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Test Need For Speed The Run - Xbox 360

Are you ready to embody a beautiful shadowy, which itself will meet with delicious young women, and who, will have the leisure drive beautiful and large powerful cars to show as the King of the road and winner of The Run, a mythical race of the United States? Is made worse, as hero, and settle behind the wheel of these displacements should not be a problem in the majority of the players. Except that it will still be for glory since in the early part, your life is not all rosy. You are ready to engage in the race, The Run, but your position, place the 200, will not bring you no look flattering on the part of the public, or of your opponents.

Need For Speed The Run Need For Speed The Run (1)

Progression in this Run The NFS is original and us will change the eternal races in the same age-old city, with the same sets, repeatedly crossed neighbourhoods, the panels many times exceeded, etc. Here, each new course, offers a new playing field. You drive on American roads and discover all the richness of the American landscape. San Francisco to New York, through the major canyons, Las Vegas desert, snowy mountains, the beautiful green Plains, etc... Add to this improved graphics and you'll get a game visually very significant. It is not always easy to take advantage of the landscape, but your CoPilot sitting next to you during your part can you to praise. You can also to live your races with climatic hazards of the crossed area: sand storms hinder visibility while snow adverse tends to annoy your trajectories.

Need For Speed The Run (3) Need For Speed The Run (2)

The Run will take place to you according to your results. If you are not a challenge, you can move forward. Success must therefore be to the appointment and may you have to multiply the trials on many challenges. Because if the diversity affects graphics, it also affects the race. The Run is not a succession of races where you have to finish first. It would be boring in the long run, many steps. The Run is available in different challenges: one will ask you to exceed a certain number of adversary, the other to stay in as long as possible head, another win against the - shows, etc... You cannot make additional show. The title imposes you its rhythm, to win the seat and according to certain levels, you you experience the best driver to your level. A kind of combat against a boss in some way. Once past the stage, you resume to cross the country and grappillerez the number of needed space. The title is therefore linear, you here nothing to manage that your conduct. To be thus wear, players like. The conduct is at the heart of their part and they can totally be devote.

Test Bodycount - PS3

It is clear that encroach on the market of the FPS with a new licence is not easy, both the volume and quality of other productions are already present. However, this has not prevented the Codemasters studio build Bodycount. To put the initial interest of production, note that it is designed by the team of Black, rather impressive FPS released on PS2 and Xbox a few years. Also, some fans of the first hour have are largely interested in this new project which is not in a half measure.

As soon as the first moments of the game, it is clearly felt that Bodycount seeks to propose a FPS "old school" atmosphere focusing mainly on the action. Indeed, the scenario of the soft takes on a post stamp: you are an agent of an organization called the Network and your goal will be to calm the guerrillas in countries in crisis. The pitch makes you as the solution to end the clashes. SPF requires, this is not as great diplomat that you foulerez the lands of Africa or Asia, but with your weapons. In short, you are only a cleaner without brains mitraille before moving on to negotiations.

Bodycount - 7 Bodycount - 8

You understand it, the scenario agreed and is worthy of largest mutilates of the 1980s. This implementation might be very interesting if developers had focused the tone on derision, but all of the campaign is very first degree and therefore largely uninteresting. Outside the clashes against the militias and local resistance (Yes, you draw on both sides without distinction), you'll quickly nose to nose with a company called the Target. This last consists of soldiers in armour (awful...) which operate local wars for their own purposes. However, do not expect of twists, history remains extremely agreed.

Outside this little bright surface aspect, is that Bodycount is not a lightning war in its foundations. Indeed, the title has a progression hollow which focuses on two environments: Africa for the first part of the game, China for the second. The whole is intersects by soporific passages in the Target infrastructure, places duplicated without shame from one level to another. Also, there is surprise to return in the same locations, which adds little dynamism to all. In short, it will be for many players of a path that takes more of Calvary, that the gameplay is very disappointing.

Bodycount - 6 Bodycount - 5

Test Professor Layton the appeal of the spectrum - Nintendo DS

A little nostalgia wind blows on this new episode of Professor Layton. Notice to owners of Nintendo DS, here is the last game of the series developed on the platform. The next components are now programmed on 3DS and you need to equip you if you want to continue the adventure. But let the moment of its presence on the platform where the licence is is simply revealed, admittedly a little behind the Japanese public, but still revealed. Full locating his license, Level-5 gave Europeans a series out of the ordinary and very high quality. Those who follow since its inception have no weariness and yet, it cannot be said that Professor Layton is particularly renewed. But its graphic style, balanced investigations and its solid scenario make each episode of real references. The appeal of the spectrum does not escape this reputation and even gaining interest due to its chronological position in the series.

