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Wii U: no date nor price before 2012

Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, has just announced that Nintendo will not unveil the price or the date of release of the Wii before 2012. This announcement sounds like a first possible delay to the console, which recovered later in the year.

"Since the Wii A that we've shown you at E3 in June is still in development without specific level projects games, we will announce the release date and price next year, when we present these specific titles" . Wii U did so far not game, and Nintendo cannot possibly not submit, and let alone out in trade, a console without games. Another problem: Nintendo must take into account the reactions of the public, mixed at this E3, and somewhat review its communication, and perhaps even the concept of its console.

Of course, the first estimates, who wanted that the console is available for the spring of 2012, likely to be somewhat chamboulées. Nintendo did not leave his console before April 1, 2012, but it appears now that nearest exit from the end of the year is likely.

Razer Hydra test

Specialist gaming peripherals, Razer innovates with an accessory to recognition of movements. Intended for the world of the PC, the hydra resembles both a Nunchuck Wii connected to a strange ball. In the end, the hydra must improve the gaming experience on computer with more intuitive commands.

Razer Hydra: the game making gestures

Apple: a patent to recharge via the headphones

Charging by induction is a long studied topic by Apple but yet untapped. The deal could soon change as a patent recently filed by the mark to Apple about this technology. This patent refers to a possibility to reload its terminal via its listeners. To do this, the user must wrap its listeners around a tower to induction, itself fed via the sector.

Listeners are thus driven current, itself transmitted to the terminal by induction. An idea attractive on paper, but that requires a lot of the time constraints. Apple is not close out such a product, but could be in for the next generation of iPhone and iPod.

Future covers for iPhone 5 betray his finesse

Open a car by SMS, it is possible

It is possible to open a car via a mobile application. Hackers can do well with a simple SMS. However, this technique is more complicated than it seems.

These are two iSec Partners security researchers who have established this experience. Don Railey and Mathew Solnik took two hours to open a car remotely and make contact. To pass this test, they had to first find a car equipped with the function of unlock mobile. Then, it took intercept the signal sent between the vehicle and the server to retrieve data or text messages to be drag is to enter the system of the car.

This experience will be an intervention at the Black Hat Conference to be held the week next to Las Vegas. Researchers communicate not on the tools used, or systems that they have entered, for obvious security reasons. Note all and applications already exist for open vehicles from General Motors, Mercedes or BMW.

The Vita PS for late October in Europe?

While Sony has still not announced real date of his Vita PS output, it would appear that an English brochure by the IGN site is rather well informed on the subject, and the announcement for October 28.

If this date of launch in Europe seems close enough, it should be recalled that Sony has already explained previously that his Vita PS would not of world output, as is often the case in recent years in the world of consoles. Similarly, contrary to the habits of Sony, the Japan might not be the first country to have the console in its rays, for the benefit of Europe or America.

Regarding prices, they seem consistent because the brochure indicates £ 229 (approximately 262 EUR) and 279 £ (319 euros) following version WiFi or 3 G. Nevertheless, there is always to have official confirmation on the part of Sony.

Fujitsu/Toshiba: first Windows Phone under Mango

Manufacturers Fujitsu and Toshiba held a joint in Tokyo press conference to unveil a new smartphone, the IS12T, first Windows Phone under Mango. The first update of WP7, corresponding to version 7.5, was to land at the beginning of the fall. This model close cousin of the Regza, apparatus Toshiba, has of an AFN 13.2 megapixel camera and 32 GB of internal memory.

Especially, the IS12T is a terminal of scribe, since it resists water and dust. It will also carry a Snapdragon MSM8655 processor with 1.2 GHz and will be equipped with a screen "3.7 with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Launched in September to the Japan, it should be available in three colors (black, yellow and pink). No date for marketing in Europe at this time.

Windows Phone 7.5: Mango is finalized

What to do with an AFN of 40 megapixels to 10 €000?

The Pentax 645D is not quite a classic camera, despite appearances: equipped with a sensor of 39.5 million pixels, it is proposed at a price around EUR 10 000. Is this camera out standards worth its price? The answer in our test.

Pentax 645D: the test of the first medium format digital

A MacBook Air 15 inches in preparation?

Les nouveaux MacBook Air 11 et 13 poucesA MacBook Air 15 inches be in preparation in the laboratory of Apple? This is what believe whether several knowledgeable American sites.

MacRumors and TUAW appear to be sure of their own, Apple would be preparing a computer for 15-inch ultraportable. Is invariably the MacBook Air which would thus add a new diagonal to its range. Some simply see the disappearance of the MacBook Pro model which would be replaced term by this new computer with SSD memory and without optical drive.

