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Nicklist tolerated on Google +.

Google changes its policy on the use of nicknames on his G + network. Strategic flexibility?


Having announced its commitment to ban the use of pseudonyms on his social network, and then finally have added one field "another name" to try to satisfy a maximum of Internet users, Google is totally back by announcing that it tolerates now the use of nicknames on Google +. Indeed, the firm will send more warnings and more will block members who continue to use of user IDs.

This is Vic Gundotra, Vice President of Google, which was part of this decision yesterday at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. Is it an admission of weakness? Google having the worst difficulties to effectively combat the resurgence of usernames on Google + users, especially since the opening of the service to all. Not necessarily, because he could mainly be a strategic decision to attract Internet users discouraged by the need to use their real identity to come try Google +.

A pair of new screens in AOC

The Taiwanese manufacturer AOC will soon launch new screens...


AOC will add soon two new references in its range of monitors for businesses. We first discover a 22-inch solution named e2219Ph. This screen displays a resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels. Its slab offers a response time of 5 milliseconds, and a rate of 1000: 1 contrast (20 000 000: 1 dynamic). It operates the TN technology and thus displays angles of quite limited visions (160 degrees to the horizontal) and 170 degrees vertical.

The new monitor of the Taiwanese manufacturer operates a white LED backlight. Will its maximum brightness of 250 cd/m² and should not consume more than 30 watts, which is not necessarily very impressive compared to what the competition offers. The connections of this e2219Ph includes VGA and DVI ports.

AOC also offers its e2436Pa, a 24 inch screen Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Other characteristics are identical to those of her little brother, with however a HDMI port and more. AOC advance rates official from €169-€89. Availability should be effective during the month of December.

Steve Ballmer has the audacity to criticize Android and Apple, while the Windows Phone Nokia arrive

Steve Ballmer comes to afford a small interesting media output, not hesitating to distribute bad points to Android and iOS...


"It is inflated!", think about the criticism that Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, just uttering from Android. Because the mobile operating system of Google reports lots of money to Microsoft, which - claiming some patent - negotiated agreements with giants like Acer, HTC or Samsung providing for a payment of royalties on every Android device sold. What did not stop Ballmer out some small murderous sentences against the free OS from Google, Web 2.0 San Francisco Conference.

Among these, are the most striking: "Is there no need to be computer to use a Windows Phone." "I think that this is unfortunately the case to use an Android phone". And if Steve Ballmer recognize that the Android system has the advantage of the price, explaining that "the Mobile Android are the cheapest market", he announced that Microsoft will make one of its areas of work of the sale price. On the Apple iPhone, it was not spared even though Ballmer admits that he is a "good competitor". However that "Windows Phone tiles are better than the Apple icons", and that if talking about many of the Siri assistant currently, "Microsoft does the same thing for years".

Finally, Steve Ballmer has finished his speech in affirming that the Windows Phone Nokia will be well presented at Nokia World next week. But nobody doubted...

Freebox revolution: Konami dézone Blu - ray disc!

No, no, the Japanese firm of video games does not launch in piracy! Their code of cheating become cult is used just to enable the dezoning option.

Freebox Revolution Pub.PNG

Free developers are small fripons, and players is! Why? They have simply allowed the dezoning of the Freebox Revolution Blu - ray player by entering the manip' archi-connue Konami Games - that any geek self-respecting kept to life in a corner of his memory. Go, we give you the: high - top - down - down - left - right - left - right - B - A - Start.

To test this, make you in the section "Settings" then "Blu - ray" Free menu and type just directions using the arrows on the remote control. A menu titled "system.bdregion" appears, letting you free choice in the area of your Blu - ray (was: America-Japan, (b): Europe-Africa-Australia and C: Asia-Russia)... easy! Well, it is nice and fun, but there is still a lot of job to the developers that Blu - ray disc Freebox revolution is fully operational and as effective as that of a PS3, hum...

51 HDD million sold in three months for Seagate

The American manufacturer Seagate stabilizes, and flows not less than 51 million hard drives this quarter...


Seagate has just published its results for the third quarter of this year. The US manufacturer sold 51 million hard drives in its first quarter fiscal 2012.