Professeur Layton Appel du spectre (2) Professeur Layton Appel du spectre (5)

The appeal of the spectrum is not a component following the previous components, on the contrary, it above. This new episode takes place indeed before all first, the strange Village. A boon that will undoubtedly take the newcomers on the series to discover. Here, there is no question of references to the events crossed in the previous games, or winks, acts which could be losing and make evil players uncomfortable before the unknown. The appeal of spectrum as a prologue and you work will provide the meeting between the Professor Layton and Luke, which here takes an any other role that faithful assistant.

Test 4 Forza Motorsport-Xbox 360

The problem with franchises such as Forza Motorsport, is that they are particularly expected at the turn, especially when the previous pane has excelled in its proposals. Therefore developers not to rest on the success, not just the ease to finally offer to players as a component of the addon. Developers rather this work difficult to challenge and this desire to go further, not only to be still guarantee good sales figures, but to offer players always the same pleasure, on a title with no real secrets. At Turn 10 so this demanding work, but oh how galvanizing when he is successful. First significant point, the choice was made of space episodes of two years. No precipitation, no infinite development nor, perhaps the just balance between the return of the public and the germination of new ideas. Always is it that Forza 4 arrived in time and hour, the result seems not bad and that Turn 10 therefore held the majority of its promises.

Forza 4 Forza 4 (2)

Forza 4 will not shame to his ancestors. Reputation of the franchise sufficient to guarantee players a game based on a solid content. Of course, nothing protects of the misstep, but a know-how which has the gift to fly with each new iteration has what reassure. Forza 4 will therefore not revolutionize the franchise and continues to reiterate many aspects, so dear to the series. The game of car ignores flourishes, menus only the essential and allow you to smoothly navigation. Turn 10 does not lose the talent of its developers in menus that shed, the style is rather refined to better develop and express themselves, in the key of the game field.

Forza 4 (3) Forza 4 (1)

Therefore, this Forza remains faithful to its franchise. The players used to drag their gaiters in the different episodes of the series will be therefore not lost here. It's as if you reduce your place of resort par excellence, every thing is in its place and you could blind, you find.
The strength of Forza, is still its great accessibility. Over the years, Turn 10 continuing always to apply to the neophytes, to leave their chance to players who did know nothing, take fun to experience sensations and finish a race in the first three places on the podium even if the driver talent is not. And this accessibility is not at the expense of players experienced, those that scotchent you the line of departure, who speak you lift and differential... So everything is simplified for the amateur, as many manual settings for connoisseurs are many. Complex and numerous. But it must be used to understand the interest of certain settings to test other sensations. It will therefore just emphasize this huge opportunity for the players. Forza, is also taking the time to optimize number of parameters (and not only the color of his car) before flowing into the race.

Forza 4 (6) Forza 4 (5)

The originality of this 4 Forza comes from its Kinect accounting. No worries if you don't have the Microsoft accessory, you won't miss a fundamental content. Kinect allows you, in addition to move the head in the cockpit, to the Tower of the vehicles in the Autovista of the "touch", to try, to open the trunk, to interact with them. It's fun but is in no way determinative. Turn 10 seems to be bent to the wishes of Microsoft, who wishes to see its Kinect everywhere, without his Forza 4 for a game now public... A change which would have been fatal to the players.

Test F1 2011 - Xbox 360

Codemasters decided to resume his account of formula 1 licence and the editor today harvest the fruit of his work. After a F1 2010 component that has really revived the franchise and offered players a title of formula 1 worthy of the name, this new 2011 version was in turn piece. The previous pane that responded to many expectations, Codemasters could then simply offer just continuity. The risk was that the editor based on his freshly earned laurels, but Codemasters will have still been a little further. Development studio perfectly assimilated the changes this new season and will have even taken a few former defects shown by critical support. Result, this F1 2011 is based largely on qualities of F1 2010 and brings what is news to provide you with further experience.

