SVOD: point after launch CanalPlay Infinity

Petit point market the SVOD in France with the shy launch of CanalPlay Infinity which is all same to prove that there is a market for subscriptions of this type...

CanalPlay Infinity

The launch of CanalPlay Infinity, VOD service in unlimited subscription, was a test run on the French market where the offers of this kind are very rare. And while the American model of a Netflix leaves dreamer movie and TV series lovers. CanalPlay Infinity offers a reminder, unlimited access to a catalogue of films and series for the lump sum of €9.99 per month, without commitment.

Today, it is known that CanalPlay Inifinity sold 25,000 subscriptions - mainly to SFR ADSL subscribers. Knowing that the service is now available to customers Free as well as via the Internet browser, and will be launched soon on BBox, an estimate that subscriptions to CanalPlay Infinity will sell better in better.

Subscribers to this offer of SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) consume a lot of videos, an average of 30 per month, which corresponds roughly to the consumption average were regulars of the direct download on MegaUpload. Perhaps the evidence that there is a market for VOD subscription, leveraging real legal offer barely tendered its weapons. Indeed, if it is announced the arrival of several offers of SVOD in the market for the end of last year, it is clear that today ' today, apart from CanalPlay Infinity, there is that Pass M6 or Filmo TV. The latter having attracted 650,000 customers the year last through a partnership with TF1, despite a catalog be exciting.

There is a margin of enormous progress. SVOD representing 9% of the video on demand revenues, against more than 30% in the United States. Pascal Lechevallier, expert in this market, explains on his blog at ZDNet what are the reasons for this late take-off. Back on the chronology of the French media, real ball for the SVOD then that Netflix can negotiate directly with the studios and proposing very recent films and series to its subscribers, it evokes in turn offer editorial and catalogues very limited, a marketing positioning that lack of clarity, a lack of visibility of the SVOD on social networks or a risky business model.

A situation of quasi-immobilisme in France that seems to stimulate the interest of the American players in this market. Indeed, Bertrand Méheut, the CEO of the Canal + group, tried to draw the first, was afraid to see land these American giants in our domestic market and to ask their suitcases. Or seen the situation, we understand that Netflix as its competitors Amazon or LoveFilm currently reflect the possibility to launch their services in our country. Obviously, this will move, but when and for whom? Hope that consumers are the big winners, because it does the placeholders never enough, but a real service to the Netflix in France would be no doubt much more effective to combat piracy that all laws Hadopi implemented...


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