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SVOD: point after launch CanalPlay Infinity

Petit point market the SVOD in France with the shy launch of CanalPlay Infinity which is all same to prove that there is a market for subscriptions of this type...

CanalPlay Infinity

The launch of CanalPlay Infinity, VOD service in unlimited subscription, was a test run on the French market where the offers of this kind are very rare. And while the American model of a Netflix leaves dreamer movie and TV series lovers. CanalPlay Infinity offers a reminder, unlimited access to a catalogue of films and series for the lump sum of €9.99 per month, without commitment.

Today, it is known that CanalPlay Inifinity sold 25,000 subscriptions - mainly to SFR ADSL subscribers. Knowing that the service is now available to customers Free as well as via the Internet browser, and will be launched soon on BBox, an estimate that subscriptions to CanalPlay Infinity will sell better in better.

Subscribers to this offer of SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) consume a lot of videos, an average of 30 per month, which corresponds roughly to the consumption average were regulars of the direct download on MegaUpload. Perhaps the evidence that there is a market for VOD subscription, leveraging real legal offer barely tendered its weapons. Indeed, if it is announced the arrival of several offers of SVOD in the market for the end of last year, it is clear that today ' today, apart from CanalPlay Infinity, there is that Pass M6 or Filmo TV. The latter having attracted 650,000 customers the year last through a partnership with TF1, despite a catalog be exciting.

There is a margin of enormous progress. SVOD representing 9% of the video on demand revenues, against more than 30% in the United States. Pascal Lechevallier, expert in this market, explains on his blog at ZDNet what are the reasons for this late take-off. Back on the chronology of the French media, real ball for the SVOD then that Netflix can negotiate directly with the studios and proposing very recent films and series to its subscribers, it evokes in turn offer editorial and catalogues very limited, a marketing positioning that lack of clarity, a lack of visibility of the SVOD on social networks or a risky business model.

A situation of quasi-immobilisme in France that seems to stimulate the interest of the American players in this market. Indeed, Bertrand Méheut, the CEO of the Canal + group, tried to draw the first, was afraid to see land these American giants in our domestic market and to ask their suitcases. Or seen the situation, we understand that Netflix as its competitors Amazon or LoveFilm currently reflect the possibility to launch their services in our country. Obviously, this will move, but when and for whom? Hope that consumers are the big winners, because it does the placeholders never enough, but a real service to the Netflix in France would be no doubt much more effective to combat piracy that all laws Hadopi implemented...

Electronic lights: it falls?

After a boom period end of 2011, the market of the electronic light loses a little of its superb.


Among the most sought high-tech Christmas gifts end of 2011 were the electronic lights, manufacturers have been very reactive to try to capture a market that gave the impression of growing, with new more sophisticated terminals and bookstores including content online to build ever. We had also tried to help you make your choice by testing the main available models, as the Kobo By Fnac, the Cybook Odyssey, the Sony Reader PRS - T1 or the Amazon Kindle 4. A few weeks later, we learned that the last quarter of 2011 had been conducive to the sale of lights, with more than 9 million copies passed.

Today, the interest for these readers of eBooks is back, so on the first quarter of 2012, are two million units of electronic lights to be delivered according to the figures from the Office for the study of the DigiTimes. One of the explanations is the emergence of touch tablets that play the role of reader e-mail, even if they do not offer the same comfort of reading than screens at electronic ink. DigiTimes Research ensures that, for example, the success of the Kindle Fire a canibalisé Tablet sales of traditional Kindle, pushing Amazon to revise downward its commands of lights to its Asian sub-contractors.

Remains in 2011, on the full year, it is 22,82 million electronic lights that were sold, an increase of sales of the order of 107% from 2010. And the market is expected to continue to grow from year to year, as analysts expect the delivery of 60 million units in the year 2015.

A color format mini-scanner credit card

PlanOn Introduces its mini-scanner color handheld, no greater that a credit card, it is easily in a portfolio.

PlanOn provides the smallest scanner color of the world, the SlimScan SS100. Indeed, it is not larger than a credit card (50 x 86 x 3 mm) and therefore can slip into any pocket or portfolio.

Equipped with a small color screen to view scanning, different options, and the tree of files, the SlimScan allowing scan independently the cards, photos, articles, handwritten notes, receipts and other tickets with ease.

slimscan_01    slimscan_02

Documents are scanned in a resolution of 300 dpi 24 bit color, a recognition of characters (OCR) tool is integrated and the internal memory can store up to 600 images.

The device connects via the USB port on any PC under Windows (XP, Vista and Seven) to transfer the scanned files and recharge its battery which autonomy was not given by the manufacturer.

The SlimScan is now available to all James Bond in grass at the price of €140.

DDR3: a record 3736 MHz and an overclocked kit

SuperTalent proposes to array memory up to 2133 MHz, while a G.Skill overclocking monte of strips to 3736 MHz...


Since do not wait the DDR4 before some time, the JEDEC has extended the range of frequencies that DDR3 memory support, 1333 MHz at 2133 MHz. But little bars on the market offer this frequency because this requires a job of probing and stabilized overclocking for mass production. This work has not stopped SuperTalent proposing today a bar decked out for the quad-channel DDR3 memory and supporting this 2133 MHz frequency, with the WQ213UB4G constructor reference.