F1 2011 (5) F1 2011 (4)

F1 2011 sticks closer to the 2011 season now underway. Regulars lose therefore all pilots, registered at the beginning of season, ready to fly to the struggle of the podium and show high the colours of their stables. This side is also no lack in the appeal. MC Laren, Red Bull, Lotus, Torro Rosso, the most prestigious alongside here also the weakest. Same for circuits, these races will resume all events of the season. The game proves that it is actually updated since his grand return circuit of Nürburgring and circuit of New Delhi, the great novelty of this year, you will propose to discover your turn. The bases of F1 and the 2011 season are thus met, and so you can put ing in his place and save your favorite driver.

Test Resistance 3 - PS3

If first Resistance name became known, it is above all to its output coordinated with the launch of the PlayStation 3. However, the market of the FPS of the past four years proved very flowering, which came on a second opus halftone. However, Insomniac Games is cowardly not with Resistance 3 piece, with aims to propose a few enhancements in terms of screenwriting, but also at the level of gameplay.

This third episode signs before a change of hero. Nathan Hale died of infection chimérienne, it is the turn of another resistance to load to save humanity. Joe Capelli, although prima facie exceeded by critical progression of extraterrestrials on Earth, hard to find a solution to reverse the trend and allow humans last stay in life. You understand it, Resistance 3 brings an aspect of survival much more exaggerated than in the past, which allows better to immerse yourself in the scenario. However, developers are mired in a series of clichés, unwieldy often agreed speech. Everything is not for all black, since some reversals of situation surprised towards the half of the solo frame.

Resistance 3 - 8 Resistance 3 - 2

Although he has a face bruised by the war, Joe Capelli lack its charismatic hero role. Indeed, the latter simply often follow the instructions given by the other resistance throughout the adventure, and this, without batting an eyelid. Some rare scenes offer a hint of humanity, especially upon his arrival in New York, critical basis of chimeras and location of the terraformeurs of the decrease in the temperature of the planet. Insomniac Games to combine the frenetic action in a highly successful and this aspect of survival, while adding a touch of humanity related to the family of Joe.

In sum, our hero to go four cities before reaching New York and try to destroy all of the chimera... only. In outline, the ultra classic and this rest scenario is that the atmosphere of survival to back the general impression. With Resistance 3, you progress often solo or in the company of a fellow countryman, which adorns the impression of domination of the chimera. Despite a false impression of freedom of action in the twenty chapters that represent the solo frame of the game, the path remains excessively linear. You can see any particularly with open areas which are invisible walls that prevent us to traverse paths, or even the closed areas which do not return back (doors that close any only, debris fall once a key point spent, etc.) Some passages also verge on déjà vu, including the scene of the village of night which brings to the city of Volgas of Half-Life 2.

Resistance 3 - 3 Resistance 3 - 1

Test Batman Arkham City - Xbox 360

Batman Arkham City could still do better than the previous Arkham Asylum? That is the question that the players have the ask before hand this new component. The first Batman out of the hands of Rocksteady had truly grips us, led to a elsewhere, even populated a gang of madmen, had managed to seduce us in the least of its proposals. Arkham Asylum has therefore left behind him a very good memory, never we had seen a great Batman in terms of video game. Rocksteady had treated his title, had treated his subject with great respect, made a good dose of artistic touch to his video game and the result had been, with such treatment, at the height of the expectations and much more. Also, when an Arkham City looms on the horizon, the apprehension is palpable. Will a second branch not spoil everything? Can he not simply little and tarnish the good initial impression on this franchise?

Batman Arkham City (25) Batman Arkham City (26)

Therefore will be a few steps in this Batman Arkham City to realize this new result. Rocksteady is visibly not simply little Editor. The bases of Arkham Asylum are times and pushed a little further. If the step is not huge, the evolution of this new game is real. Regulars, those which have already dragged on asylum, will soon take foot in this new adventure. New entrants take the wire the bright eyes of the pleasure of discovery. Arkham City is indeed the worthy heir of the first branch and proposed once again some convincing arguments, which will undoubtedly make this title one of the compelling this year.

Batman Arkham City (24) Batman Arkham City (23)

A word for new entrants. Rocksteady does not put you side and multiply efforts so that you can resume the thread of this adventure. Of information relating to the takeover will be in the game menus, allowing you to take full advantage of all the possibilities of Batman. Access you is simplified, since many indications appear also on the screen. Therefore, you should feel rather well received.

