Servers: Microsoft and Samsung enhances the performance of the "Cloud" infrastructure, AMD buys SeaMicro

Two important information in the world of servers where the quest for efficiency and performance mobilizes researchers and encourages partnerships and mergers.


Taken from the premises of the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Munich, research of the giant of Redmond and Korean Samsung led on the production of chips of RAM low consumption engraved 20 nm. Named Green Memory, these chips are before any intended for servers that they will help improve their energy balance.

The two companies also indicate with strips of 8 GB DDR3 Samsung Green Memory engraved 20 nm coupled with its new SSD of 256 GB PM830 containing also chips etched 2 x nm, all installed in a server that runs operating systems virtualized on a host Windows Server 2008 R2 using Hyper-V, the gain of time and energy would be of the order of 50% compared to a system that uses of the memory hard disk tray and 40 nm.

Good results which are only five months after the first tests that used memory in 30 nm and 20 nm, Microsoft and Samsung believe extend their collaboration on 27 other centres share MTC worldwide this year.

According to firm IDC, the server market is boosted by the mode of the Cloud and the sale of servers of all sizes is accelerating in such a way that this type of research partnerships and development should to generalize. Is not AMD which contradict this state of fact, since the skier is also on the offensive on this segment with the acquisition of SeaMicro for a total of $ 281 million 334 million in cash.


A left, Rory P. Read CEO of AMD, right, Andrew Feldman CEO of SeaMicro

Outside the financial figures, the redemption will allow the caster to Sunnyvale to offer servers that consume only a quarter of the energy usually used for this type of machines and will take only a sixth of the space occupied by the standard servers while keeping the same performance than the latter.


In detail, innovation SeaMicro in this area will allow AMD to connect hundreds of processors in - them and the memory used by these, Deputy storage or interfaces connecting the servers as interfaces networks to push the limits of the processors to achieve twelve times the bandwidth of each heart, among other...

As with all repurchases of company, AMD reassures SeaMicro clients indicating that support for their solutions will be insured and that they propose new from servers of the redemption for the replacement of the old term. In addition, this acquisition does not change the roadmap of the caster for this year on the range of processors for servers, since the closing of this acquisition will be rather next year. The amount of the necessary transaction will be tapped into reserves of money from the Caster.


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