To achieve this, SuperTalent has developed all its talent (!) in the design of this bar by changing two or three parameters such as voltage to 1.65 Volts and by adding a Heat Sink just cool the chips. The manufacturer indicates that its bars can now draw the quintessence of processor current as the Sandy Bridge-E, including the Core i7-3960X processors and chipset X 79 of Intel used for testing these bars and therefore validated by SuperTalent for the use of its Quadra. These bars are available today in the trade and we doubt that the kit of four modules to mount a config' 16 GB (reference WQ213UX16G) will not be given.

Always in line with the overclocking memory, the Swiss Christian Ney is amused to push the kit from G.Skill extreme RipjawsZ bars operating frequency. Already running at 2400 MHz of core, the used memory kit turn to 3736 MHz under nitrogen.

record-memoire-DDR3-AMD-Llano-GSkill-RipjawsZ-3736-003      record-memoire-DDR3-AMD-Llano-GSkill-RipjawsZ-3736-004      record-memoire-DDR3-AMD-Llano-GSkill-RipjawsZ-3736-001      record-memoire-DDR3-AMD-Llano-GSkill-RipjawsZ-3736-002.jpg

To achieve a nice configuration was used with a Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H map and a processor AMD A8-3870K under architecture Llano native frequency of 1.6 GHz, and a SeaSonic 750 Watts power. Verified by HWBot software, it is a new record for the DDR3 author comments in his own way: "You can feel the unlimited potential of the platform and want to always go further and further". The DDR4 has only to well to keep!

"Kepler will be hard to beat", says Nvidia...

NVIDIA is the buzz around its next line of equipped with the Kepler GPU graphics cards at 28 nm.

On the Nvidia Italy Facebook Wall, we can read: "Aspettando Kepler... pazienza, pazienza, pazienza che it momento giusto hopeful, e allora... not what does sarà più per nessuno!:-)" that we can translate by "waiting for Kepler…" Patience, patience, patience the right time comes, and here… it will be unbeatable! :-)".

A little patience so to see the new generation of graphics with GPUs engraved 28 nm at Nvidia, while AMD is fighting only on this new generation for a few months. The new Nvidia graphics cards would be unbeatable? We look forward to see it!


Samsung Galaxy S III: announced this month in shops next month?

When the announcement of the Galaxy S III and its marketing? Soon we said the team of ZDNet in Korea...

According to ZDNet Korea which cites sources close to Samsung, the great absent of the last Mobile World Congress - the highly anticipated Galaxy S III - could be on the market of the smartphone as soon as next month. We know now that Samsung has not announced its new mobile at the international exhibition of mobile phone in Barcelona, was to try a communication "the Apple" and therefore offer its new product an event for him, a sort of "Special Event" Samsung. An opportunity also to try to shorten the time between the announcement of the product and its marketing in shops.

Samsung Galaxy S III mock up

The Galaxy S III seen by users who are trying to know what might look like...

Step beast when we know that most manufacturers today for marketing short get very good results, leaving no time to the popcorn down between the announcement and the availability.

Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S III could be presented this month and sold as early as April. Reminder, the last elements with filtered evoke a screen Super AMOLED 4 "of a definition of 800 x 480 pixels (or 4.8" in 1920 x 1080...), a quad-core at 1.5 or 1.6 GHz SoC, a photo sensor between 8 and 12 megapixels and a thick only 7 mm hull against 8.5 mm for a Galaxy S II. A priori, there is more need to wait long before finally concluding the Galaxy S III technical specification...

Facebook & advertising: attention to not go too far in monetization

The social network of Mark Zuckerberg is a small facelift for pros and opens new advertising locations to reach a maximum of users.

facebook-timeline-marque.jpgOn a background of entry on the stock market, the thriving business of Mark Zuckerberg multiplies ads in order to seduce the future shareholders of the company, including changing its policy to display the ads in question at the Facebook Marketing Conference (CME to his friends). Conference in which Facebook introduced its new advertising strategy.

We will report three announcements at the event. The first novelty is the passage of the fans view Timeline pages. This complements the customization of coverage and a better ergonomics for the administration. But in fact, the main change concerns the integration of these changes in the mobile version of Facebook, new priority on monetization of the company.

The second evolution is the name of "Reach Generator", which can be simply translated as impairment generator. This feature will allow, according to Facebook, to "multiply the volume of the commitment to a mark by two". To achieve this, brands will have to pay a certain lump sum to stream sponsored the Ticker on the right side. Thus the marks will benefit from greater visibility that passes 75% while without this system, the rate would be only 12%, according to the social network. A good way to identify a little more income for the company which will soon open its capital on the stock market place.

facebook-reach-generator.jpg       facebook-publicite-multisupport.jpg

An example of Reach Generator and Facebook Premium

But Facebook wants to go even further by offering a Premium of its pub service version by opening two new advertising sites for brands. First, the mobile will be a place of choice, since it is more in addition to visits on the part of the users who are for the time still spared by the ads on this version. Then, it will be the turn of the home page we can see the closure of session. We can ask ourselves whether this last page is seen often and will therefore have a real impact on the visibility of marks or not...

