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Free: point optical fibre in France

In short, 60% of the French will have the fiber by 2022 and the remaining 40% will have to be jointly covered in collaboration with local authorities, ARCEP and the set of French operators.

201010_free_ftth_06The Convention Free 2012 in the presence of Maxime Lombardini held this weekend, it was question of the development of the fixed and mobile operator as well as the future of new technologies that will be used. Including, a good part of the agreement was the subject of the deployment of fiber optics at the national level.

The recent echoes on the subject seem not really good, and its Director General said while that Free is not only facing this problem of deployment of fiber in France and that other operators are in the same case. However, he qualifies that things are still progressing and that it can announce that almost all of Paris is fiber to the horizontal. For memory, the deployment of the fiber must be two axes. Horizontal, first to connect the heart of operator's network and buildings and vertical then to mount the fibre in each apartment and Pavilion. According Free, there still thousands of fibres to Paris to get a blanket full, but the harder remains to be done by the operator.

All operators abound in the same direction and indicate that they have many difficulties to get fiber in French homes. Mis en cause, the Trustees of building agreements or local communities which slow to give their agreements or who are too hesitant in the light of work by operators. According to figures reported by UniversFreebox, with an investment of€ 600 million by the troublemaker of the French Internet, it hopes that all its subscribers spend the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) at least in the capital by the end of next year. To facilitate the appointment of laying of fibre and making terminal optical (BTEP) in the apartments of Paris and other cities soon, Free will implement an approach simplified directly by the subscriber interface Freebox.

Outside the dense zones, which concentrate much of the French population, investments for fibre deployment will be jointly undertaken much orange at 80% and the rest by Free, and SFR. Thus, Free hopes to achieve the objective of 60% of the population covered by the optical fiber by 2022, dense and moderately dense areas would be affected. For the remaining 40%, Free plans to work with local communities to find a common solution to bring fibre to the pavilions. Because if non-dense areas represent only 40%, the profitability is lower for the operator.

It appears also that local authorities propose to fiber according to their own solutions, which complicates interoperability with operator and plans to ask the ARCEP to justify this practice. But in the end, who will pay the Bill in these non-dense areas? Local and regional authorities under the auspices of imposed regulations? The owners of the lodges wishing to pass the very high speed?

AMD: the APU Kaveri 1 TeraFlops

The Trinity APU is not yet officially available AMD shows the future of its chips with a goal of 1 teraflops to Kaveri.

amd_apu_kaveriAt the AMD Fusion developer Summit currently being held in the United States, the skier presented what would be the future of the APU after the generation Trinity.

AMD has made the choice to integrate into the same part processor chip and the graphic part it also allows to make crude calculation with OpenCL for example. Here the next year, this type of bullet will draw in the new architecture introduced with Southern Islands, the Radeon HD 7000 cards, i.e. the Graphic Core Next. This technology allows to significantly increase the raw computing power of this graphic part. With miniaturization and the new architecture implementation for Trinity, AMD believe achieve the teraflops for the couple graphic processor and hearts.

According to our colleagues from, the new iGPU of the Kaveri, the third generation of APU, the number of units of calculation could increase from 384 to 512. So compared to the APU A10-5800K who reached the 738 GFlops, the largest Kaveri have 35% of additional performance. A leap in terms of computing power that could be the future of consoles of games room or our notebooks, but it, we will not see that next year if it comes.

LiquiData: share its environment on a multi-touch table

Our smartphones capture a lot of information every day and, on an ongoing basis, why not operate?


It is on this principle that students of the University of science applied in Potsdam in Germany, developed the LiquiData software. This application designed for multi-touch tables originally developed on Windows Surface, transcribed the information captured by your phone and especially your movements and the path that you have traveled during the day.

Data collected during your journey are represented on a table multi-touch, Visual, sound and interactive form. The table reproduced a map of the area and then trace your routes. Only the visited places are clear, the rest is covered by a fog. The software offers the possibility of sharing your environment, add photos, videos, to comment, to obtain information on hotels and restaurants. It even to add a second phone to link information, resulting in the emergence of new interactions.

One can imagine this type of system in a hotel. Customers could obtain an overview of the surrounding area, add the already visited places, or even indicate the address of a good coffee.

Windows 8: Microsoft wants to convince the business

With a dual interface system, Microsoft is struggling to convince for future migration to Windows 8. Several demonstrations were made at the TechEd to reassure professionals.

At the beginning of June held conferences TechEd in Orlando in the United States where Microsoft wished primarily reassure companies on the possibility of easily migrate to the new version of Windows.

