MegaUpload: Kim Dotcom have what to defend

The pattern of MegaUpload, released on bail, plays the game of interviews and benefits to knowledge he also maps to play before the courts.


Kim Dotcom again granted an interview, this time to the New Zealand Herald. The pattern of the empire MegaUpload - who recently said he was sure to win his trial - is again passed to the attack. It considers that the case against him by U.S. authorities who flew the closure of sites and his arrest is "misleading and malicious". "Each email established as evidence in the record of charge can be disassembled by hundreds of e-mails which provides my defence, then Yes, I think that I can win in justice" says Kim Dotcom.

He would also like to explain that the FBI is not telling the truth when he says that the requests of works protected by the right holders give rise to removal of the link, but not the file in him even on the servers. Wrong according to Kim Dotcom that says hold evidence to the contrary.

He said explaining also have evidence of his personal involvement in the fight against the use of the service by the pirates. He cited including the hiring of a team of 20 people managing time full requests for withdrawals of the works made by the rights holders.


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