Hadopi: François Hollande speaks more of repeal

François Hollande was slow to adopt concrete posture before the Hadopi law. Despite his early intentions, is no longer question of repeal in his speech.

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The team of François Hollande campaign media adviser have reaffirmed that the intention of the Socialist candidate in the presidential election is to repeal the law Hadopi, this desire has never been very clear. Indeed, in this regard, the speech of François Hollande who wishes to visibly household cultural industry remains soft, so you don't always know exactly where he wants to come. A forum published in the world gives a few new clues, without being once again of absolute clarity.

In this forum, it considers, therefore, that the Hadopi law should be revamped while that a "consistent and fair" policy must be put in place, the idea being to "make the digital revolution a vector of individual and collective emancipation, a model of economic development and an opportunity for culture". François Hollande however recognizes that the law Hadopi "price was paid without allowing the creative industries transition to digital (...)" "It is not funded probative way the creation". And PS to identify candidate: "I do not think that should be object, as the current Government has for five years, the creators and their public".

However, when it comes to concrete proposals, François Hollande sentence defining a new regulatory framework. "It must first retrieve the path of dialogue." Must be all the players around a table - the outgoing Government has never done. "I think dialogue, consultation, to compromise" he explains. A little less blurred is its intention to "more effective judicial actions to dry up at the source the unlawful distribution of copyrighted works" and to address "delocalized and uncontrollable platforms that pours cultural content on the network without never participate in their financing".

If that can end up thinking that the only thing that stands out its position against the Hadopi and the Government concerns the method, François Hollande repeating three words: "Dialogue, dialogue and compromise". Weapons against the susceptibility of the cultural industry which supports important to the Socialist Party, was able to fear heard talk of repeal of Hadopi and GPL?


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