All these ads are there to reassure future investors, it is a fact, but these changes in the display of the ads system promote primarily the large social network clients, in the depends on users who will suffer more in addition to ads in their son of news, which is not without risk if this new strategy becomes too invasive and intrusive.

Hadopi: François Hollande speaks more of repeal

François Hollande was slow to adopt concrete posture before the Hadopi law. Despite his early intentions, is no longer question of repeal in his speech.

Francois Hollande.PNG

The team of François Hollande campaign media adviser have reaffirmed that the intention of the Socialist candidate in the presidential election is to repeal the law Hadopi, this desire has never been very clear. Indeed, in this regard, the speech of François Hollande who wishes to visibly household cultural industry remains soft, so you don't always know exactly where he wants to come. A forum published in the world gives a few new clues, without being once again of absolute clarity.

In this forum, it considers, therefore, that the Hadopi law should be revamped while that a "consistent and fair" policy must be put in place, the idea being to "make the digital revolution a vector of individual and collective emancipation, a model of economic development and an opportunity for culture". François Hollande however recognizes that the law Hadopi "price was paid without allowing the creative industries transition to digital (...)" "It is not funded probative way the creation". And PS to identify candidate: "I do not think that should be object, as the current Government has for five years, the creators and their public".

However, when it comes to concrete proposals, François Hollande sentence defining a new regulatory framework. "It must first retrieve the path of dialogue." Must be all the players around a table - the outgoing Government has never done. "I think dialogue, consultation, to compromise" he explains. A little less blurred is its intention to "more effective judicial actions to dry up at the source the unlawful distribution of copyrighted works" and to address "delocalized and uncontrollable platforms that pours cultural content on the network without never participate in their financing".

If that can end up thinking that the only thing that stands out its position against the Hadopi and the Government concerns the method, François Hollande repeating three words: "Dialogue, dialogue and compromise". Weapons against the susceptibility of the cultural industry which supports important to the Socialist Party, was able to fear heard talk of repeal of Hadopi and GPL?

Yahoo is a return to growth, via a new restructuring

Yahoo will, through its new CEO, develop a new strategy of return to growth...


Scott Thompson, the ex-PDG of PayPal who took the reins of Yahoo, is to redress the Internet portal and restore taste to growth. He therefore began to implement a new strategy that starts with a new period of restructuring to drastically reduce costs. Thus, according to information obtained by the All Things D blog, the strategy is clear: it must cut spending in areas that are not remunerative enough to have the means to invest there where the levers of growth. Logical but not necessarily easy to do in Yahoo knowing that the areas that employ the most employees are those who generate the most hearing, but are also the less profitable...

Thousands of redundancies are mentioned on a total of employees which now stands at about 14,000 people in the world. Yahoo must therefore again to pass through there after many job losses have already been decided by Carol Bartz, the previous leader of the Internet portal which was not made of feelings for rebalancing accounts. Scott Thompson was appointed head of Yahoo to put the company on track and prepare it to repurchase were suspected. Finally, it would appear that it is well to meet the company but not to precipitate such an operation, its objective being before any return to growth and profits.

GlobalFoundries becomes independent

GloFo is now completely independent. It can open its production lines in which they wish to...


There are now three years that AMD did his split on Foundry activity by creating GlobalFoundries which he held 44% of the shares at the time. Us concepts early in the year 2010 that AMD had more than 34% of GloFo until its share fell 10% last October. The investment of Abu Dhabi sovereign Fund, ATIC, just redeem recent AMD shares in Global Foundries, making the caster a completely independent company, opening its orderbook to competition.

Given the history between the two companies, agreements had been signed for the delivery of wafers. In 2011, AMD paid that functional wafer, but this year, it will be otherwise, because AMD will pay each wafer for a given volume, according to a price fixed in advance. Furthermore, GlobalFoundries has more exclusive production of some APU 28 nm...


An exclusive end AMD paid $ 425 million, which could lead us to think that the APU as the next Kaveri and/or Kabini can be produced by TSMC. AMD and GlobalFoundries will still continue to work together, following an agreement for the production of wafers for 2013 which would be substantially the same as this year.

The SilentWings 2 of Be Quiet! are available

Be Quiet! launches its new range of fans SilentWings 2 reworked for even more silence and performance.

The German trade mark Be Quiet!, renowned for its quiet cooling solutions for PC, officially launches its new SilentWings 2 fans (formerly known as the DarkWings).

bequiet_silentwings2-01  bequiet_silentwings2-02

The new range consists of models of 80 mm, 92 mm, 120 mm and 140 mm, and their pale have been reworked from the first generation SilentWings. They are indeed now striated and corrugated to further reduce a little noise while maintaining excellent cooling performance.

Two kits of interchangeable fasteners are provided, a flexible rubber to minimize vibration and the other rigid.

These top-of-range fan have a life announced by the manufacturer of 300,000 hours and are available at prices from €17,90 80 mm, €20 120 mm and €21.50 140 mm, 92 mm arriving later for a price not model release.

Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version Beta

The new version of Ubuntu is revealed. This 12.04 LTS for Pangolin Precise code is available for download.


