Problem in encryption AES-256 for SandForce

SandForce SF - 2000 controllers are affected by a problem in the management of the hardware encryption in AES 256 bit.

Intel 520 Series 240 Go (8).JPGAn internal audit conducted by LSI discovered a concern in the management of the hardware encryption offered by the SandForce SF-2000 series chips. Other solutions of hardware encryption for hard disks, SandForce controllers use two systems separate encryption, first of 256 bit and 128 bit a second. According to the audit, the first level 256 bit is not present, not working in 128-bit mode.

For individuals, the problem is not really embarrassing, but for companies and Governments that have special constraints on the encryption of hard disks, it becomes a little more serious. For example, the US Government asked that used hard drives are encrypted in AES 256 bit, what these controllers offered natively. However, if the controller does not handle...

If this is really disturbing, some manufacturers of DSS that uses its default controllers offer rebate offers or alternatives. For example, Intel offers fully reimburse customers who have purchased flash drives of the series 520 - Yes, no error on the press release - 1 July, and have just contacted customer service before October 1 for it. Kingston for its SSDNow V200 + and its KC100 and adds that a solution is being developed jointly with LSI to repair this problem of encryption. Of course, other manufacturers using the SandForce controllers will also publish their news releases to meet the demands of their customers.


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