ASRock out its motherboards for Ivy Bridge with chipset Z77

ASRock fervently prepares for the arrival of the Ivy Bridge Intel processors with the launch of three motherboards equipped with chipset Intel Z77.

This is not one, not two, but three motherboards the constructor we prepared. All three under chipset Intel Z77. ASRock begins with the launch of two boards of the Fatal1ty Professional range. Two more oriented cards overclocking than gamers. They have twenty floors of food for the processor (socket LGA 1155), and five floors of RAM power or three for the micro-ATX version.

ATX format, the first map has be presented consist of two PCI-Express 3.0 x 16 slots (x 8 / x 8 if the two are used), a PCI-e 2.0 x 1 slot, and a PCI-e 2.0 x 16 last (wired x 4 at the electrical level on the PCH). At the storage level, there are what make, six ports SATA III whose two managed by the PCH, four SATA II and an eSATA port. Two USB ports 3.0 for the Panel before the package and four on the Panel back of the card. Even if this type of motherboard will be undeniably accompanied a large graphics card if it is not two, provided Asrock when even a HDMI or DisplayPort output on the back, you never know.

asrock_fatal1ty_professional_Z77-001         asrock_fatal1ty_professional_Z77-002

The second motherboard in this range is the micro-ATX. It has the name of Z77 Fatal1ty Professional-M. For the PCI-Express slots, are the same as on the standard ATX version. However, this map has only four SATA III ports, but four SATA II ports and the large model eSATA port. The map does not appear to have dedicated USB 3.0 controller, but would well two ports for the housing and two ports at the rear. It also provides a DVI and VGA support for display and probably making HDMI. We expect to see soon landed with an announcement in due form at CeBIT will be the week Germany next.

asrock_Z77_Extreme6-001The third, to the elegant "Z77 Extreme6" name, is the ATX, and will allow the second generation of Intel Core i processors but also the following with its socket LGA 1155. For the hearts of the beast, Asrock established twelve phases signed DigiPower. Four memory banks will accompany dual-channel processor that can mount up to 2800 MHz frequency. This motherboard has two PCI-e 3.0 x 16 slots (x 8 / x 8 if they are occupied) and directly wired to the CPU. This is adds a slot PCI-e 2.0 x 16 (x 4 electrically), a PCI - e 2.0 x 1 and a small last in mini-PCI-e x 1 for WiFi cards for example. One wonders why, but Asrock is more two PCI slots to the old course, which will be covered when the PCI-e slots are used.

As the previously presented Fatal1ty range, this motherboard provides four ports SATA III including both cabled on a third-party controller, four SATA II ports and one eSATA to 6 Gb / s. In addition, six USB 3.0 ports are logically present including two for control panel front of the enclosure which will host it. Display interfaces are also well represented by a port DVI, a VGA, an HDMI and a DisplayPort. Sound will be conveyed by the Realtek ALC898 controller on 8 + 2 channel for delivering the THX TruStudio Pro as it should. On the back panel, there is increasingly a FireWire port and a Gigabit Ethernet port controlled by the Broadcom BCM57781 chip.


The UEFI in the motherboard provides a simplified system to access files stored on the hard drives of the configuration, but the map itself has advanced features and support for some such as Rapid Start or Smart Connect Intel processors. To get it, it will have to wait until 8 April, date of the official release of this motherboard black and gold whose price was not disclosed.


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