A first beta version of the Ubuntu 12.04 is available. His name, Precise Pangolin, is a so-called for Long Term Support LTS version, which will provide updates of stability and security for five years, until April 2017 therefore. The name of this version, Pangolin Precise, evokes "the robustness and finishing that wish to invest Ubuntu developers", according to a note on the blog of Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the distribution.

The menu of this new version, a new mode of navigation in the applications menu, called HUD, and a new version of Unity happening in version 5, an amendment to the session manager interface and finally the passage to a new version of the Linux Kernel.

In order, the HUD (Head-Up Display) literally translated to display head high, offers a new method to iterate through the functions of software from the search engine, rather than through menus. This method does not replace the menus, but brings a new way of finding more practical as in Gimp for example. In future releases, it is planned to add the mouse movements (Gestures) or voice recognition to interact directly with this module.


Then, Unity 5, which took into account the criticism against him, reviews its sidebar to add a list of shortcuts that will be proposed by right click on the button home displaying - for example - a button going to applications, or even to files and folders, music or videos. The launcher bar also switches mode "chameleon" and will be the dominant color of the wallpaper. Many changes were performed on this new version to facilitate its use, the exhaustive list is available on the page "documentation" of the distribution.

Connection Manager also was modified by proposing to display the wallpaper of the session of the user. If another user is selected in the list, then its own background is displayed. A good way of finding if the list of users of the same machine is important, but attention to the bottom of screen chose…


Finally, we deeply the passage of this new version 12.04 to kernel 3.2. The new Kernel brings its lot of changes and new features, such as the reduction of the CPU of the order of 25% for the writing of block of 4 k on the Ext4 file system, among others. The "sudo" has also been changed in Ubuntu for better compatibility with this module since its development branch. Namely that the "admin" group was previously used, but will remain available for back-compatibility. Now, use the "sudo" group to add administrators, this will simplify future updates without breaking the machine admin rights.

For the upgrade to this version, easy, it is in offline mode (the most secure, which is to download the CD) and then directly through the mode online. This last mode starts by entering the following command line for workstations version 11.10: sudo update - manager - devel-release

> Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Beta 1

ASUS P8Z77 - V Deluxe: ready for Ivy Bridge?

A leak announced the Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe which provides chipset Intel Z77, trim for the arrival of the Ivy Bridge processors.

Manufacturers of motherboards are ready for the launch of the Ivy Bridge, which although delayed, is approaching? After ASRock and MSI models, it is the turn of card Asus to a brief appearance on the canvas. Indeed, posted on a Chinese online sales site then quickly withdrawn, the motherboard of Asus with Z77 chipset and the name P8Z77-V Deluxe Unveils. It would be a mother "premium" card equipped with chipset Intel socket LGA 1155 with a list of quite impressive specifications and serial 7.

To begin with, this Deluxe P8Z77-V could support the DDR3 to 2800 MHz and allow two cards PCI-Express x 16 3.0 (or x 8 / x 8 if the two slots are occupied), directly cabled to the CPU. Other PCI-Express 2.0 x 16 slot is also present (wired electrically x 4 to the controller) and four PCI-Express 2.0 x 1 additional slot. PCI is no old here. Side of the internal and external interfaces map would propose four SATA III ports including two managed by the controller and four other ports SATA II and two eSATA 6 Gb/s ports. There are also two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one managed by an Intel 82579V chip and the other by a Realtek RTL8111F-PHY chip, a WiFi card and 8 + 2 on-chip Realtek ALC898 sound output b/g/n in dual-band, the Bluetooth 3.0.


A this already very long list additional eight ports USB 3.0 with six on the Panel back and eight other ports in USB 2.0 this time. Side view, it would have several connectors on the back panel as the classic VGA or the DVI, but also the HDMI and the DisplayPort.

Finally, this map would be with all the technology House as the UEFI with the EZMode, the UPR or the TurboV mode. The price displayed a very short time in the shop was $ 396, a high price that might discourage some unless the Asus motherboard cache other specifications not listed here as a ThunderBolt for example... Who knows? week update

Carbide, nes, Tablet, Tegra 3, Google, disappointment, delay, DRAM... Some of the key words of the week, for a news reviewed and corrected.

It is a week agitated by the Mobile World Congress that one leaves, transition to a week of CeBIT. Yes, news is currently loaded, and we strive to do the sorting for you give essence, without forgetting to keep time to advance our usual tests. This week, you may have read in our columns those PC portable Samsung series 7 times, a good beautiful machine without small defects, and DSS SanDisk Extreme which - seen promises - disappoints slightly.

Were you also promised that Carbide Corsair 300R enclosure, a small inconvenience that you can read at the beginning of next week, alongside the Ultrabook HP Folio 13 during the test and the test of two new launched by AMD graphics cards. Cannot say anything you, nes requires, but stay connected. NES always, the team will be somewhat reduced next week, one of between us flying with a famous Builder for California to discover new long-awaited products... Sorry to not be more specific!

Samsung Serie 7 Chronos (12).JPG     SanDisk Extreme (5).JPG

A small word on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this year without disappoint, had delivered the content of its major announcements before even opening its doors. Indeed, mobile terminals manufacturers could not wait and had mostly already presented their new products. We have of course husked listings of most of them. For a session of catch-up, please consult the actus of the telephony category. MWC who was also an opportunity for Microsoft to launch the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. A beta version that you can download, and that we have dissected for you in pictures in a viewer in the long course.

