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Nintendo will have spoiled us in Kirby this year. After a very charming Kirby over the adventure for a young audience, the small pink ball back for the holidays bring us a little more challenge. It is nor a set of platform demanding or complicated, as it could be Donkey Kong Country Returns, or as are many Mario games. Here, one goes up a level but to change public and aim the box "at the top". Kirby is always very endearing and this new adventure will allow all to spend some time in his company. As one of the strong points of this game, in addition to the gay side, is to offer players the possibility of player four in cooperation. The opportunity for large and small of to find in a world full of good humour and spend a nice time together, without the lower difficulty levels the more motivated.

Kirby's Adventure Wii (4) Kirby's Adventure Wii (5)

Kirby resumed his powers in this episode. It can again swallow his enemies and use as a weapon. Better yet, it can absorb their power and become particularly strong. The small harmless pink ball turns into combat beast, with a masterful sword, a whip, magical powers, powers of super hero, fire, ice, etc... Should not therefore be having, Kirby is not something small, fragile and will not many end of level boss. It is also true that they are not particularly recalcitrant... The game takes a turn any action, but that is sure to appeal to the young. As much force and powers available to their small hands that ask for?

Kirby's Adventure Wii (3) Kirby's Adventure Wii (2)

This Kirby's Adventure Wii will take place in a traditional way. Different worlds compounds themselves several levels with at the end a final boss. Another boss will have to be eliminated in part, history to a maximum of challenges, but there not more is exposed to a real resistance. In these different levels, you need to obviously find parts partciulières to allow you to unlock many challenges on which we will return later. The exploration of these levels will take you either in various situations, always treated and different contexts. Developers love their franchise and him make it well by offering players a fun, gay and colourful world.

Kirby's Adventure Wii (7) Kirby's Adventure Wii (6)

The title will offer a plethora of challenges, difficult for the most part, and a few mini-games in addition to the main quest. The ocassion to diversify the adventure and fun otherwise while remaining in the company of this pretty ball rose.


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