DDR3: a record 3736 MHz and an overclocked kit

SuperTalent proposes to array memory up to 2133 MHz, while a G.Skill overclocking monte of strips to 3736 MHz...


Since do not wait the DDR4 before some time, the JEDEC has extended the range of frequencies that DDR3 memory support, 1333 MHz at 2133 MHz. But little bars on the market offer this frequency because this requires a job of probing and stabilized overclocking for mass production. This work has not stopped SuperTalent proposing today a bar decked out for the quad-channel DDR3 memory and supporting this 2133 MHz frequency, with the WQ213UB4G constructor reference.

To achieve this, SuperTalent has developed all its talent (!) in the design of this bar by changing two or three parameters such as voltage to 1.65 Volts and by adding a Heat Sink just cool the chips. The manufacturer indicates that its bars can now draw the quintessence of processor current as the Sandy Bridge-E, including the Core i7-3960X processors and chipset X 79 of Intel used for testing these bars and therefore validated by SuperTalent for the use of its Quadra. These bars are available today in the trade and we doubt that the kit of four modules to mount a config' 16 GB (reference WQ213UX16G) will not be given.

Always in line with the overclocking memory, the Swiss Christian Ney is amused to push the kit from G.Skill extreme RipjawsZ bars operating frequency. Already running at 2400 MHz of core, the used memory kit turn to 3736 MHz under nitrogen.

record-memoire-DDR3-AMD-Llano-GSkill-RipjawsZ-3736-003      record-memoire-DDR3-AMD-Llano-GSkill-RipjawsZ-3736-004      record-memoire-DDR3-AMD-Llano-GSkill-RipjawsZ-3736-001      record-memoire-DDR3-AMD-Llano-GSkill-RipjawsZ-3736-002.jpg

To achieve a nice configuration was used with a Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H map and a processor AMD A8-3870K under architecture Llano native frequency of 1.6 GHz, and a SeaSonic 750 Watts power. Verified by HWBot software, it is a new record for the DDR3 author comments in his own way: "You can feel the unlimited potential of the platform and want to always go further and further". The DDR4 has only to well to keep!


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