The actus to remember

By sorting in our news, it is a thematic shelves: Google is disappointed by sales of Android models, Samsung do not prevail in this market as it want them to (but Announces Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1), while the powerful Tegra 3 arrives on a shelf more accessible than the premium Transformer in Asus. Side matos, on holds the output of a new SandForce firmware who signs the end of the over-provisioning, the confirmation of the delay of processors Intel Ivy Bridge and the arrival of two new Bulldozer accompanied by a drop in prices. The situation of Elpida, is critical, the manufacturer of DRAM that filed for bankruptcy. -Side Web, on holds the entry into application of the new unified Google Privacy policy that crosses the personal databases of its members, a study on the consequences of the closures of MegaUpload in France and analysis of very average visit time short on Google +. Google which must also recognize that its TV project takes off always not.

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Servers: Microsoft and Samsung enhances the performance of the "Cloud" infrastructure, AMD buys SeaMicro

Two important information in the world of servers where the quest for efficiency and performance mobilizes researchers and encourages partnerships and mergers.


Taken from the premises of the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Munich, research of the giant of Redmond and Korean Samsung led on the production of chips of RAM low consumption engraved 20 nm. Named Green Memory, these chips are before any intended for servers that they will help improve their energy balance.

The two companies also indicate with strips of 8 GB DDR3 Samsung Green Memory engraved 20 nm coupled with its new SSD of 256 GB PM830 containing also chips etched 2 x nm, all installed in a server that runs operating systems virtualized on a host Windows Server 2008 R2 using Hyper-V, the gain of time and energy would be of the order of 50% compared to a system that uses of the memory hard disk tray and 40 nm.

Good results which are only five months after the first tests that used memory in 30 nm and 20 nm, Microsoft and Samsung believe extend their collaboration on 27 other centres share MTC worldwide this year.

According to firm IDC, the server market is boosted by the mode of the Cloud and the sale of servers of all sizes is accelerating in such a way that this type of research partnerships and development should to generalize. Is not AMD which contradict this state of fact, since the skier is also on the offensive on this segment with the acquisition of SeaMicro for a total of $ 281 million 334 million in cash.


A left, Rory P. Read CEO of AMD, right, Andrew Feldman CEO of SeaMicro

Outside the financial figures, the redemption will allow the caster to Sunnyvale to offer servers that consume only a quarter of the energy usually used for this type of machines and will take only a sixth of the space occupied by the standard servers while keeping the same performance than the latter.


In detail, innovation SeaMicro in this area will allow AMD to connect hundreds of processors in - them and the memory used by these, Deputy storage or interfaces connecting the servers as interfaces networks to push the limits of the processors to achieve twelve times the bandwidth of each heart, among other...

As with all repurchases of company, AMD reassures SeaMicro clients indicating that support for their solutions will be insured and that they propose new from servers of the redemption for the replacement of the old term. In addition, this acquisition does not change the roadmap of the caster for this year on the range of processors for servers, since the closing of this acquisition will be rather next year. The amount of the necessary transaction will be tapped into reserves of money from the Caster.

Archos ChildPad: Tablet 7 "for children with Android 4.0 for €99

Archos announces the ChildPad, a 7 "Tablet for children, inexpensive and equipped with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The French company Archos, high on the success of its shelves tactile, continues his little man of road and is now for a new clientele: children. The firm of Henri Crohas, founder of Archos, indeed unveils a new digital slate for our small cherubs, the ChildPad.

This fine and light, Tablet is equipped with the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a 1 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. This is not because it is small it must have a tablet that oar...


Archos has therefore specially created a new interface for the young public with colourful icons, folders on the home page offering direct access to the games, entertainment, applications for learning and reflection, but also 28 of the best programs for small like Angry Birds, Pig Rush or Flight Frenzy.

The ChildPad also includes a parental control provided by Editions profile software to protect our small blond heads of content that are not appropriate to them. And to limit the time that they spend the tablet in the hands. This guarantees an Internet browsing safe for children and a peace of mind for parents.

The ChildPad will be available at the end of the month of March 2012 for a public price of €99.

Six versions of Windows 8

Starter, Home Basic, and Premium, Professional and Pro Plus, not to mention the Ultimate... These are the six versions of Windows 8, expected. Rest about prices!

Searching in the registry of the Consumer Preview of Windows 8, the site Windows8Beta found some valuable information on the different versions of the new operating system that Microsoft should market out of it, later this year. It tells Windows 8, in the PC version (and out versions on ARM so...), total count six versions. Microsoft had a few years ago made it his intention to propose less versions of its OS for a commercial offer clearer. This time, should therefore expect to see land:

Windows 8 Starter Edition: for PC low-cost netbooks and émergentsWindows 8 Home Basic markets: for PC desktop, laptops and netbooks to gammeWindows entry 8 Home Premium: for desktop and portable grand-publicWindows 8 Professional: for advanced computers and 8 Professional more professionnelsWindows: entrepriseWindows networks 8 Ultimate Edition: the most complete versionfor demanding professionals and individuals

Windows 8 beta Versions

Fiber: Google has ideas to accelerate and facilitate the deployment

Google filed a patent for the deployment of fibre optics, protecting techniques and materials that will be tested in Kansas City.