The turnover of Seagate reached 2.80 billion (annual growth, but a sequential regression), while profits are $ 140 million. The company will be affected as its main competitor by Thai floods, but in a lesser manner. Seagate hopes to produce between 40 and 50 million HDD over the next three months, what return to the head of the market, even if it will be a victory by package more than other thing.

It should be noted that the European commission has just validate the repurchase by the division of the Korean giant Samsung hard disk Seagate. This operation of $ 1.4 billion was unveiled after redemption of Hitachi GST proposal by Western Digital. However, Seagate filed its folder from EC hours before WD, which allowed him to be tried on a market four and not three actors...

Kobo out the Vox to counter the Kindle Fire of Amazon

Competition if rude announcement on market shelves-Bible covers electronic and Kobo hybrids account to keep pace by Amazon.


And for this, the Canadian company unveiled Wednesday its Kobo Vox, a Tablet touch color of 7-inch rotating under Android 2.3 and available October 28 across the Atlantic for $ 199 or 2 weeks before the Kindle Fire of rival Amazon. Hardware level, the Tablet is not first freshness with a processor running at 800 Mhz, 512 MB RAM, 8 GB memory expandable storage SD cards, it is thus designed as a reader of eBooks offering features and additional applications.

The slab of the screen has also been particularly pampered and uses technology AFFS + allowing reading in external and in full sun without annoying reflection. The slate will allow access to the 2.2 million books available in the shop of the manufacturer (in English) and Kobo Pulse will allow readers to react with each other in sharing or commenting on their reading. The French release date is not known but this model of Tablet may be announced by the Fnac recently.

Windows 8 improves research

Small update on the progress of the development of Windows 8. Microsoft refers to this time research.

New post on Building Windows 8 and new analysis of the novelties presented by Microsoft. This time, still talking about a bit of the screen startup and start menu, but under the prism of the function of research of bone that had already been much improved (both in terms of relevance of timeliness) with Vista and 7. Brian Uphoff, responsible for user experience in the development of Windows 8, presents the progress in the matter.

The start menu search function will be the part on the Start Screen of the most important interface Metro of Windows 8, receiving at the time of a display surface. Metadata and ToolTips will complement each result obtained, history to give more indication of the indexed files made by the system for each request. Another novelty, the search field will be able to correct a motion, propose a different spelling or offer suggestions. History of the local search as simple as that proposed by the engines on the Internet.

 Windows 8 Recherche (1)

Research programs

Using the Windows Feedback Program, Microsoft teams have noticed that in 67% of cases, the search function is simply used to start a program. Most of the users who took to reflex instead of using the working tree. Programs will therefore, in Windows 8, wanted by default, and this content by frequency of use. Then comes the search for files (22% of cases), accessible either by the shortcut "Windows + F", or via the side bar. A view with only the files that can be customized with various filters appeared as well. Another new "Windows + W" key combination to perform a search in the Control Panel, what quickly find the part of adjustment of a specific item (9% of cases).

Windows 8 Recherche (3) Windows 8 Recherche (4) Windows 8 Recherche (5)

Research in the settings and files

Research of e-mails via the interface of Windows search only about 0.5% of the queries users, given the integration of this function to various dedicated customers, Microsoft has logically decided does more deal. Email client developers can however take advantage of the Metro interface to add this feature to their tiles if they wish, and to propose an overview dedicated to these specific research.

Finally, and this is just as important, Microsoft announces that it takes care to optimize at best this search function, announcing that it will be 45 to 78% faster than in Windows 7 based on the configuration of the user (see the table below). Encouraging!

Windows 8 Recherche (6)

Noctua offers free mounting kit for LGA 2011

The Austrian manufacturer Noctua offers its new fixation kit, compatible with socket LGA 2011.

Each new socket is not just good news for manufacturers of motherboards and processors. Much of ventirads manufacturers benefit also of this situation to launch and sell many new models. Noctua is an exception. The Austrian manufacturer has just inform us that he would once more offer a new compatible with future socket LGA 2011 fixation kit. The latter will soon host processors Core i7 type "Sandy Bridge-E".

noctuanm-i201101 noctuanm-i201102

NM-I2011 (with SecuFirm2) fixation kit is compatible with all of the solutions launched by Noctua since 2005. A heatpipe purchased six years will therefore be compatible with the latest CPU Intel! As usual, will need to provide a copy of the invoice of this system of cooling, as well as that of a processor or motherboard for LGA 2011 to the manufacturer.

