Facebook & advertising: attention to not go too far in monetization

The social network of Mark Zuckerberg is a small facelift for pros and opens new advertising locations to reach a maximum of users.

facebook-timeline-marque.jpgOn a background of entry on the stock market, the thriving business of Mark Zuckerberg multiplies ads in order to seduce the future shareholders of the company, including changing its policy to display the ads in question at the Facebook Marketing Conference (CME to his friends). Conference in which Facebook introduced its new advertising strategy.

We will report three announcements at the event. The first novelty is the passage of the fans view Timeline pages. This complements the customization of coverage and a better ergonomics for the administration. But in fact, the main change concerns the integration of these changes in the mobile version of Facebook, new priority on monetization of the company.

The second evolution is the name of "Reach Generator", which can be simply translated as impairment generator. This feature will allow, according to Facebook, to "multiply the volume of the commitment to a mark by two". To achieve this, brands will have to pay a certain lump sum to stream sponsored the Ticker on the right side. Thus the marks will benefit from greater visibility that passes 75% while without this system, the rate would be only 12%, according to the social network. A good way to identify a little more income for the company which will soon open its capital on the stock market place.

facebook-reach-generator.jpg       facebook-publicite-multisupport.jpg

An example of Reach Generator and Facebook Premium

But Facebook wants to go even further by offering a Premium of its pub service version by opening two new advertising sites for brands. First, the mobile will be a place of choice, since it is more in addition to visits on the part of the users who are for the time still spared by the ads on this version. Then, it will be the turn of the home page we can see the closure of session. We can ask ourselves whether this last page is seen often and will therefore have a real impact on the visibility of marks or not...

All these ads are there to reassure future investors, it is a fact, but these changes in the display of the ads system promote primarily the large social network clients, in the depends on users who will suffer more in addition to ads in their son of news, which is not without risk if this new strategy becomes too invasive and intrusive.


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