A demonstration was made to tell professionals that it was possible to launch applications made for Windows 7 but Windows 8 and that it was even possible to run an instance of Windows 7 directly in Windows 8 via the hypervisor directly integrated into this new version.

Windows 8 Desktop

At the direction of the "Developer experience" team of the firm of Redmond, we welcomed that it is now very easy to develop an application on Windows and to the test on the two latest versions at a glance. In addition, it is also possible to separate the two systems on two screens display to check step by step the developed application and thus control the behavior on each of the versions of Windows.

Another demonstration that could delight the DSI, it's Windows To Go. This new feature allows to have a fully customized environment as per the information system of the enterprise, all on a USB key or an external hard drive. This feature is only available with the Windows 8 Enterprise version that also supports BitLocker for encrypting data contained in the key or the hard disk. Thus, the employee may have its environment in the Pocket and use it on any machine. If the user is pulling the USB or the hard disk of the machine, the system goes into pause for 60 seconds, beyond, the system simply stops to prevent access to the data of the employee.

Loss of the key or the hard disk, the system and the data can be encrypted and thus avoid the loss of sensitive and confidential business data. Microsoft States that this feature works also well on computers that have a BIOS as the UEFI and than on first use on a new machine, the drivers are install without the need to restart the system at the end of procedure.

Is this be convincing enough for businesses? The future will tell...

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 670 TwinCooler: Very short CG and overclockée

The Chinese manufacturer Zotac launches a very short GTX 670, overclockées of plant and having frequencies of a House, the TwinCooler heatpipe.

ZOTAC will soon be a GeForce GTX 670 that has the particularity to be very short, less than 18 cm, because with the PCB of the GTX 670 of reference NVIDIA but by taking away cooling at the end of card system which then rallongeait all.

The GeForce GTX 670 TwinCooler is then a compact stencil (177.8 x 111.2 mm x 35 mm) adopter then a heatpipe dual fan 80 mm responsible for blowing on a finned aluminum radiator, all occupying therefore two slots in the housing.


ZOTAC not content with planing GTX 670 size allows even to overclock all frequencies of plant for the GPU with 954/1033 MHz in standard/GPU Boost and video memory with 1552 MHz for the 2 GB of GDDR5 (against 915/980/1502 MHz on the classic GTX 670).

The map always has 2 6-pin PCI-e connectors to feed and its double rear bracket offers four video outputs including two ports DVI Dual-Link, 1 1 4 HDMI and a DisplayPort 1.2 port. The map is expected for June 20 at a rate not specified.

We will of course try to us available to gauge its performance and especially to test the effectiveness of the TwinCooler to the level of heat dissipation and noise to cool a powerful GPU on a small PCB.

Problem in encryption AES-256 for SandForce

SandForce SF - 2000 controllers are affected by a problem in the management of the hardware encryption in AES 256 bit.

Intel 520 Series 240 Go (8).JPGAn internal audit conducted by LSI discovered a concern in the management of the hardware encryption offered by the SandForce SF-2000 series chips. Other solutions of hardware encryption for hard disks, SandForce controllers use two systems separate encryption, first of 256 bit and 128 bit a second. According to the audit, the first level 256 bit is not present, not working in 128-bit mode.

For individuals, the problem is not really embarrassing, but for companies and Governments that have special constraints on the encryption of hard disks, it becomes a little more serious. For example, the US Government asked that used hard drives are encrypted in AES 256 bit, what these controllers offered natively. However, if the controller does not handle...

If this is really disturbing, some manufacturers of DSS that uses its default controllers offer rebate offers or alternatives. For example, Intel offers fully reimburse customers who have purchased flash drives of the series 520 - Yes, no error on the press release - 1 July, and have just contacted customer service before October 1 for it. Kingston for its SSDNow V200 + and its KC100 and adds that a solution is being developed jointly with LSI to repair this problem of encryption. Of course, other manufacturers using the SandForce controllers will also publish their news releases to meet the demands of their customers.

ARM: two generations of graphics processors arrive

ARM provides two new chips Mali to address different markets, a pay strategy for British society?

ARM_Mali450_roadmapThis time, it is the English business ARM which shows the future of mobile processors embedded in our smartphones, tablets and even connected TVs. ARM is here that his new party graphic called Mali that animates its chips. The new generation is called Mali-450 and the successor to Mali-400 that getting into four hearts of treatment with the support of OpenGL ES 2.0 for the first time.

ARM Mali-450, passes to eight graphic hearts and also optimizes the treatment of OpenGL ES 2.0 for even more performance in video games. Chief product of ARM in the process media division, Steve Steele said that Mali-450 is not that double the number of hearts on the chip, but that optimizations were performed on units of graphics for better performance even if they are a little more than place on the chip in the end.

