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Carbide, nes, Tablet, Tegra 3, Google, disappointment, delay, DRAM... Some of the key words of the week, for a news reviewed and corrected.

It is a week agitated by the Mobile World Congress that one leaves, transition to a week of CeBIT. Yes, news is currently loaded, and we strive to do the sorting for you give essence, without forgetting to keep time to advance our usual tests. This week, you may have read in our columns those PC portable Samsung series 7 times, a good beautiful machine without small defects, and DSS SanDisk Extreme which - seen promises - disappoints slightly.

Were you also promised that Carbide Corsair 300R enclosure, a small inconvenience that you can read at the beginning of next week, alongside the Ultrabook HP Folio 13 during the test and the test of two new launched by AMD graphics cards. Cannot say anything you, nes requires, but stay connected. NES always, the team will be somewhat reduced next week, one of between us flying with a famous Builder for California to discover new long-awaited products... Sorry to not be more specific!

Samsung Serie 7 Chronos (12).JPG     SanDisk Extreme (5).JPG

A small word on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this year without disappoint, had delivered the content of its major announcements before even opening its doors. Indeed, mobile terminals manufacturers could not wait and had mostly already presented their new products. We have of course husked listings of most of them. For a session of catch-up, please consult the actus of the telephony category. MWC who was also an opportunity for Microsoft to launch the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. A beta version that you can download, and that we have dissected for you in pictures in a viewer in the long course.

The actus to remember

By sorting in our news, it is a thematic shelves: Google is disappointed by sales of Android models, Samsung do not prevail in this market as it want them to (but Announces Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1), while the powerful Tegra 3 arrives on a shelf more accessible than the premium Transformer in Asus. Side matos, on holds the output of a new SandForce firmware who signs the end of the over-provisioning, the confirmation of the delay of processors Intel Ivy Bridge and the arrival of two new Bulldozer accompanied by a drop in prices. The situation of Elpida, is critical, the manufacturer of DRAM that filed for bankruptcy. -Side Web, on holds the entry into application of the new unified Google Privacy policy that crosses the personal databases of its members, a study on the consequences of the closures of MegaUpload in France and analysis of very average visit time short on Google +. Google which must also recognize that its TV project takes off always not.

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