Yahoo is a return to growth, via a new restructuring

Yahoo will, through its new CEO, develop a new strategy of return to growth...


Scott Thompson, the ex-PDG of PayPal who took the reins of Yahoo, is to redress the Internet portal and restore taste to growth. He therefore began to implement a new strategy that starts with a new period of restructuring to drastically reduce costs. Thus, according to information obtained by the All Things D blog, the strategy is clear: it must cut spending in areas that are not remunerative enough to have the means to invest there where the levers of growth. Logical but not necessarily easy to do in Yahoo knowing that the areas that employ the most employees are those who generate the most hearing, but are also the less profitable...

Thousands of redundancies are mentioned on a total of employees which now stands at about 14,000 people in the world. Yahoo must therefore again to pass through there after many job losses have already been decided by Carol Bartz, the previous leader of the Internet portal which was not made of feelings for rebalancing accounts. Scott Thompson was appointed head of Yahoo to put the company on track and prepare it to repurchase were suspected. Finally, it would appear that it is well to meet the company but not to precipitate such an operation, its objective being before any return to growth and profits.


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