iPad 3: doubled battery and two models by January 2012?

iPad 2 02

Approach the end of the year but the rumors continue on the next iPad model that could be announced early next year... and in two versions in all. It is the site Digitimes said according to information collected from suppliers of components at Taiwan.

Rejecting the hypothesis of an iPad "7.85 circulating these days, it would be two models" 9.7 and equipped with a resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels which are expected, with a specific backlight system that was difficult to finalize.

The Japanese group Sharp should be the main supplier of the new iPad screen, Samsung and LG Display. The new iPad should embark on the next generation of processor Apple A6, quadricoeur, in the same way as the iPad assumed 2 was the first to use the Apple A5 dual core.

A6 Apple and iPad 2 in entry
DIGITIMES indicates that one of the new iPad should embark on an APN 5 megapixels provided by Samsung, while the other will be equipped with a module 8 megapixels from Sony. And a 6500 mAh battery, it is a 14 000 mAh battery which would be integrated in the new equipment that will cover medium and high-end segments.

For the entry, not an iPad Mini "7.85, already put in doubt, it is the iPad 2 which will occupy this position with a decrease in its fee schedule. All speculation above, it is perhaps with the partnership of Sharp on the screen the more solid information.


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