Cloud Computing: a job creator

The cloud-computing develops and will be responsible for the creation of 15 million jobs in three years.

A study commissioned by Microsoft to cabinet IDC on cloud-computing sector indicates that it is a total 15 million jobs which will be created in this sector by 2015. Horizon to which cloud-computing should generate an annual turnover of $ 1100 billion. It is interesting to learn, according to this study, what the investments made by the public sector which will be a priori at the origin of most of job creation, more than investment from the private sector.

A third of these jobs will be in the areas of communication and media (2.4 million posts), Bank (1.4 million) and the production of goods (1.3 million) industry.

With regard to the regions of the world will benefit most of these job creation, we learn that it is China and the India which focus almost half of the jobs created, respectively is 2.1 and 4.6 million. Then come the United States or activities in the "cloud" will create 1.1 million jobs. In France, according to figures from IDC, are 189.000 hires that will be performed in the area of cloud-computing by 2015.


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