HDD: a price decline? Not before two years...

A study of iSupply indicates that trays hard drives prices still remain quite high and this until 2014.

According to the recent study of IHS iSupply, prices of hard drives trays should not fall before 2014! The rates indicated in the press release correspond to an average unit price, regardless of the sold disc storage space. In the third quarter of 2011, the average price of a hard disk was established around $ 51. With a bond of $ 10, it had risen to $ 61 in the fourth quarter to continue momentum and achieve $ 66 for the first quarter of this year. Between March and June, the average price is stagnating and loses $ 1 to $ 65.


For your information, the study also gives the figures for the number of units delivered worldwide for this year. In the first quarter of 2012, he was taken primarily from manufacturing plants in Thailand not less of 145 million hard drives and about 159 million for the second quarter and forecast for the third quarter about 176 million units.

The floods in Thailand are passed and plants are distributed, but prices fell so far. The study explained in part this state of affairs by the concentration of the two leading manufacturers of hard disk drives, Seagate and Western Digital, but also by the contracts in the long run to high prices when the plants had not yet fully resumed their activities. These contracts are signed at this price because OEMs fear a problem of supply for the manufacture of their products. With all these conditions, it seems difficult to quickly lower the price of hard drives trays and says iSupply, it is not close to arrange...


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