A color format mini-scanner credit card

PlanOn Introduces its mini-scanner color handheld, no greater that a credit card, it is easily in a portfolio.

PlanOn provides the smallest scanner color of the world, the SlimScan SS100. Indeed, it is not larger than a credit card (50 x 86 x 3 mm) and therefore can slip into any pocket or portfolio.

Equipped with a small color screen to view scanning, different options, and the tree of files, the SlimScan allowing scan independently the cards, photos, articles, handwritten notes, receipts and other tickets with ease.

slimscan_01    slimscan_02

Documents are scanned in a resolution of 300 dpi 24 bit color, a recognition of characters (OCR) tool is integrated and the internal memory can store up to 600 images.

The device connects via the USB port on any PC under Windows (XP, Vista and Seven) to transfer the scanned files and recharge its battery which autonomy was not given by the manufacturer.

The SlimScan is now available to all James Bond in grass at the price of €140.


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