For the moment, this new generation does not yet the latest technologies in terms of graphics as the tesselation example calculation, but Steve Steele indicates that ARM has already in its cartons a new architecture called Midgard for the end of the year and will be fully exploited in the Mali-604 chips. In the meantime, Mali-450 chips are thought to be used in the entry and the means of range and Mali-604 and 658 which will arrive a little later to the high and compete directly with NVIDIA on this segment. We are asking to see...

A chimney in my PC tell you?

CompTake, a company established in Taiwan, specialised in cooling and packaging solutions (case for SSD, USB stick, CCD, etc) presents a Heatpipe for the least original...

The CompTake company based in Taiwan shows us his new find, the Chimney. As its name indicates in the language of Shakespeare, it is a system of dissipation of the heat emitted by the processor by chimneys. While aluminum, these few millimetres of round tubes to evacuate about 100 Watts according to manufacturer's tests.

A demonstration was conducted with an Intel Core i7-930, leaving 130 Watts TDP. Coupled to the Chimney and a small fan of 8 cm to the rear of the enclosure to create a flow of air, the processor in the full heating phase was not mounted above the 50 ° C. According to CompTake, the sink is still in development phase and could still improve. We look forward to see it!


HDD: a price decline? Not before two years...

A study of iSupply indicates that trays hard drives prices still remain quite high and this until 2014.

According to the recent study of IHS iSupply, prices of hard drives trays should not fall before 2014! The rates indicated in the press release correspond to an average unit price, regardless of the sold disc storage space. In the third quarter of 2011, the average price of a hard disk was established around $ 51. With a bond of $ 10, it had risen to $ 61 in the fourth quarter to continue momentum and achieve $ 66 for the first quarter of this year. Between March and June, the average price is stagnating and loses $ 1 to $ 65.


For your information, the study also gives the figures for the number of units delivered worldwide for this year. In the first quarter of 2012, he was taken primarily from manufacturing plants in Thailand not less of 145 million hard drives and about 159 million for the second quarter and forecast for the third quarter about 176 million units.

The floods in Thailand are passed and plants are distributed, but prices fell so far. The study explained in part this state of affairs by the concentration of the two leading manufacturers of hard disk drives, Seagate and Western Digital, but also by the contracts in the long run to high prices when the plants had not yet fully resumed their activities. These contracts are signed at this price because OEMs fear a problem of supply for the manufacture of their products. With all these conditions, it seems difficult to quickly lower the price of hard drives trays and says iSupply, it is not close to arrange...

Raspberry Pi invites primary school

In our series of Raspberry, study some caveats in situation and in particular the arrival of several maps in school...

The BBC has just released a video featuring Raspberry Pi in a classroom. The event initiated by the Foundation GoTo and RS components has enabled pupils aged 7 to 9 years to approach the Raspy. Children thus have to learn Python programming and Linux environment. Qualified fantastic, results are very encouraging. Course session quickly turned into recreation. Young programmers have shown how computer languages could arouse their interest.


Some children still met some difficulties to handle Raspberry Pi. Indeed, properly type on a keyboard requires a minimum of training. It can be frustrating when that it returned code to watch in addition to its sheet, its keyboard ever. So, many students were much more experienced and did to to ask again.

The organizers and teachers are very proud. See all those smiling faces at the end of lesson do not every day. The compelling experience, will allow t - it plan other type sessions? Some see it as an excellent way to democratize the school programming. The raspberry map is not only for geeks and hackers as some want to believe.

Snapdragon S4 out of stock until 2013, HTC suffers with his HTC One S

SoC Snapdragon S4 of the Qualcomm company undergoes a shortage due to the concern for the production of the TSMC fondeur with engraved 28 nm chips. HTC suffers the consequences with his HTC One.

qualcomm_snapdragon-s4_photo_processeurIt was already known that TSMC was aware of some concerns of performance with the production of chips engraved 28 nm especially for AMD and NVIDIA customers. They indeed use this technology for their next generation GPU and then undergo supply problems, the Taiwanese fondeur struggling to keep pace.

But now the situation worsens a little more and impact of other actors in the middle of the high-tech including including Qualcomm and its SoC Snapdragon S4 which is then out of stock. This chip fitted to many top smartphones of recent range, this problem affects then names of mobile phones such as HTC which must also find ways to continue to produce its terminals.

The Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones has had to resign himself to replace Snapdragon S4 fitted the original HTC One S for a Snapdragon S3 on-fréquencé to level the difference in power between the two chips. And TSMC this situation of shortage of chips snapdragon S4 should keep to the last quarter of the year 2012 to return slowly to normal in the year 2013.

