AMD: the APU Kaveri 1 TeraFlops

The Trinity APU is not yet officially available AMD shows the future of its chips with a goal of 1 teraflops to Kaveri.

amd_apu_kaveriAt the AMD Fusion developer Summit currently being held in the United States, the skier presented what would be the future of the APU after the generation Trinity.

AMD has made the choice to integrate into the same part processor chip and the graphic part it also allows to make crude calculation with OpenCL for example. Here the next year, this type of bullet will draw in the new architecture introduced with Southern Islands, the Radeon HD 7000 cards, i.e. the Graphic Core Next. This technology allows to significantly increase the raw computing power of this graphic part. With miniaturization and the new architecture implementation for Trinity, AMD believe achieve the teraflops for the couple graphic processor and hearts.

According to our colleagues from, the new iGPU of the Kaveri, the third generation of APU, the number of units of calculation could increase from 384 to 512. So compared to the APU A10-5800K who reached the 738 GFlops, the largest Kaveri have 35% of additional performance. A leap in terms of computing power that could be the future of consoles of games room or our notebooks, but it, we will not see that next year if it comes.


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