Test Saints Row The Third - PC - PS3 - Xbox 360

Players who have followed the Saints Row franchise know how much they set difficulty that the gang of the Saints had a true place in the middle. Only this, the good life only lasted a time. This third component puts you on the street in the early part, the Union is being shown more malignant the gang to make you lose everything you had. Money, car, clothing, relations, reputation, you have strictly more nothing. Fortunately, the first two missions of the game will allow you to earn some money for you including to buy weapons and clothes. What find a semblance of style with effective arguments that your new opponents again take you seriously.

Saints Row The third (14) Saints Row The third (6)

If your first mission offers a character to take in hand, you will later need to create it from scratch. Customization is here in the heart of this Saints Row and you will certainly spend lot of time to perfect your hero. Note that the Saints may have a gang leader and not necessarily of a Chief. It fun to give your hero, whatever it is, the most disconcerting mimicry, most unexpected in a gang war. Is that once your character created in detail that you can understand what it is issue in this new Saints Row The Third.

Test Battlefield 3 - PC

The arrival of Battlefield 3 and the next Modern Warfare 3 demonstrates how the time flies. It seems that the time was not far where the respective editors of these titles were still only announce their Mastodon. The months are thus and Battlefield 3 is the first to open the ball. It is now possible to announce that Electonic Arts will have developed the means in its promotional campaign, where cheap shots and breathtaking videos will have fueled our news wire. Battlefield 3 is now and must now live himself, to present to the public, a particularly demanding public, and no longer rely on its intrinsic qualities. Near exit of a Modern Warfare 3 pushed a EA has to do more, the goal of both the competitor, or even better, is palpable. In the gameplay, in situations, will be a CoD effect which interferes with somewhat. As if the Battlefield franchise did not of itself enough arguments to convince. The competition between the two titles is displayed, it launches figures of pre-orders for reassurance. But even once, fine words, promises, have left the place full-scale test. And, what is today, Friday, October 28, unfortunate to say, is that Electronic Arts has missed a launch that had to be smoothly.

Battlefield 3 (60) Battlefield 3 (32)

These problems are present and if they are disruptive, it is hoped that Dice and EA will find a quick solution to improve the comfort of game. In the State, players have a 3 Battlefield with many bugs in the solo campaign, whose access to the multiplayer is not possible for some players, and when you're precisely, the lag is ubiquitous and many disconnections. It is therefore not to the point again, and this is quite regrettable, since the multiplayer of this Battlefield 3 beautiful proposals to you to make...

Test Gears of War 3 - Xbox 360

A single question in many heads turn: Gears of War 3 would raise the enthusiasm of the players, even after two famous episodes and a long development? Gears of War 2 a, in his time, marked the spirits by offering players a game full of action, already beautiful graphics, an arsenal bluffing and a very comfortable handling. GoW 3 should not only do as well, but go even further. Not just own the series success, convince players of its intrinsic quality once again. And then, with these two years of development, players, become demanding time, expected much of this last adventure, which concludes the trilogy. It was therefore difficult to Epic Games to miss, to the risk of sinking the full deductible.

Gears of War 3 - 10 Gears of War 3 - 9

That one is reassured, the hours spent on this new Gears of War 3 impose respect. Never game will be so captivated us, taken in breath and given difficulty. EPIC signs where one end, but how! Regulars of the franchise may, eyes closed, obtain their copy, the Act being even mandatory for GoW who plays since its inception. Every aspect of the game is here captivating and defects are erased everything naturally. It must be said also that the title give you well enough struggled to ensure that you have the time to quibble on two or three points of the title. Attention, this Gears of War 3 may happer you. Do you of the time, uninterrupted parts of games to keep intact pleasure, an action continues.

Test Dead Island - Xbox 360

Dead Island resumed a script seen a thousand times in bad horror movies. On a beautiful island where bask holidaymakers, probably in formula all-inclusive, spreads a particularly bad scourge. The zombies multiply, biting innocent victims, sometimes devouring them on the edge of a swimming pool, or even in the pool, transforming the turquoise water red bath, in a hotel room or on the beach. A holiday taking like nightmares where you need to survive and also to assist people in difficulty.

Dead Island (16) Dead Island (1)

Before launch you the title, you know the, Techland enjoys the second degree, or even the spirit of series B films. The developer mixes kitsch to inspiring situations, all over dialogue and sound effects which the stroke is pushed. The style is assumed and in this case managed often. It is leave therefore pleasantly take to the game of credibility any relative of the scenario. Arm themselves of a wood paddle to decimate with heavyweights often double the template of your character, remains a pleasant situation when we keep the ascendancy on the opponent. Believed to be moderately but the atmosphere of the game carries you and you may well have to survive with the means to. If the credibility of the staged is questioned, it is also appreciated thanks to the particularly well developed game content. If Dead Island does not seriously on the shape, the bottom he was worked with care. The title of Techland plays on many aspects of gameplay.

