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Windows 8 ARM: new information

Microsoft reveals a few details on the ARM of Windows 8 version.

Windows ARM

A priori, it is February 29 that we can download the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 to discover the new system and all its new features. Steven Sinofsky, head of the Windows division, can communicate on the ARM of the operating system version, known as the WOA for Windows on ARM. first info, a priori this release will be at the same time as the system for processors x 86/64, which seems planned for fall. "The PC WOA are being finalized and our goal is that PC manufacturers ship as designed PC for Windows 8 on x 86/64." explains.

We also learn that the licences of WOA are not sold only. In fact, Windows on ARM cannot be purchased separately, it will be delivered only pre-installed on the machines who exploit it. Other interesting information, Windows 8 ARM will be provided with the suite Office 15 with versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote optimized for touch screens.

Steven Sinofsky Announces also that under WOA terminals will not need to be turned off. Moreover, there is not "stop" and options "standby", replaced by a "connected standby" mode. "When the screen is lit, you have access to the full power of the terminal WOA." "When the screen turns off (by pressing the power button), the PC between in a new mode very low power that helps the battery last week", reveals.

Wholesale, WOA equipped terminals to use simply as smartphones and tablets. The elements of the desktop interface which will not access the machines under WOA, can quote the File Explorer. Finally, Steven Sinofsky recalled that if Metro applications go under Windows 8 ARM and x 86, x 86 applications will not be run on an ARM version. This is a blow to the hopes of one day a WOWARM function. week update

Ultrathin, fine, GTX 600, MegaVidéo, start, WOWARM, V4, friends... Some of the keywords of the week for a news reviewed and corrected.

This week, the drafting of proposed you two tests. First the new Intel's SSD, the 520 Series which adopts a controller SandForce 2281, that we have faced in our tests to ten other SSD... Verdict, it is stable and powerful, but expensive. Then it was the turn of the Tablet Asus Eee Pad Transformer differential, first of its kind under Android 4.0 to a SoC Nvidia Tegra 3, which was also noticed with its new finish brushed aluminium and its keyboard/battery dock. Powerful, autonomous, well thought and well finished, it is reference, but there still is not a given. Finally, history of preparing Valentine next Tuesday, we offer 10 gift ideas for your half, oriented "geek", it gets not!

Intel 520 Series 240 Go (5).JPG           Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Side news, it was still fairly loaded, even if it is weeks crushed by one or two strong themes (Free Mobile and MegaUpload that well occupied us at the beginning of the year). Whatever, always talking about Free Mobile, who proposed its offers to the MVNO that they have found disgraceful, or even attacked on the cover of its network by SFR (itself criticized for the management of its network of WiFi hotspots). Free who was also ordered to pay €100,000 fine for flanged flow Internet of some of its non-unbundled subscribers, and who finally decided to retire its aging Freebox V4. With respect to MegaUpload, what TF1 and M6 who welcome its closure, seeing their catch up TV services be more frequented. It must be said that MegaVideo (streaming site) was one of the heavy weight of video online in France.

Microsoft Build 2011 (9)At Microsoft, we begin to shake before the release of the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 that would be made available on 29 February. Start with learn that the OS could abandon its "start" button before that not be mentioned a layer of interpretation of programs x 86 for the ARM version, which was denied in part by Steven Sinofsky, pattern of the Windows division, at the time a few last secrets on the new operating system. As to the other Windows 8, for phones, which will take over from Windows Phone said 7.5 "Mango", it said that it is the true issue important for Microsoft, while migration to this new version of the mobile OS would not accessible to all smartphones range.

Speaking of mobile OS, if it was known that HP has decided to make a free system called Open WebOS WebOS, we also learned this week that he was going to develop a new version of it, with the ambition to be better than iOS and Android together. Good courage. During this time, Samsung cartonne with its Galaxy who are selling smartphones in France, including notes, what makes the LG competitor to present its view Optimus, a giant screen format 4: 3 phone.

Nikon D800 (1)         LG-Optimus-Vu

Week during which we also discovered two new cameras interesting. A Nikon D800 for studio photographers up to 36 Megapixel, and an Olympus OM, figure from the analog to the digital hybrid CMOS sensor with optical micro 4/3 game. Photos to share on social networks, Facebook which reprense its advertising strategy in the mobile in preparing its entry into Fellowship, friends of before which gets a youth in the hope of convincing, and GFace, a small new in beta imagined for the players by the Crytek studio.

Finally, on the pure hardware, found some photos of a prototype of ultrathin, a replica of AMD in the ultrabook of Intel that will rely on the performance of the APUs Trinity new to point out. Trinity who, despite the CEO of AMD ambiguous speech, is not produced by IBM, but by GlobalFoundries. AMD discussed with the Radeon HD 7700, which features reveal. In the Face, these are the GeForce GTX 600 Nvidia referred to the rumour, to comment on the size of the die of Kepler, the GPU at 28 nm of this new generation of graphics cards. AMD, with a roadmap full unveiled for the coming quarters. Idem at Intel, where one learns that the future generation of processors Haswell should go out in the first half of 2013. The graphic part of which processors could be a real monster. Finally, we have learned a lot of things about the Atom CE Berryville, new generation of chips embedded for intelligent TV packages.