Test: QPAD MK-80, the mechanical keyboard to blue switches

Mechanical keyboards using Cherry MX switches are rare. This is the case of this QPAD MK - 80, an excellent keyboard for text as in the game...



Cherry MX Blue switches
Used plastic coatings
Connector complete

The price

The pro-gamers (or those who dream of becoming) necessarily know QPAD which, on the past year, has enriched its range of mousepads to devices of game such as mice, the microphones and keyboards. It is in this last category that fits the-80, un MK true mechanical game back-lit keyboard designed switches Cherry MX blues-based. This rather top-of-range solution integrates a hub offering two USB 2.0 ports and catch helmet and micro directly over the touchpad. Point quite rare to be noted, MK-80 comes with an is decent and well-proportioned, few covered as the rest of the keyboard of a plastic soft-touch very pleasant to the touch, less messy than brilliant surfaces and who has his interest for players, since it plays a role of grip. The keys are covered with a very interesting plastic processing, is also to avoid skidding and offer a nice typing comfort.

Leaving the MK - 80 of its box, we discover a rather heavy (about 1.3 Kg) keyboard to the original design. In addition to the famous logo of the mark which is used on the space bar and the letter "Q", we appreciate a gamer but typed racy design that knows how to stay sober. Efficiency being an expensive term target within QPAD, is rather well seen and we appreciate this clean but chiseled with taste design. So-called "Lock" diodes are integrated with a faithful to all aesthetic research, and if the success of the design of the keyboard backlight on four levels, it regrets that used blue diodes do not offer a uniform light on all the keys (the lower arrow Tab, or those of the entry and delete keys do almost not). This is of course the fault to the used switch takes place, mechanical keyboard requires. It is also noted that the rear face is is equipped with only two non-slip pads, which is a little just for well hold on the keyboard to the Office. And beyond these remarks of chipoteurs, it must be recognized that this keyboard QPAD to careful finishing has typed us in the eye.

QPAD MK-80 (18).JPG

QPAD MK-80 (13).JPG QPAD MK-80 (12).JPG QPAD MK-80 (2).JPG QPAD MK-80 (8).JPG

And not only in the eye! Indeed, the ears are being strained - our comrades of open-space can longer. Keys mechanism that offers two separate sound returns (a first dry halfway when the key is activated, and a second more deaf fading when the key is pressed to the maximum) made this keyboard one of noisiest ever passed our hands. Difficult to forget the noise to the strike, and yet this MK-80 provides high performance. All to text is a pleasure, with a very fast strikes with a very specific point of activation and a marked touch return. Nothing to see therefore with Cherry MX black or red base, without click keyboards and requiring a greater pressure for activation. It is simple, if you are very comfortable with a keyboard, will be great fun to type text with MK-80. Typos are rare, the fluidity is and very good sensations.

At stake, the PS/2 port allows NKRO (N - Key Rollover), or the ability of the keyboard to take into account the simultaneous striking of several keys. The anti-ghosting by QPAD is not only to title marketing, and on our small usual tests results have shown that the keyboard controller is well able to individually manage each key, without generating keys ghosts even in now pressed the inevitable blocks "Z, Q, S, D" or "E, S, D, F". Note using the PS/2 adapter to USB, limiting the NKRO to 6 keys but the anti-ghosting is doing its job well. Concern was not appreciate switches blue our gaming sessions, especially the FPS, but it is clear that once the sensation of return tame one is comfortable with, even if it would have preferred a resistance a hair more pronounced. Which in the end is especially a few problems in games involving a large repetition of striking certain keys, year in which the Maroons switches are preferred, as in the RTS. Overall, play with the MK-80 small time to adapt but can be really nice if it adheres to the sensations it provides.

With regard to reliability, this QPAD inspire confidence. The mechanism of backlight having been positioned outside the switches, it has no effect on the strength of the keys known to be excellent in Cherry. And since the entries are transparent, no fear, never they will disappear. A keyboard that proves, beyond that, very resistant, with keys planned to be minted a minimum of 50 million times each. The headphone jack does no embarrassing breath as is sometimes the case with this kind of extension cables. And eventually it is noted that four connectors to connect are gold plated. The large cable of this keyboard that integrates USB, PS/2 and two Jack ports however lacks a bit of flexibility.