These 2012: Ubuntu soon in the connected TV

The Linux Open - source Ubuntu distribution will soon arrive on the Smart TV.

Canonical, the company Publisher of Ubuntu, wants to launch on the segment connected television - or Smart TV - from and compete with Google TV and the hypothetical future Apple TV. The Open-source operating system could interfere in this market still limited before the end of the year to take market share quickly and to keep pace by mastodons.

Remember that connected TV allows to watch the traditional channels but also provide access to VOD services, applications, games, music in line… No constructor is still designated, but negotiations are underway to produce compatible televisions.

Note that Ubuntu could also be worn on other terminals such as smartphones and touch tablets.


Microsoft Vermeer: 3D holographic screen and touch

Microsoft made a demonstration of his research on the holographic screen.

Microsoft Labs engineers do not look like other Star Wars. When they see the holograms, they turn to the challenge of reproducing this futuristic technology. Fruit of their work, Vermeer is a touchscreen holographic and 3D. With a set of mirrors and a volumetric display system, the images are displayed in the space and the Kinect sensor (with an infrared sensor placed at the bottom of the sphere) is used for interaction with the user. By projecting 2880 images, Vermeer will display the equivalent of a film led to 15 images per second. The prototype of Vermeer is visible in this video from Microsoft. It is very impressive, perhaps even more than was the demonstration of the Holodesk.

Test Sonic Generations - Xbox 360

Sonic has twenty years. And this is not for us younger, as it is customary to say. Nostalgia is twofold. The first, quite egocentric, we reminded our personal twenty years, that we have, where we were at the time, this kind of memories which gives rise to a few sighs. Once this personal issue is avoided, it is to Sonic that we think, and very definitely to the first meeting with this blue hedgehog. Twenty years ago, Sega launched its mascot. Twenty years ago, parents had made the choice, harmless for them and finally full consequences today, turn their children to Mario or Sonic, opting for the NES and the Sega Mega drive. Many have therefore not known immediately Sonic, as others have met Mario on the later.

Sonic Generations (40) Sonic Generations (38)

Sonic, of our personal experience, said number of sunny large holiday memories. While Mario was accessible at any time of the Parisian daily, Sonic him occupied us the NAPs, the time where the Sun for own Vaucluse imposed us imprisonment behind Windows and doors, in the darkness and hoping to keep a little freshness. Sonic was therefore, ready to entertain young old, not necessarily talented player on these new challenges. Earth, Mario resembled a small old so he was less quickly to achieve its goals... And game time was counted too small to allow the joystick "at large" more experts...

Sonic Generations (39) Sonic Generations (37)

In short, we all have our personal history with Sonic. This is the way begins the stories of fans elsewhere. Also, when Sega Announces anniversary title, a landmark game in the twenty years of the franchise, it is obvious to any fan, to be. It goes without saying that the quality of plays all the same in this ownership title, but was conceivable that the Sonic Team rate check on such an occasion?

Un SSD de 4 To chez OCZ

OCZ introduces its Chiron: an SSD of 4 TB in a 3.5 "enclosure.

OCZ Chiron

OCZ has announced an SSD the sweet name of Chiron (Yes, in French, it's quite funny). Equipped with a RAID controller designed by OCZ, it combines four controllers Indilinx Everest and integrates all in a box 3.5 "SATA III 6 Gbps, and displays a total storage capacity of 4 To.

This course is very impressive, even if it can emit a few doubts about the ability of SATA III interface do not saturate with such a disk. A priori, OCZ developed the package on the possible operations per second, including 4 K blocks. That confirm announced performance: 560 MB/s rates, and 100,000 IOPS. You will imagine, such as SSD will be not given...

These 2012: Gorilla Glass 2, for the PC and the TV also...

Corning aimed his new ultra-resistant glass not only mobile terminals but also to the PC and the TV.


The Gorilla Glass, glass insensitive to scratches and ultra-resistant plethora of smartphones and touch tablets, team arrives in a version 2 with number of innovations.

The Gorilla Glass 2.0 announces first even more solid and resistant to shocks, it will be also fine with increased touch sensitivity and can equip screens of televisions of large sizes, monitors and laptops slabs (ultrabooks).

