Windows 8 ARM: new information

Microsoft reveals a few details on the ARM of Windows 8 version.

Windows ARM

A priori, it is February 29 that we can download the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 to discover the new system and all its new features. Steven Sinofsky, head of the Windows division, can communicate on the ARM of the operating system version, known as the WOA for Windows on ARM. first info, a priori this release will be at the same time as the system for processors x 86/64, which seems planned for fall. "The PC WOA are being finalized and our goal is that PC manufacturers ship as designed PC for Windows 8 on x 86/64." explains.

We also learn that the licences of WOA are not sold only. In fact, Windows on ARM cannot be purchased separately, it will be delivered only pre-installed on the machines who exploit it. Other interesting information, Windows 8 ARM will be provided with the suite Office 15 with versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote optimized for touch screens.

Steven Sinofsky Announces also that under WOA terminals will not need to be turned off. Moreover, there is not "stop" and options "standby", replaced by a "connected standby" mode. "When the screen is lit, you have access to the full power of the terminal WOA." "When the screen turns off (by pressing the power button), the PC between in a new mode very low power that helps the battery last week", reveals.

Wholesale, WOA equipped terminals to use simply as smartphones and tablets. The elements of the desktop interface which will not access the machines under WOA, can quote the File Explorer. Finally, Steven Sinofsky recalled that if Metro applications go under Windows 8 ARM and x 86, x 86 applications will not be run on an ARM version. This is a blow to the hopes of one day a WOWARM function.


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