QPAD MK-80 (3).JPG QPAD MK-80 (5).JPG

At the time of the accounts, QPAD MK-80 leaves an excellent impression. If it is incredibly noisy (his biggest failure), it will delight users who type many text without disappoint them at play. A keyboard that, at the level of competition, could however not be suitable for fans of games in which he greatly be spammer the same keys. Beyond that, and its high selling price (around €120 even!), difficult to do not advise as it offers very good performance, a comfort of use remarkable with the selection of its plastics, knowing that it is both durable and well finished, in addition to having an original and eye-catching design.

Lytro: a revolution for digital photo?

A method for taking innovative redefines the field of digital photography for a treatment of the development on the fly on his computer...

Lytro (6)

Lytro, a California-based start-up based in Mountain View, is poised to launch a funny digital camera of the same name with which it intends to propose a new alternative to digital photo enthusiasts. Method is called "Light Field Capture" and it is to capture the light field to form an image, that is to say all of the lights through a scene, not only light which has just hit the sensor of the device.

This unusual AFN sensor works with a complex optical set to save the information necessary for the creation of the photo, i.e. colors, the intensity of the light and the direction in which the broadcasts. This small paragraph technical to explain that in fact, each image taken with a Lytro device allows the development on the image at the time of the re - treatment, that is to say directly from his computer (soft to read and work images for CFLs format is available for Mac and not yet for Windows, but this cannot delay).

Lytro (4) Lytro (3) Lytro (1) Lytro (2)

More need to make the development before taking a photo, can therefore choose a second time if you prefer that the sharpness is on the first, second or third plan, etc. Another advantage of the system, it allows to easily create a 3D relief from a single photo image, and this still at the time of reworking the image on his computer.

The first digital cameras of Lytro will be delivered from early 2012, and a U.S. mailing address holders can already order them at the price of $ 399 for the models blue and grey of 8 GB (350 photos stored on average, each snapshot weighing little more than 20 MB), and $ 499 for the 16 GB red model. To do nothing spoil the design of these cameras like no other is also that successful original. While length to integrate lenses, they are pretty with their chassis aluminum anodized and minimalist, with a simple button for shooting and "1.46 screen to control the framing.

Lytro (10).PNG Lytro (9).PNG

By visiting the official website of Lytro, we learn in the sheet that the opening of these devices is fixed at f/2 and that they offer optical zoom 8 x. 24 X 36 mm equivalent range is unfortunately not indicated, as the definition achieved "HD" clichés. The Lytro weighs 214 g, are 11.2 cm long and 4.1 cm wide and high. And it would love able try a!

> more information:

> some examples of photos to re - develop

Up to 100 MB/s for USB 3.0 to EMTEC keys

The French manufacturer EMTEC comes to reveal a pair of new key operator with SuperSpeed USB.


EMTEC has officially announced several new external storage solutions equipped with SuperSpeed USB. Found everything first the S550, a key bearing a nice brushed metal shell. Constructor advanced sequential flows that can achieve 100 MB/s read and 70 MB/s write.

Also note the presence of an activity of blue color diode. The S550 will exist in three capacities, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. It will arrive in stores during the month of November, with labels of €39.90, €89,90 and €149,90.

EMTEC also unveils the C650. This USB stick has a retractable connector. It reaches a maximum of 50 MB/s read, and it will be offered in capacities of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. This solution will also arrive next month, at the public price advised of €24.90; €34,90 and €44.90. EMTEC should not stop in so good way, and we announced the next arrival of an external hard disk named P500.


Octane: new flash drives OCZ in Indilinx Everest!

The Californian manufacturer OCZ has officially announced its first designed around the Indilinx Everest controller flash drives...


OCZ took advantage of the Computex to unveil the first information about the Indilinx Everest controller, before you formalize it in the summer. The Californian manufacturer has just announced the first flash drives designed around this solution supporting Serial ATA 6 Gb/s. Octane adopts a 2.5-inch format. It operates memory flash asynchronous type MLC, engraved to 25 nanometers by IMFT.