Hard to believe but technically, because it would be difficult to use equivalent to those currently used in the MacBook Pro, swift processors and consumers too much energy (between 45 and 55 W) for this very fine type of laptop.

PlayStation: the Vita is compatible with PS3

Expected, the recent rumours, for the month of October, next portable console of Sony will be compatible with his counterpart of salon. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer just announce that PlayStation 3 may send some information to the Vita, resulting in possible interactions.

Thus, the Vita could serve as a controller for the PS3 in the same optics that Nintendo and its Wii U. He is also able to transfer its backups to one console either to continue a part on his Vita after had started it on PS3. Of course, expect a list of games compatible with the latter function, the differences in powers of two consoles being known.

The Vita PS for late October in Europe?

Tom's Hardware: the best configurations for the month of August

Tom's Hardware has updated its configurations for the month of August. 13 configurations have been developed. They each reflect a particular use of the computer. Players, professionals and film lovers will not struggle to find their happiness in this selection of components.

The best configurations for the month of August

Arrested for having built a nuclear reactor in his kitchen

A Swedish was arrested after having built a functional nuclear reactor in his kitchen. Richard Handl, 31 years old, regular nourished his blog describing his experience. He explains how it is difficult to obtain certain materials. Despite this, he had still several radioactive elements such as Radium, americium and uranium stored in his apartment.

But it is his question to the Swedish authority of radiation which has developed the chip in the ear of the police. "I would like to know if it is possible to break down atoms at home", he asked.

Although he had been arrested before being able try, he still managed a small nuclear fusion by "Cook of the americium, Radium and Beryllium in. sulphuric acid" However, its installation was not sufficient to produce electricity. To do this, it would have had a turbine and a generator. This experience has cost him nearly 650 euros. Currently in prison, he will be released when he has promised not to build other nuclear reactor.

Xperia Duet: soon a Sony Ericsson dual core?

Sony Ericsson came under some business failures with its latest smartphones. This does not prevent the association of manufacturers of floor on new terminals running on Android. Xperia Duo could be Sony Ericsson spearheaded for smartphones: dual-processor core (refers to ARM, Qualcomm or ST-Ericsson) running at 1.4 GHz, screen 4.5 "(960 x 540 pixels) using the rendering engine Sony Bravia and ExmorR 12 megapixel sensor!

This is the moment in the State of rumor, but there is also talk of Android 2.3 to rotate all. Sony Ericsson should not formalize this machine, whose capture already has fuité on the Web, before the end of the current year.

9 tips for choosing its smartphone

Rumour: 3 iTV in 2012?

La TV Bose VideoWave

The rumor of Apple TV date for years, which does not prevent it from reappearing each year. Still more persistent this year, here it is resurfaced on the MacRumors site information. Three models to three different tariffs are mentioned, for a ultrafine TV comprising not less than 16 speakers to the image that currently offers Bose.

"The info seems reliable to 75% and this will be probably launched in March 2012, with developers test sessions during the WWDC in June", argues the US site. The last rumor about it date from the month of June, which was a television under iOS including Apple TV and manufactured by another brand.

Comparison: the ultra-thin TV

iBike: the bike that runs on the Apple campus

Le Public M3 utilisé par Apple sur son campus
Apple has the taste in terms of design and grows even in the choice of bikes used on its California campus in Cupertino. It is the designer Everaldo Coelho crossing at 1 Infinite Loop who noticed the model of bike used by employees to move between buildings of the campus of Apple. Seduced by the bicycle in question, he stationed a cliché on his Flickr account.

Identified by Wired magazine, the bike proves to be a model of the company of San Francisco Public Bikes. Public M3 is a bike rather elegant and classical look all same $ 850 and $765 promotion currently sold.

An employee of the company even eventually contact Wired to explain that this model was part of a specially made for Apple command before adding that "the finished product is truly impressive". After the turtleneck and sneakers New Balance, the next accessory connected of the Apple fanboy?

HTC Evo 3D: a new smartphone available 3D

The HTC Evo 3D arrives this week in the French departments. It will be available first in SFR from 280 euros. Without package, it will be posted to 650 euros.

This new smartphone of the Taiwanese manufacturer is equipped with two objectives of 5 megapixels. This gives it the possibility of filming in 3D in 720 p and 2 Mpx 3D photos. Rendering can be directly viewed on its 4.3 inch (540 x 960 pixels) screen, and this, without glasses.

