smartphones, shows also that Apple takes off strongly on this sector. It flies as first place in Nokia. The strong fall of the Finnish manufacturer is indeed confirmed this market, where it passes from 37.3% to 15.7%, leaving him third place behind Samsung (16.2%, 5.6% in 2010). Apple thus passes to, with an increase of 6 points on the year to 19.1 per cent. RIM (BlackBerry) has also experienced a decline in the year, losing 6 points to 11.6%, while HTC climbs gently to 11% market share.

BlackBerry Colt: the first QNX early 2012

The Colt, first smartphone BlackBerry under the QNX operating system, will be out in the first quarter of 2012.

While Research In Motion has presented its new range of BlackBerry consisting of three Torch and two Bold under OS 7, the next mobile platform of the Canadian manufacturer point the tip of his nose. These are our colleagues from BoyGeniusReport which are the source of this information.According to the indications made by this site, the Colt will have a processor to a heart. RIM would, apparently, prefer the raw power to a dual-core processor. The Colt replacing the Bold, high-end BlackBerry, could expect better, especially as the current trend is always more increased speed.

Add that this BlackBerry on QNX first will also be the first to not embark on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), having the success of RIM business terminals.

BlackBerry, a major player in the riots in London

16 unusual alternatives to the mouse

Our colleagues from Tom's Hardware today publish a photo on all amazing pointing systems report. Mouse double cursor, maneuverable with feet or ring of pointing, ideas abound!

Read the record of Tom's hardware: 16 devices who want to revolutionize the mouse