Google is working on countless projects that often emerge from its core business that is online research. We know for example that the firm is investing in solar power plants, works on smart electric meters, and develops environmentally friendly data centers... Although the bulk of the activity of Google is always of course online. Internet which is also interested Google from the point of view of the infrastructure, so that the giant is leading a project pilot deployment of very high speed fiber in the city of Kansas City.

The idea being to seek to develop new technical deployment of fiber optics that are faster to implement and more effective than those for which generally choose the telecoms operators. CNET, who is interested in this project, says that Google has even filed a patent to protect its innovations in the matter, soon in testing in Kansas City, or a 1 GB/s network will be installed. The patent including a new way of digging trenches but especially a new sheath system to deliver fiber to the home. It is therefore a deployment to FTTH or Fiber to the Home.

This bag in question is described as a flat band hose 5-7 cm wide, 5 mm thick which passes the fibre. A sheath that can be buried, but also semi-buried or even be installed outdoors. Google does not want to say more but de jure to share its advances in the field once the deployment has started (the beginning of the work is scheduled for this year). The idea being to provide (under license?) operators of new deployment techniques to speed up the installation of very high speed...

Cloud Computing: a job creator

The cloud-computing develops and will be responsible for the creation of 15 million jobs in three years.

A study commissioned by Microsoft to cabinet IDC on cloud-computing sector indicates that it is a total 15 million jobs which will be created in this sector by 2015. Horizon to which cloud-computing should generate an annual turnover of $ 1100 billion. It is interesting to learn, according to this study, what the investments made by the public sector which will be a priori at the origin of most of job creation, more than investment from the private sector.

A third of these jobs will be in the areas of communication and media (2.4 million posts), Bank (1.4 million) and the production of goods (1.3 million) industry.

With regard to the regions of the world will benefit most of these job creation, we learn that it is China and the India which focus almost half of the jobs created, respectively is 2.1 and 4.6 million. Then come the United States or activities in the "cloud" will create 1.1 million jobs. In France, according to figures from IDC, are 189.000 hires that will be performed in the area of cloud-computing by 2015.

Western Digital will allow Toshiba to sell disks 3.5 "hard

Toshiba is new player in the market of hard disks to the format 3.5 ".

Western Digital Velociraptor

Western Digital repurchasing division Hitachi storage, consolidation of the market of hard disks 3.5 "is its climax as two giants share almost all of the sales: Seagate and Western Digital. Approved by many financial regulators, this redemption had however been validated under conditions by the European authorities who wanted to avoid a too high concentration to ensure a situation of competition, is oligopolistic.

Western Digital had indicated its intention to sell one of its plants passing staff and expertise to a new entrant on the market of the disks 3.5 ". One "new" player that is other than Toshiba, present on the market of the drives 2.5 "hard. Toshiba sell so hard disks to the format 3.5 "to individuals, but also to businesses and destination servers. A transaction in which Western Digital will also retrieve Thai Toshiba, specialized plant (affected by the floods and the case always) in the design of "2.5 disk.

Yeston released its GTX 560 SE customized, good plan?

An Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 SE reviewed and corrected by Yeston to compete directly with cards AMD Radeon HD 7770.


Yeston is not allow to pass the output of new AMD graphics cards without doing anything. To compete with the AMD Radeon HD 7770 maps, the assembler chose a GPU from Nvidia, its partner, the GF114, to design its GeForce GTX 560 SE House.

At the level of the specifications, we have 336 CUDA cores (instead of 288 normally on the OEM chip) a band of 192 bits for 1 GB of RAM bandwidth dedicated in GDDR5. Frequencies at the level of the nucleus, the shader (CUDA) and memory are 820 MHz, 1640 Mhz and 1002 MHz.

Out of map, there are two ports DVI Dual Link, but also a HDMI port. The power of the chip is provided by seven phases and managed by chip NEC-TOKIN Proadlizer for the cleanest possible tension. Cooling is provided by the Artic Accelero TwinTurbo Pro, super silent and powerful enough to clear the calories produced by the map with its two fans turning above oversized blades.

Side tariff, this map Yeston is currently in 999 ¥ in China, or about €120. It should arrive quickly in rays home. If performance is the appointment, it should compete with the AMD Radeon HD 7770 (see test) on the same tariff slice.


MegaUpload: Kim Dotcom have what to defend

The pattern of MegaUpload, released on bail, plays the game of interviews and benefits to knowledge he also maps to play before the courts.


Kim Dotcom again granted an interview, this time to the New Zealand Herald. The pattern of the empire MegaUpload - who recently said he was sure to win his trial - is again passed to the attack. It considers that the case against him by U.S. authorities who flew the closure of sites and his arrest is "misleading and malicious". "Each email established as evidence in the record of charge can be disassembled by hundreds of e-mails which provides my defence, then Yes, I think that I can win in justice" says Kim Dotcom.