Telephony HD, Orange believes...

To allow the greatest number to call in HD, a mission that was Orange for 2013.


The three incumbent operators indicate on their brochures the opportunity to make calls in HD on their networks, but this is often an option to subscribe, sometimes reserved for professionals. Orange offers this option which is already about a million customers pros and announces his intention to deploy HD telephony across the GSM in France coverage. The incumbent would also seek to sell its technology to other operators.

A negotiation would be ongoing between Orange and SFR also offers its own system of HD voice on its network. But here, it would be rather question of interoperability between these two suppliers for the next year, therefore not immediately...

The issue here is not so much the problem of voice connection high definition between the two operators, but rather the choice of the used codec and especially that builders are willing to put in their phones. Because if the networks operate a standard HD, it also that phones use it, and thus convince the manufacturers of mobile phones to agree on a global standard. This will not be simple.

Micron out of memory DDR3Lm

50% energy saving on maintenance of the memory for the same performance state, the DDR3Lm is the market shelves and ultra thin computers.


Micron announces its new memory chips ultra low consumption in DDR3 baptized DDR3Lm. for shelves and very small computing devices, the company will on the market two 256 MB and 512 MB modules.

The first 256 MB chip is announced as being 50% mash on cycles of maintenance of the state memory compared to the chips of the same size DDR3L and also offers a transfer rate of 1600 MT/s. For the 512 MB version, the decline in energy consumption is identical to her sister and move below the 3.7 mA, intensity noted in sleep mode, so no access to memory. It climbs up to 1866 MT/s. They are both engraved in 30 nm, fineness of engraving which must also play on the decline of consumption announced.

Even if lithium batteries do not appear to innovate in terms of autonomy, manufacturers are seeking alternatives to always consume less and this new standard DDR3Lm is going in the right direction, said Geof Findley, Senior Manager in the memory at Intel division. Micron, copies are already being tested at OEMs and these new memory modules should be produced en masse for the second quarter of this year.

Can porn be protected by copyright?

Pornographic film piracy is debate in case Hard Disk Productions.

Logo 18 ansThe case Hard Disk could Productions mark a precedent in pornographic film piracy? A reminder, in this case, an American judge already issued a decision just usual, encouraging the disclosure of the identities of 1500 Internet users accused by the adult film producer of pirated works via P2P networks. A producer who of course played this threat to encourage hackers to settle the dispute amicably, with him that several groups of Internet users accused her, speaking of extortion.

Today, a new complaint concerning this producer. Filed by Liuxia Wong, a California surfer who denies having downloaded the film Amateur Allure Jen, a production of Hard Disk. It therefore does not understand how it can be found in the list of hackers stigmatized by the studio (it could imply him to ask his friend, but let's...). Of course, she did not wish pay 3440 dollars that he claimed the producer to silence his name in the case, and was attacked in court. It strikes back by filing complaint in turn, but it does not ask for damages, simply answer the question it poses: is it illegal to download porn movies?

Of course, she and her lawyer did not go there without arguments and point to an article of the Constitution of the United States regarding copyright law which stipulates: "copyright is to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by ensuring, for a limited time, to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their writings and respective discoveries". For Liuxia Wong, pornography is the useful arts, or science, and cannot claim the protection of copyright.

It does not hesitate to call obscene films in Hard Disk. It considers that pay people to film sex amateur violated several laws relating to prostitution. Where the competent court would receive the arguments of Liuxia Wong, the jurisprudence could be favourable to legalisation of pornographic film piracy... Not sure that this is exactly where the complainant wants to come.

Intel Haswell: this will be between March and June 2013

Intel has already planned the launch of its Haswell processors in 2013...

DonanimHaber, frenetic Turkish leaker, struck again and it is Intel making costs by seeing to find on the Web a slide of its roadmap which positions the output of Haswell processors for the first half of 2013. Best there is indicated the period from March to June. Known so more on the arrival of the next Tock of Intel, who with the 22 nm as the Ivy Bridge will introduce a new architecture. According to this roadmap, Ivy Bridge will be also one year to pursue, as expected the first microarray 22 nm for April. Strangely, on this roadmap, no mention is made of Ivy Bridge-E, the platform which should replace the Sandy Bridge-E on the very top-of-range.

Roadmap Intel Haswell DonanimHaber

Google Maps sentenced in France for unfair competition

Offer free business service that others are pay, this is what made Google with Maps, and it is unfair competition in the Tribunal of commerce of Paris.

Google MapsIn 2009, Bottin cartographers had filed a complaint against Google. Small business cartography installed in the Paris region was the giant of the Web for abuse of dominant position and unfair competition. It must be said that directory cartographers provides businesses with a mapping similar to Google Maps, but for fee service. Therefore, company abnormal believes that a group as powerful as Google can break its market by offering a free service. For directory, it is clear, Google "baffoue the rules of competition".

