These 2012: a "Goodbye" without panache for Microsoft

A disappointing Conference for Microsoft to the these, without shattering announcement but an application some to finally put in place a coherent ecosystem around the Metro interface.

As usual, Microsoft held the Conference of the initiation of the 2012 Edition of these. But as announced, this will be the last for Microsoft, which will more participate in the show in the future. It was a historic moment, but Microsoft did not have in its bag of sufficiently important announcement to mark the spirits for this last participation. Steve Ballmer spoke of Windows Phone, pulled from his pocket the 900 Lumia of Nokia or HTC Titan II.

He also referred to Windows 8, the new OS of Office of the giant with the beta will be available starting in the month of February. The opportunity to see turn the Metro interface on shelves ARM equipped with a SoC Nvidia Tegra 3, also on x 86 platforms. Microsoft also referred to the Xbox, with 66 million consoles installed and 40 million Xbox Live accounts, as well as sensors Kinect passed 18 million. Indeed, Kinect will come out in the Windows version in early February, available in preorder at a price of $ 249.

Before the appearance of a group of Gospel to mark the end of this keynote, Steve Ballmer will have even taken the time to mean that the future of Microsoft is in a few words: Windows, Windows and Windows, Metro, Metro and Metro.

CES 2012 Microsoft Keynote

Conference broadcast live on Engadget


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