Attention so if you decide to buy an HTC One S or any other product "normally" boarding a Snapdragon S4, check that it has not traded against another less powerful chip.

Prolimatech launches the heatpipe CPU Black Series Genesis

The Prolimatech constructor leaves its imposing Black Series Genesis, heatpipe CPU dual tower which is horizontal and the other vertical.

Prolimatech launches Black series of its CPU heatpipe particular design. Indeed it is composed of two towers of vanes in aluminium which is vertically and the other horizontally.

prolimatech-black-series-genesis-01     prolimatech-black-series-genesis-02

This perpendicular vanes blocks provision then to place up to three fans of 120 or 140 mm (sold separately) to cool not only the CPU but also strips of RAM, which must not exceed 49 mm in height, but also the other components of the motherboard.

prolimatech-black-series-genesis-03     prolimatech-black-series-genesis-05

As its name indicates this series offers therefore a black colour of the radiators, the base and the 6 heat pipes however remaining copper nickel plated. The bulk of all (without fan) rises to 216,5 x 165 x 146 mm and weighs 800 grams.

prolimatech-black-series-genesis-04     prolimatech-black-series-genesis-06

The Black Series Genesis is sold nude so without fan with a kit of compatible with socket 775 mounting, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011 Intel and AM2, AM2 +, AM3 of AMD. It will be available in a few days at the rate of €70.

Ultra high speed signed ADATA memory cards

ADATA launches its Ultra high speed (UHS - I) memory cards SDHC and SDXC format in its first Pro range.

The ADATA Technology manufacturer launches its memory cards SDHC and SDXC range first Pro UHS - I U1 (Ultra High Speed) technology to provide reading and writing of data flows very high.


Available in 16, 32 and 64 GB capacity, these memory cards allow to achieve sequential flow of 95 MB/s read and 45 MB/s write. The SDHC and SDXC in the first Pro range are therefore professionals and demanding users.


They also offer protection against x-ray, shock and water, resistance to extreme temperatures, a system of correction (ECC) error and a write-protection switch. These memory cards should be in shops soon at rates not disclosed at this time.

From Dust: incarnate Almighty God

You dreamed of a cross-platform game, accessible from any computer and free? From Dust, Ubisoft studios could meet your expectations...


It is a game that Ubisoft is preparing for several years. In the movement of the cloud and online applications, fun from its browser represents perhaps the future, said the French studio.

But first of all, are you prepared to lead your people, carry it to the glory and fight against the fury of nature? From Dust is no doubt a "God game" type game, in other words a strategy game in which you take control of a tribe that will need to evolve with your mastery of the elements. Can indeed manipulate water, Earth, vegetation, lava and shape the world around us.

The peculiarity of this game, is that it runs from the browser Chrome. Thus can play on Windows, Mac and Linux. Ubisoft offers a Free To Play, but can also be purchased for €15 to unlock additional content. Technically, it is WebGL that loads renderings. This technology based on the OpenGL API is more and more use. If you expect to see pixels, think again! The graphic is quite impressive. Good game!

Hardware side, here is the recommended configuration:

Computer: Processor Phenom II Quad Core / or the series Core 2 Quad Q8000 or model équivalentCarte video: type Radeon HD3850 / GeForce 8800GT minimum
Memory RAM: 2 free GoEspace on the hard disk: 1GoCompatible with the Xbox 360 joystick.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available at Free Mobile

The fourth mobile operator, Free Mobile, now offers the Samsung Galaxy S3 in his catalogue of phones.

The last flagship of Android, Galaxy S3 of Samsung smartphones, is officially its entry in the catalogue of phones available for sale on the Free Mobile web site.

The tariff proposed by the troublemaker of telecoms is significantly lower than that requested by other operators or 595 euros naked (it is 597 euros in B & You and 599 euros in Sosh for example). The proposed version is equipped with 16 GB of internal memory available in the colours white and blue.

The Subscriber can pay at one time cash by paying the sum of 595 euros so or choose a formula to credit spread over 23 to 35 months which brings back the tariff respectively to 655 and 685,60 euros still. Nu is therefore particularly interesting for who can release the 595 euros at once, by contrast credit offers are less attractive than in the competition.


Google Nexus Tablet, the official photo!

The official announcement of the Google I/O Conference to admire a first Visual of the Nexus shelf designed by giant research in partnership with Asus.

The touch Tablet Nexus of the search giant unveiled finally officially, indeed, we can see it on the Visual of the announcement of the Google I/O Conference that will take place from 27 to 29 June next in California.

