Spire: portage Siri for appliances iOS 5 jailbreakés

iOS Siri logo

Small to small, solutions to Siri, the functionality of voice commands / speech recognition appeared with iPhone 4 S, on older iOS devices to refine and improve, without however reaching yet circumvent some limitations.

A new application has appeared on the Cydia alternative portal and can have Siri on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3 G and 4 G or iPad iOS 5 jailbreaké 1. From other solutions already proposed, the Spire application has the advantage of not to use of items subject to the copyright of Apple, to distribute it legally.

Still no authentication bypass

However, it requires always an iPhone 4 S authentication and therefore to have access in one way or another to the last terminal of Apple, the direct connection of one device other than the iPhone 4 S servers running Siri always impossible.

Spire, which weighs 100 MB is available on the Cydiaalternative portal. Its author, Chpwn, suggests that its application might be used for other systems of voice recognition easier to operate than Siri, access remains well protected against other than iPhone 4 S terminals.


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