Qualified superphone, Evo 3D tackles the only competitor that he knows the market: the Optimus 3D. Belonging to the range of LG, the latter has the technical capacity of 2 X to which is added the 3D tool, or a monster of mobile technology. For its part, Evo 3D works on a Qualcomm processor with 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. Storage, it does not exceed the gigabyte. The first false step to the 8 GB of Optimus 3D.

iPhone: truly original hulls


Builders by much originality when it comes to the hulls for iPhone. Here is a selection of the most original skins for the phone to Apple.

iPhone 4: top of unusual shells

Available in iCloud geolocation of the Mac

L'interface de Find My Mac sur iCloudApple now offers in iCloud beta geolocation of its computers. The principle is very similar to that already proposed for iPhone MobileMe offers which will be replaced with iCloud. Can remotely locate a Mac, for example stolen through Wi - Fi networks that surround it.

Still missing on the other hand the possibility of block remote as it is possible to do with an iPhone. This feature would significantly reduce the flights. Since completely free iCloud is potentially usable by all of the machines Apple owners.

The Nintendo 3DS passes to 170 EUR

Only a few months after its launch, the Nintendo 3DS will be a significant decrease in price. Currently, sold the price of 249 $ for the United States, it will pass in the days to come to $ 169,99.

It is not usual for Nintendo to lower as the price of one of his consoles if shortly after its release in stores. There was to turn to the Wii, which has kept the same price for several years, to understand that something goes wrong with the 3DS. It is indeed unsatisfactory, since sales only 710,000 consoles have found payee in the world these past three months.

However, the 3DS is not only Nintendo console to suffer from a lack of interest on the part of the public, since the Wii has experienced a decline of 50% of its sales from last year, 1.5 million in the quarter. Same sentence for the Nintendo DS, to 1.4 million units sold in three months, against 3.1 million year last at the same time.

The reaction of Nintendo has therefore failed to wait any longer. The Japanese giant, which is not new console waiting before 2012, and the release of the Wii U, therefore operated a significant drop in price for its Nintendo 3DS, which will be effective from August 12. Given the young age of the console, the Publisher will offer compensation to those who bought the laptop after his release, offering them several downloadable games. The question is if the Wii will face the same fate, assuming that its sales continue to decline.

Android team 50% of the smartphones

Android team 50% of the smartphones currently in circulation in the world, according to research firm Canalys.

The Google operating system continues to rally the market to its cause. The 56 countries on which basis the study, 35 are majority mobile platform Android. This result gives 48% market share. In comparison, Apple grants to second place with 19% of market share for 20.3 million iPhone sold.

Conversely, If one class by manufacturer and not by operating system, Apple comes first in Samsung and Nokia. What is the power of Android, it is its use by many manufacturers. HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson or Motorola already have used, thus easily extending the Park installed mobile under Android.

Such a development attracts hackers. Thus, a recent study by Dasient reveals that 8% of the applications available under Android can be dangerous for personal data.

Samsung: the Galaxy S2 soon available in white

The S2 Galaxy may well be the great success of the year on smartphones. Sold 5 million copies, the flagship of Samsung phone offers a second youth because it will soon be declined in white. Any change in the technical side, only the dressing change.

For info, Samsung is set for objective the cap of 10 million of sales. Its predecessor, the first Galaxy S name has passed more than 15 million copies. The Galaxy white S2 should be available in September at the same price as the black version.

Test Samsung Galaxy S2: the new King of smartphones?

Apple: soon a keyboard without keys?

After the Magic Mouse without keys, Apple is preparing to propose a keyboard based on the same principle, touch and without apparent button. CultOfMac website broadcasts a capture of a patent suggesting that the Cupertino firm is working on such a project. The object would be in the same form as a physical keyboard except that a tactile interface with technology "piezoelectric".

It's a surface completely flat on which keys are printed and respond to the touch as is currently enjoying iOS for example. One of the limitations of such a tool lies in the fact that the user does not feel the return of the keys. Apple therefore added a mechanism under the touch surface to "feel" every support on a key. Nothing does however say that the California company will commercialize such a project for the time being.

Mac OS X Lion, Mac mini and MacBook Air: Apple is full of new features

Future covers for iPhone 5 betray his finesse

Les housses d'iPhone 5Expected for September, the iPhone 5 is revealed little by little, through the covers that would be dedicated to him and betray his fault.

According to the site 9to5Mac, the first iPhone covers 5 would output of factories of the props. By virtue of their form, they indicate that the phone would be much thinner and larger than version 4. If it covers measures, the future iPhone could measure 12.7 cm high and 7,11 wide 11.52 and 5.86 for the current version.

iPhone 4 et 5
Third coast side, we realize much of the difference in thickness of covers, but a return to a more rounded, far from sharp of the iPhone edges form 4. It expected the iPhone 5 for output in September. Information that was not always confirmed by Apple.

