Record of activations of iOS devices / Android at Christmas

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Smartphones (and to a lesser extent touch tablets) remained this year still value among the gifts of Christmas, leading to a record of the number of new activations and a thrust of fever of downloads of applications.

Disturbances were also observed for certain services such as voice recognition Siri on iOS (also still officially in beta version), become difficult to access to the number of new requests.

Smartphones have made at the foot of the FIR

Flurry, a specialist for mobile applications analytical tools, says that a peak of 6.8 million activations of Android devices and iOS was observed on the day of 25 December, against 1.5 million average daily activations in December and largely over the 2.8 million activations observed on December 25, 2010.

Andy Rubin, one of the founding fathers of Android, confirmed on Twitter the success of the mobile platform indicating that not less than 3.7 million units had been activated between 24 and December 25, 2011, knowing that the average number of daily activations is of the order of 700 000.

The number of mobile applications downloaded on the portals during December 25 was also much higher than the average of December, with a peak at more than 15 million downloads per hour early evening of December 25.


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