If more non-glare and removable finger treatment is effective, this glass will again a considerable success. Corning also offers visitors of these to test the resistance of glass by themselves on its stand.

Test TETRIS 3DS-Nintendo 3DS

The reputation of Tetris is more to do and the arrival of a new title is always the nostalgia. It is not said that the interest for the franchise still persists for years, but his publisher Tetris Online, is not breaking down the franchise in obsolescence. Also, the output of a new platform was an opportunity to perfect to complement the series of a new episode, even more than the new features of the 3DS is totally appropriate for the concept of the title. Also, if Tetris offers its usual challenge, other challenges are in addition to the gaming experience, in a spirit of "old school".

Tetris 3DS (2) Tetris 3DS (1)

Purists will find course mode of Tetris game par excellence, this Marathon mode where you are chaining lines, levels, and where the parts fall more quickly. Cherry on the cake, you will find the same musical theme of the first Tetris. Make fi however this lower screen or flutters it is unclear why a Mii bad no doubt of physical exercise. This Tetris on 3DS display shows somewhat indented. Hudson Soft or Tetris Online obviously did want to bring some joy to their title. Expect therefore menus without taste and without life, wallpaper sad wish and a Mii attempting to put the atmosphere waving arms. Visually speaking, the title enthusiasm not. Fortunately, the contents of this new Tetris the saves of this immense sadness in which it plunges us and too focused that we are on our challenges, the visual aspect will the second plan.

Intel and the laptop to the tactile transparent

Nikiski of Intel is a prototype laptop with transparent and touch the area taking place under the keyboard.

In the alleys of these, is not bad Intel to speak of him with his Nikiski, a laptop computer which, under its boilerplate air, cache part transaparente and touch. It is difficult to explain, also we invite you to watch images and video of TheVerge following to better understand the thing.

Intel Nikiski (1) Intel Nikiski (2) Intel Nikiski (3) Intel Nikiski (4)

The most interesting being of course to have a view of a part of the screen when the portable computer is closed, which - with the touch area - allows to navigate through menus that have been specially conceived for. As for dynamic tiles way Windows 8, for example (although Intel explains thought this interface before that Microsoft does unveils its new OS...).

This is of course a prototype, but it seems that Intel is interested to go to commercialization if one of its partners manufacturers is ready to invest in the project. Interesting.

These 2012: Crystal LED, the response of the OLED Sony

If Sony stop costs with the OLED tiles, it presents a new LCD technology called Crystal LED.

Sony Crystal LED

Yesterday, said Sony want to snub the OLED. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer announced want not to commercialize OLED screens in the immediate future, finding this too confidential to be cost-effective technology. Today, we learn that Sony is a House, called Crystal LED response.

Thus, Sony responds to televisions of LG or Samsung OLED in large formats with its slab 55 "Crystal LED. A screen which operates very small LEDs mounted on each subpixel color (RGB), equivalent number of pixels available. All the technical details of this technology are not yet known, but Sony proudly announces that this screen offers a response time 10 times better than that of a television classic LCD, a 3.5 times more marked contrast and a colorimetric 1.4 times larger.

Engadget, which could approach this TV, regrets that the presentation - made prototype - had only rehearsed sporadically frozen images. However, they found the very light rendering and detailed.

Test Rage - Xbox 360

Obviously, the fate of our hero of the day is not the more tender. Only survivor of his team, sent it is known on this devastated land, our hero is barely delivered on both legs that it is attacked by a band of brigands. The home is not warm and you place with in the context. Here, it be armed to stay alive, and with the help of one of the survivors of this planet that you you dollars that first delicate situation. This benevolent human will then take you in his base camp, where you will make knowledge with other survivors. The camp, of Motley slum, will be the location of your first not in the game. That will leave your first quests, you will make knowledge with the local merchant, will find a first vehicle and a rudimentary weapon, but weapon even when.

Rage (5) Rage (4)

These first elements should impose you the major guidelines of this game: you need to talk with the inhabitants to obtain quests and the information about the current situation; You will need to take the time to collect all the objects on your way to resale and call you a pay for the purchase of ammunition, for example; out of the question for you to browse this hostile foot world, vehicles, including a buggy will be made available. You can even have the leisure, between two quests, to realize a few races. As your basic weapon, you will quickly understand that the time is the débrouille and you need to, you, build you weapons worthy of the name.