Everest has eight channels. With 512 MB memory cache. Octane will be offered in capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1024 GB. OCZ advance sequential flows reaching 560 MB/s read and 400 MB/s write. Performance are 45,000 IOPS in reading, and 25,000 write IOPS.

The manufacturer also unveils the Octane S2. This model is flanged in SATA 3 Gb/s. He just also asynchronous flash memory. Sequential data rates are 275 MB/s read, for 265 MB/s write. Random performance should not exceed 30 000 IOPS. OCZ States that the new Indilinx controller supports the command TRIM, NCQ, and encryption of data. Everest would be particularly powerful with uncompressible data (the large low point of the SandForce processor).

The California firm will launch its new beginning November 1. The Octane will display rates within a range of 1.10-1.30 dollar per gigabyte. The 128 GB model would therefore cost about 130 euros.

EVGA prepares a motherboard bi-socket LGA 2011

The Californian manufacturer EVGA will soon unveil the worthy estate of the famous Classified SR-2...


EVGA had unveil his famous Classified SR-2 in the CES 2010, before the launch a few months later. The California manufacturer is preparing the succession of this ultimate motherboard. This solution should resume format HPTX (345 x 381 mm). It hosts two socket LGA 2011 and it will therefore support future processors type Intel Sandy Bridge-E ". It will then get a maximum 16 hearts (and 32 threads). The next monster of EVGA has twelve slots that bear on two four-channel DDR3.

It should be noted many (type PCI Express and EPS) connectors present on the circuit, which will support high-quality digital supply system. Seven PCI Express x 16 slots are visible, knowing that they will no doubt bear CrossFireX and SLi technology. Side storage, there are fourteen Serial ATA ports. The back panel of this motherboard includes two Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, and HD audio connectivity ports. It is not known yet when and how EVGA account propose this new beast of power. Reminder, the Classified SR-2 was launched at 599,99 $ recommended public price...

Dailymotion goes to the HTML5

The Flash format has more recent rating and more in addition to Web sites the flowing for the benefit of the HTML5.


Dailymotion provides a few options to its video player and would like to make it compatible HTML5. If you get no Flash technology in your browser (iPad, iPhone, Linux), this is no longer a problem, the site automatically and by default displays image thumbnails in HTML5 and nor Flash.

Practice for the consultation on smartphones or tablets. You can also enlarge a video (from 620 to 940 pixels wide) without necessarily going through mode full-screen and "extinguish the light" to obscure any web page to make the most of the image without being distracted by the other elements present all around.

These two functions to activate and to deactivate simply by clicking on the 2 buttons at the top right of the video (small arrows and light bulb). These changes are welcome and bring comfort of undeniable consultation regardless of the device or browser used.

Hollande2012, name of domain reserved by an unemployed

Hollande2012, a domain that the team of Francois Hollande name wants to retrieve...

Francois Hollande.PNG

If parties and politicians are also and efforts to use digital tools in their campaigns, they sometimes face surprises of size. As François Hollande, inducted candidate of the Socialist Party in the presidential 2012 after winning the primary, including the head of campaign Internet is rendered account in the aftermath of this victory that the domain name "" was already reserved. Problematic, especially when the Manager of this name, domain, picture puzzle, had done in sort of redirect Internet users visiting this address to the website of the UMP.

But the ruling party has obviously nothing to do in this case, since this domain name is managed by a person who seeks employment in the communication, and found a great way to talk about him. The Socialist Party of course tries to recover this domain name and its current owner is willing to return it to François Hollande, declaring: "who knows, perhaps have it work on propose me?". When the head of the Socialist candidate Internet campaign wants to exclude any assumption of negligence on his part: "We have reserved a maximum of domain names in relationship with our campaign and our candidate so that they point to the official website." "But there is always the combinations that we do not think and already reserved names".

It is true that the domain name Hollande2012 was reserved as of 2007 by the unemployed who had flair. François Hollande team plans to pursue legal action to recover this domain name, which will be a priori not necessary, as can be read on the page of the site currently online: "of course to not interfere with the political debate of the presidential 2012, this domain name will be released and handed over to Mr. Francois Holland".