He would also like to explain that the FBI is not telling the truth when he says that the requests of works protected by the right holders give rise to removal of the link, but not the file in him even on the servers. Wrong according to Kim Dotcom that says hold evidence to the contrary.

He said explaining also have evidence of his personal involvement in the fight against the use of the service by the pirates. He cited including the hiring of a team of 20 people managing time full requests for withdrawals of the works made by the rights holders.

ASRock out its motherboards for Ivy Bridge with chipset Z77

ASRock fervently prepares for the arrival of the Ivy Bridge Intel processors with the launch of three motherboards equipped with chipset Intel Z77.

This is not one, not two, but three motherboards the constructor we prepared. All three under chipset Intel Z77. ASRock begins with the launch of two boards of the Fatal1ty Professional range. Two more oriented cards overclocking than gamers. They have twenty floors of food for the processor (socket LGA 1155), and five floors of RAM power or three for the micro-ATX version.

ATX format, the first map has be presented consist of two PCI-Express 3.0 x 16 slots (x 8 / x 8 if the two are used), a PCI-e 2.0 x 1 slot, and a PCI-e 2.0 x 16 last (wired x 4 at the electrical level on the PCH). At the storage level, there are what make, six ports SATA III whose two managed by the PCH, four SATA II and an eSATA port. Two USB ports 3.0 for the Panel before the package and four on the Panel back of the card. Even if this type of motherboard will be undeniably accompanied a large graphics card if it is not two, provided Asrock when even a HDMI or DisplayPort output on the back, you never know.

asrock_fatal1ty_professional_Z77-001         asrock_fatal1ty_professional_Z77-002

The second motherboard in this range is the micro-ATX. It has the name of Z77 Fatal1ty Professional-M. For the PCI-Express slots, are the same as on the standard ATX version. However, this map has only four SATA III ports, but four SATA II ports and the large model eSATA port. The map does not appear to have dedicated USB 3.0 controller, but would well two ports for the housing and two ports at the rear. It also provides a DVI and VGA support for display and probably making HDMI. We expect to see soon landed with an announcement in due form at CeBIT will be the week Germany next.

asrock_Z77_Extreme6-001The third, to the elegant "Z77 Extreme6" name, is the ATX, and will allow the second generation of Intel Core i processors but also the following with its socket LGA 1155. For the hearts of the beast, Asrock established twelve phases signed DigiPower. Four memory banks will accompany dual-channel processor that can mount up to 2800 MHz frequency. This motherboard has two PCI-e 3.0 x 16 slots (x 8 / x 8 if they are occupied) and directly wired to the CPU. This is adds a slot PCI-e 2.0 x 16 (x 4 electrically), a PCI - e 2.0 x 1 and a small last in mini-PCI-e x 1 for WiFi cards for example. One wonders why, but Asrock is more two PCI slots to the old course, which will be covered when the PCI-e slots are used.

As the previously presented Fatal1ty range, this motherboard provides four ports SATA III including both cabled on a third-party controller, four SATA II ports and one eSATA to 6 Gb / s. In addition, six USB 3.0 ports are logically present including two for control panel front of the enclosure which will host it. Display interfaces are also well represented by a port DVI, a VGA, an HDMI and a DisplayPort. Sound will be conveyed by the Realtek ALC898 controller on 8 + 2 channel for delivering the THX TruStudio Pro as it should. On the back panel, there is increasingly a FireWire port and a Gigabit Ethernet port controlled by the Broadcom BCM57781 chip.


The UEFI in the motherboard provides a simplified system to access files stored on the hard drives of the configuration, but the map itself has advanced features and support for some such as Rapid Start or Smart Connect Intel processors. To get it, it will have to wait until 8 April, date of the official release of this motherboard black and gold whose price was not disclosed.

An all-in-one for players in Gigabyte, which leaves the possibility of choosing its GPU

An all-in-one which leaves room for the graphics dual-slot of his choice...

Gigabyte prepares a new all-in-one computer on a 24 "LED touchscreen, managing two simultaneous pressure points. Card mini-ITX, the GB-AEGT (its small reference) operates chipset Intel H61 and can host the Core i3/i5 and i7 Intel socket LGA 1155, while operating a maximum of 8 GB of DDR3.

Gigabyte GB-AEGT (2)      Gigabyte GB-AEGT (1)     Gigabyte GB-AEGT (3)

Beyond the presence of a location slim optical unit or a webcam, what really makes this All-In-One, is the presence of a vacant place for a graphics card in a PCI Express x 16 port level. There is also the presence of a dock for drives, 2.5 "and 3.5" Bay. The two USB 3.0 ports are complemented by a memory card reader 4 in 1 port Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1.

It is known or when, or how many, Gigabyte will come out this all in one customizable. A computer which seems less well finished than the Z1 HP WorkStation of 27 ", but should be much more accessible. Everything at least hopefully...

MWC 2012 : Nokia 808 PureView avec APN 41 megapixels !

Even if Symbian smartphones sales decline more quickly that expected, Nokia has given up yet what was his fetish until last year mobile OS, before beginning a migration in March forced to Windows Phone.

And Symbian still has the resource, according to the announcement made at the MWC Barcelona 2012 show. Nokia has unveiled the Nokia 808 PureView, a smartphone under Symbian Belle who has the particularity to... an AFN 41 megapixels with Carl Zeiss Optics.

