Intel and the laptop to the tactile transparent

Nikiski of Intel is a prototype laptop with transparent and touch the area taking place under the keyboard.

In the alleys of these, is not bad Intel to speak of him with his Nikiski, a laptop computer which, under its boilerplate air, cache part transaparente and touch. It is difficult to explain, also we invite you to watch images and video of TheVerge following to better understand the thing.

Intel Nikiski (1) Intel Nikiski (2) Intel Nikiski (3) Intel Nikiski (4)

The most interesting being of course to have a view of a part of the screen when the portable computer is closed, which - with the touch area - allows to navigate through menus that have been specially conceived for. As for dynamic tiles way Windows 8, for example (although Intel explains thought this interface before that Microsoft does unveils its new OS...).

This is of course a prototype, but it seems that Intel is interested to go to commercialization if one of its partners manufacturers is ready to invest in the project. Interesting.


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