Un SSD de 4 To chez OCZ

OCZ introduces its Chiron: an SSD of 4 TB in a 3.5 "enclosure.

OCZ Chiron

OCZ has announced an SSD the sweet name of Chiron (Yes, in French, it's quite funny). Equipped with a RAID controller designed by OCZ, it combines four controllers Indilinx Everest and integrates all in a box 3.5 "SATA III 6 Gbps, and displays a total storage capacity of 4 To.

This course is very impressive, even if it can emit a few doubts about the ability of SATA III interface do not saturate with such a disk. A priori, OCZ developed the package on the possible operations per second, including 4 K blocks. That confirm announced performance: 560 MB/s rates, and 100,000 IOPS. You will imagine, such as SSD will be not given...


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