Samsung: 15% rise in sales of mobile in 2012


The year 2011 will be enabled Samsung to consolidate its position as number two world of mobile telephony, to exceed the cap of the 300 million mobile phones sold, but it also allowed him to become leader of the segment of smartphones in the third quarter of 2011, with the satisfaction of pass in front of Apple, who became his intimate rivalWhile Nokia was more discreet, at his conversion to Windows Phone.

And if the indicators are not necessarily engaging the economic situation next year, the Korean Group intends well continue its momentum and not to let his pursuers catch up with. According to the Korea Economic Daily newspaper, Samsung set aims to take mobile 374 million in 2012, against 325 million in 2011.

And on this volume, not less than 150 million units should be represented by the category of smartphones, ensuring better margins than traditional mobile group. By being present on all positions, Smartphone for low-end terminals in reference taking the latest technologies, the manufacturer may hope to reach a still wider audience.

The Samsung steamroller

Samsung is not necessarily the States of soul of an actor like HTC, which takes the party not descend in range to maintain its brand image, or the limitations inherent to a strategy of niche such as Apple, which launched only a single model year, price very.

Well armed to 2012, the magnitude of the success of Samsung will perhaps depend primarily on the back (or not) of Nokia with its Windows Phone lines, whose first Lumia models are an introduction to a series that will extend the next year.

In the face, Samsung will attempt probably, beyond the launch of ranges of smartphones, to propose a new citation smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3?) as could be the Samsung Galaxy S and S2 Galaxy.


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