More than for the pleasure of taking huge pictures on mobile operators networks, such sensor is especially intended, when it is fully used to take pictures of quality which can recover a portion that will remain very detailed and that will be exchanged on social networks.

Nokia 808 PureView 02

The goal offers an opening of f/2.4, proposes a macro mode to 15 cm and has a Xenon flash, with several possible modes and a 3 x optical zoom. It is also capable of recording video in Full HD 1080p. If the thickness of the smartphone is overall 13.9 mm, she spent almost 18 mm at the location of the AFN.

Nokia 808 PureView 01 Nokia 808 PureView 02

For "standard" photos, it will be possible to take pictures in a lower resolution. The Nokia 808 PureView proposes a 4 "AMOLED display resolution 640 x 360 pixels (16: 9 format), on-board WiFi (DLNA support), Bluetooth, GPS, FM Radio and module NFC.

Nokia 808 PureViewThere is a HDMI port, a TV output and Dolby sound improvement techniques to turn it into a real element of diffusion on the big screen. The Nokia 808 PureView also is a smartphone quad-band GSM / EDGE and tri-band HSPA +.

It will be proposed from the month of may 2012 for €480 HT. Why propose a technology on Symbian and not on Windows Phone, Nokia now preferred? It seems that Symbian development was already well advanced, to maintain its marketing (a bit like the Nokia N9 under MeeGo).

But, has already promised Jo Harlow, the smartphone Nokia, technology PureView a vocation to be responsible on other platforms and terminals. It should also eventually find it on a smartphone Windows Phone later.

MaJ : on its stand, Nokia confirms that photos taken with the Nokia 808 PureView will not compete with the AFN of the market but highlights the possibilities of "Lossless" zoom (up to three times) within the image incorporated, to obtain a relatively clear picture of detail.

The zoom is done very simply by pressing on the area you want in the photo and demonstrations on a scale model reproducing a district of a city are rather convincing (the little visible character below is little more than 1 or 2 cm on the model).

Nokia 808 PureView 03

ZTE Era: smartphone end ultra quadcore under Android 4.0

Displaying all just 7.8 mm thick, the ZTE Era smartphone relies on a couple processor quad-core nVIDIA Tegra 3 to 1.3 GHz + 1 GB RAM.

It offers a large screen touch multi-touch 4.3 inches with a definition 540 x 960 pixels, a sound system with Dolby Mobile technology and compatibility with networks 2 G / 3 G / Wi - Fi.

It also proposes the GPS navigation, digital camera 8 megapixel with autofocus / LED flash / géotagging / function video 1080p 30 fps and Bluetooth connectivity / USB / mini-jack.

It also do an internal memory of 8 GB, that it will be possible to extend with a microSD memory card / microSDHC for up to 40 GB of total space.

BONE to orchestrate the whole, is of Android in its version 4.0, code name Ice Cream Sandwich.

Commercialization is planned for the second half in Europe and China, at an unknown price for the moment.

The smartphone ZTE Era (click to enlarge)

MWC 2012: Asus Padfone, smartphone becomes Tablet

The Asus Padfone was overdue and it is finally MWC Barcelona 2012 show that it has been presented, on the occasion of a press conference given at the Museum of the Rock of Barcelona, old arenas in the city.

Jonney Shih, President and CEO of the group, took the opportunity to do the show and unveil several new products, taking advantage of a good presence on the shelves and taking advantage of some inventiveness to move beyond the simple Tablet and provide a status of quasi-PC with docks / keyboards.

The Asus Padfone is in fact a mixture of smartphone and tablet, the first that can fit in the second (described as Padfone Station) via a hatch at the rear, providing cellular connectivity while providing a continuous experience of the views from one to the other.

Asus Jonney Shih Asus Padfone global

Padfone smartphone has a 4.3 "qHD (960 x 540 pixels) Super AMOLED display and on-board processor dual core SnapDragon S4 (MSM8960 and GPU Adreno 225) 1.5 GHz with 1 GB of RAM and 16 to 64 GB of internal storage space.

The Padfone is compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, has an A - GPS module and has an AFN 8 megapixels on the back, as well as a VGA camera on the front for video conferencing. It is a smartphone HSPA + 21 Mbps of dimensions 128 x 65 x 9.2 mm 129 g.

Asus Padfone Station 02 Asus Padfone Station
ASUS Padfone Station

This Padfone smartphone can be slipped in Padfone Station which then transform into a Tablet 10.1 " resolution 1280 x 800 pixels, with AFN 8 megapixels on the back and AFN 1.3 megapixels on the front for video conferencing.

Asus Padfone stylet Asus Padfone 02
ASUS Padfone

This combination allows to multiply by five the autonomy of the smartphone. Add the dock / keyboard and the autonomy of all is multiplied by nine, all constituting the equivalent of a small computer, and under OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

And on top of all, a pen Bluetooth is proposed as an accessory. Can be used with the Padfone Station (Tablet mode), it can also receive calls, such as a headset. The availability of the Asus Padfone is attached to the month of April 2012.

Asus Padfone stylet 02
Bluetooth pen