China begins to test its Beidou satellite system

Beidou GNSS

Then the European Galileo satellite positioning system starts to deploy its constellation for a commissioning in 2014, and that the American GPS starts the next generation of satellites (Block III) tests, China is also case around its own system Beidou.

The objective of the Middle Kingdom is the same as in Europe: dispose of its own system of positioning and escape of the GPS system which remains under the control of the US Army and can therefore, in this title, see its services interrupted in critical situations.

Beidou in approach
China has deployed since 2000 ten satellites on the 35 planned for the final constellation, and expects to launch six more next year. It can begin first phase of the signal broadcast in real conditions while positioning system should be sufficiently broad to cover the major part of the Asia-Pacific region in 2012, and then provide coverage of the world from 2020.

As the Russian Glonass positioning system, Beidou remains compatible and interoperable with other GNSS signals refine and enhance the sensitivity of the receptor. The next step in the development of the Chinese system will focus on the provision of documentation for designing Beidou compatible devices.


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