Test F1 2011 - Xbox 360

Codemasters decided to resume his account of formula 1 licence and the editor today harvest the fruit of his work. After a F1 2010 component that has really revived the franchise and offered players a title of formula 1 worthy of the name, this new 2011 version was in turn piece. The previous pane that responded to many expectations, Codemasters could then simply offer just continuity. The risk was that the editor based on his freshly earned laurels, but Codemasters will have still been a little further. Development studio perfectly assimilated the changes this new season and will have even taken a few former defects shown by critical support. Result, this F1 2011 is based largely on qualities of F1 2010 and brings what is news to provide you with further experience.

F1 2011 (5) F1 2011 (4)

F1 2011 sticks closer to the 2011 season now underway. Regulars lose therefore all pilots, registered at the beginning of season, ready to fly to the struggle of the podium and show high the colours of their stables. This side is also no lack in the appeal. MC Laren, Red Bull, Lotus, Torro Rosso, the most prestigious alongside here also the weakest. Same for circuits, these races will resume all events of the season. The game proves that it is actually updated since his grand return circuit of Nürburgring and circuit of New Delhi, the great novelty of this year, you will propose to discover your turn. The bases of F1 and the 2011 season are thus met, and so you can put ing in his place and save your favorite driver.


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