And this is also the finding made by the Tribunal de commerce of Paris just to make a judgment in favour of small French business. "Cartographic products created by the company directory cartographers are perfectly similar to those offered for free by Google through Google Maps Api (...)" "[Directory cartographers a] underwent a series of injury characterized by indisputable loss of customer and turnover" says justice, which recognizes a form of unfair competition.

The judgment must therefore be to Google payment of 500,000 euros in damages to directory cartographers who will be also repaid its 15,000 of legal costs. Several economic newspapers should publish the information, such as the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Le Monde, La Tribune, Le Figaro, or Les Echos. Of course, Google does not close Google Maps that will remain free for individuals, but must sell to business service. Google has appealed. week update

Galaxy, OMAP, HD 7950, water cooling, Compression, mouse, Windows, shortage... Some of the keywords of the week for a news reviewed and corrected.

Let, I remove my mittens, it's easier to use a keyboard... It was still loaded, but less warm than the previous week as the cold wave that hit we had cooled the enthusiasm of computer and high-tech news. It reassures, we do we are however not bothered. The Radeon HD 7950 was officially launched and immediately was tested in our columns, while talking already of the suite and therefore Radeon HD 7800 and 7700 in AMD, while the HD 7950 overclockées invade the rays. We also tested the excellent mouse SteelSeries Sensei version Fnatic, and ended the week by offering a test for archiving solutions that are WinRAR, WinZip and our champion, the most popular 7Zip.

Test Radeon HD 7950 (3).JPG          SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Edition (1)

From MegaUpload, the retention of data that flow of ink, the host being more paid service providers, they have been to delete all of the data stored on the servers in the site. Finally, they were granted, and the MegaRetrieval initiative invites lawful users of the service to claim their data. Finally, wind was the amounts that MegaUpload has contributed to his hosts that are is losing a very large client. It also spoke of Free Mobile, the other big subject of recent weeks, the exchanges between Xavier Niel and the Minister Eric Besson on Twitter and portability delays which penalize the new operator, which finally opened the sale of phones and fine-tunes its customer area by now proposing a monitoring conso. During this time, Orange responded to accusations of SFR. Small Word also on the online music market, between Spotify that displays a beautiful health, which confirms the legal streaming and subscriptions that are growing in France. In any case, when a legal offer is adapted and proposed at a competitive price, found that the formula can be profitable.

Credits Facebook (2).JPG

Another subject, Windows 8, which continues to talk about him then that will be available in a few weeks the Consumer Preview that will allow us all to try a near final version of the new OS. Microsoft insists therefore on its efforts, as at the level of the File Explorer, while one also learns that the Metro interface is not as customizable as expected. During this time, another giant, Facebook, announced its entry in the stock market. If we do not yet have all the details, it is known that the social network is a release of $ 5 billion, which could be valued at $ 75-100 billion. Holders of stock options are delighted, as Mark Zuckerberg who will see his personal fortune explode. However, a case could disturb this introduction on the stock exchange according to some American lawyers...

In our hardware manufacturers preferred, it should be noted that as Western Digital, Seagate delivers less drives following the floods in Thailand but managed however to win more money than before with average prices strongly higher. That shortage is not a bad for everyone. For its part, AMD launches two new FX-Series processors and a declination of its FX-8150 comes with a water cooling kit. During this time, Intel recycles its Sandy Bridge which the graphic part is not functional and launches with Core i5 processor without PGI, not frankly interesting tariff point of view. Finally, it was reported that Samsung would not present its Galaxy S III at MWC in Barcelona, where you see may on the other hand the new Galaxy Tab. Samsung, it returned very quickly, for the red card.

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Carton RougeRed card: change of chip for the Galaxy S II

This week, it is Samsung who receives our red card. Indeed, it was discovered that since the beginning of the year two versions of its smartphone features, the Galaxy S II, are delivered. One - that known previously - equipped with one SoC Samsung Exynos 4210, the other with a Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 SoC. In his commercial brochures and on its Internet site, Samsung does nowhere this change which is simply noted on the reference of phones, than the version with TI OMAP ending with a G. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for the consumer to know what version it is buying, especially that rare are the shops to indicate the accurate and complete product reference.

For Samsung, there is not what shout to the scandal, because these two chips are timed at 1.2 GHz and "provide similar performance" according to the constructor. However, if this is more or less the case on the CPU side, it is not on the graphic part of the SoC Samsung Exynos (Mali 400 PM) being much faster than the PowerVR SGX540 of the Texas Instruments OMAP. So in the games, this can make a difference. And under Ice Cream Sandwich also, Android 4 (whose arrival on Galaxy S II has been validated by Samsung this week) using hardware acceleration on many levels. And even if early returns suggest autonomy a little better for the Galaxy S II under OMAP, it can be concluded that they are ill-informed customers who are adversely affected. Because Samsung should have play cards on the table and clear the change of chip in some versions of his phone. The manufacturer is more customary because, since there has already been slabs changes made in any discretion on some of its televisions. Regrettable and really préjuciable.