As can be seen on this plaque of invitation, the Tablet is well manufactured by Asus, the logo on the back of the camera like that of Google. This slate would be well 7 ", she expected a SoC Quad NVIDIA Tegra 3 heart (Kai or not?) backed up by 1 GB of RAM, a sensor AFN with flash back and would turn the version 5.0 of Android name of code"Jelly Bean"or 4.1 according to other sources for the numbering.

The price of this tablet would fall below $ 200 and it could be available in the official announcement at the Conference Google I/O is end of June, with for the lucky ones who will be on-site, free distribution of candy.


HTTP: a new error for legal reason code

With the resurgence of closures of websites, a Canadian by the name of Tim Bray offers the IETF to add an error code bearing the number 451 to tell visitors that the page is not available for legal reasons.

Closures of websites are more and more numerous because of a blow of net of the police or of the legislative authorities following a complaint or seizure as this was the case for MegaUpload and its affiliated sites.

Starting from this observation, a Canadian named Tim Bray, proposed to add an error code in the HTTP protocol. For the record, when a browser wants to access a Web site by using the HTTP protocol, by typing for example "", the first four characters indicate to the browser the communication protocol to use with the server that hosts the desired pages. In the case of a non-existent page, an error will be sent by the server to indicate to the browser that the requested page is not available. This error is numbered 404 more commonly referred to as the 404 error. Other error codes can be used to cover all possible cases.

Here, via a first document submitted to the IETF working group for Internet standardization, the le canadien Canadian proposes to add the code 451 which would the literal "unavailable for legal reasons" meaning. As noted this document made available to the public, it is stated that it would be possible to take the code 403 meaning "Forbidden" for this type of case, but this does not fully match the situation. On the other hand, the document stipulates that the authorities would not have obligation to implement this code error during a seizure or the closure of a site.

H - Online breath us that this code 451 seems inspired by the book by Ray Bradbury "Fahrenheit 451", which would then allow Web users to have a little more transparency on the part of the authorities in Internet site closure. Hope that latter abound its use, even if as said it, this code is still optional...


Super Talent : lancement d'une nouvelle gamme de SSD

Called TeraNova, this new range of discs to memory NAND flash displays the correct performance, but the prices seem a little too high to compete with the market heavyweights.

super_talent_TeraDrive Nova-bigThe new range of SSD TeraNova arrives, produced by SuperTalent. Stored in the server category, specific manufacturer on the product page that its new TeraNova drives have two technologies called RAISE and DuraWrite for better performance and better durability with low amplification when writing data. Of course, they are accompanied by other more conventional technologies that controller SandForce SF-2281 offers such as Wear Leveling, system control and correction of ECC error on 24 bits to 512 bytes.

Unsurprisingly, the TeraNova have chips in MLC but without more precision on the type of bullet and the chosen manufacturer. In terms of raw performance, Super Talent displays only the sequential reads up to 540 MB/s and sequential writes up to 480 MB/s to 480 GB version and 520 MB/s for the 240 GB version. To ensure such theoretical flow, the TeraNova have SATA III bus and offer a lifetime of more than 2 million hours.

The TeraNova will be available soon in version 60 GB for $ 109 while passing through a 120 GB version and 240 GB on the largest size available 480 GB showing a rate reaching highs at $ 920. Not sure as to such tariff, these new flash drives are their public.

Xigmatek Colosseum, the heatpipe CPU fan cage

The Xigmatek constructor launches the Colosseum, its CPU heatpipe including design oval Tower-shaped mesh contains a PWM blue LED fan.

The Colosseum designed by Xigmatek is a CPU heatpipe design is particularly worked.

xigmatek-colosseum-03     xigmatek-colosseum-01

It consists of a "mesh" Tower of oval shape composed of several layers of thin aluminum plates which fits a PWM 120 mm with blue LED fan to accentuate the "Wow" effect.

xigmatek-colosseum-04     xigmatek-colosseum-02

The fan turns on a range between 1000 and 2200 RPM for a 89.45 CFM airflow, 3.45 mmH2O air pressure and a sound level reaching the maximum 20 dBA. It is based on a base nickled copper where out five heat pipes on part and on the other through the structure of the Tower of fins. All 146 x 97 mm x 157 mm and weighs 610 grams without the fan. The Colosseum is compatible with socket LGA 775, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011 Intel and AMD AM2 (+), the (+) AM3 and FM1.

xigmatek-colosseum-06     xigmatek-colosseum-05

No date of availability, nor mentioned tariff by the manufacturer for the moment but hope that its effectiveness and performance were also worked as its appearance.