Test TETRIS 3DS-Nintendo 3DS

The reputation of Tetris is more to do and the arrival of a new title is always the nostalgia. It is not said that the interest for the franchise still persists for years, but his publisher Tetris Online, is not breaking down the franchise in obsolescence. Also, the output of a new platform was an opportunity to perfect to complement the series of a new episode, even more than the new features of the 3DS is totally appropriate for the concept of the title. Also, if Tetris offers its usual challenge, other challenges are in addition to the gaming experience, in a spirit of "old school".

Tetris 3DS (2) Tetris 3DS (1)

Purists will find course mode of Tetris game par excellence, this Marathon mode where you are chaining lines, levels, and where the parts fall more quickly. Cherry on the cake, you will find the same musical theme of the first Tetris. Make fi however this lower screen or flutters it is unclear why a Mii bad no doubt of physical exercise. This Tetris on 3DS display shows somewhat indented. Hudson Soft or Tetris Online obviously did want to bring some joy to their title. Expect therefore menus without taste and without life, wallpaper sad wish and a Mii attempting to put the atmosphere waving arms. Visually speaking, the title enthusiasm not. Fortunately, the contents of this new Tetris the saves of this immense sadness in which it plunges us and too focused that we are on our challenges, the visual aspect will the second plan.


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