Radar detectors will continue to report them


The State and the manufacturers of radar detectors have found common ground.On 29 July, the two parties signed an agreement stipulating that radar detectors will report dangerous areas. In this sense, means that the device bipera in the vicinity of an area of radar or accidentogène without distinguishing the nature. De facto, this measure should allow drivers to continue to lift the foot on their journeys.The radar alarm participatory part remains in place. Aficionados of Coyote, Eklaireur or Avertinoo will continue to benefit those that follow their traffic and radar information. Note that the changes provided for in the agreement between manufacturers and the State should be made in the next six months on the new on the old housings or applications.Last may, on the road mortality figures, the Government had reacted by announcing the removal of the warning signs of fixed radars and the ban on radar detectors. These measures caused an outcry from public opinion and several elected UMP. Now, the provisions should meet the State and citizens. AFFTAC (Association of manufacturers of alarms) is "fully satisfied by this agreement with the Government." Our products bring more radars, but sections of routes dangerous. "An important point is that the usefulness of the Community principle of our devices is today recognized as a key element of road safety."
Radar detectors: three solutions to keep its points


Record for the zoom: Olympus SP-810UZ reached the 36 x

Olympus is customary because: the nippon constructor just beat the record for the largest amplitude of a goal with the SP-810UZ bridge: 36 x for a 24-864 mm equivalent. Impressive figures for a device that can be classified in the category "Ultra-Zoom". The 14 megapixel CCD sensor offers an interesting opening of f/2.8 in wide-angle and f/5.6 in telephoto.

Side video on the other hand, it remains in 720 p due to the choice by the manufacturer of the TruePic III processor and not the last generation TruePic IV for the 1080p. It also has a screen 3 "230 000 points and a rechargeable battery via USB, a non-negligible detail for most backpackers who never separated from their laptop. SP-810US will be available in September at a price of 299 euros.

Pentax 645D: the test of the first medium format digital

Nokia 500: an entry under Symbian smartphone

Despite its partnership with Windows Phone 7, Nokia will not abandon its OS mobile home, Symbian. The Finnish firm will continue to offer smart phones of entry via Symbian, the image of the last small Nokia 500. Announced as a basic smartphone, the 500 took advantage of the latest version of Symbian named Anna.

The manufacturer provided did not compromise on the characteristics of its terminal. Screen 3.2 "(640 x 360 pixels resolution), APN 5 megapixels, processor at 1 GHz and built-in FM tuner. Little more, the rear shells of Nokia 500 are interchangeable. Here are two videos of presentation.

Nintendo 3DS: friction of screens and its consequences

The Nintendo 3DS sells poorly. With 750,000 units since its release, it is a fact. On top of all, it would be a problem of design at the level of its screens.

They affect the level of the framework of the lower screen. L' main screen being wider, this causes premature wear by manipulating. Well, Nintendo provided skates on each side of the console to protect screens. Unfortunately, they are not thick enough. Also, users found themselves with permanent marks on their screen.

After several complaints, Nintendo stated that it would take not this support issue. The Japanese giant recommends 3DS owners to place a piece of fabric or plastic between the two screens when the console is closed. A response that would be badly perceived by consumers.

To compensate for this defect, some users have had the idea to use a Xbox 360, and more particularly skates that are based on the console. They have the ideal size to set on the 3DS and permanently protect its screens. A home solution worth the penalty to be cited.

Toms' Hardware: the ability of a DSS plays the performance?

The main advantage of the DSS is their unparalleled speed with our good old hard drives. While some models show a record access time, what more modest versions in terms of capacity? A 64 GB SSD will not necessarily have the same performance as a 256 GB model, but how much will be lost? Our colleagues at Tom's Hardware is are asked the question and conducted tests.

Performance of SSD capacity

The Acer Iconia Smart test

Last February, Acer was the Smart Iconia, a smartphone with a 4.8-inch screen. Simply giant, this mobile is equipped for multimedia and Internet browsing. With its dimensions, he published small HTC HD2 and stands just behind the 5-inch Dell Streak.

Acer Smart Iconia: smartphone of the sheer scale

Tom's Hardware: when show console becomes portable

How many already wished to continue their part of salon console game? If Nintendo's Wii U will make its contribution to this form of game, the modeurs have thought before turning consoles show in portable consoles.

When the show console becomes portable

The facial recognition approached within iOS 5

iOS 5 might incorporate features of face recognition. And open it to the developers to create new types of applications.Site 9to5Mac seems sure of him announcing that iOS 5 reserve even a surprise of size: integrated recognition of faces. According to the site, this feature would be introduced in the next version of the mobile operating system of Apple and its API open to developers to exploit it in their applications.Last year, Apple had acquired the Swedish company Polar Rose, specializing in facial recognition. Technologies have recently been integrated into Mac OS X Lion, particularly in the Photo Booth application that allows an animation track a face. Last year, Polar Rose had published this video giving an overview of a combination of skills and from different social networks.