Test Saints Row The Third - PC - PS3 - Xbox 360

Players who have followed the Saints Row franchise know how much they set difficulty that the gang of the Saints had a true place in the middle. Only this, the good life only lasted a time. This third component puts you on the street in the early part, the Union is being shown more malignant the gang to make you lose everything you had. Money, car, clothing, relations, reputation, you have strictly more nothing. Fortunately, the first two missions of the game will allow you to earn some money for you including to buy weapons and clothes. What find a semblance of style with effective arguments that your new opponents again take you seriously.

Saints Row The third (14) Saints Row The third (6)

If your first mission offers a character to take in hand, you will later need to create it from scratch. Customization is here in the heart of this Saints Row and you will certainly spend lot of time to perfect your hero. Note that the Saints may have a gang leader and not necessarily of a Chief. It fun to give your hero, whatever it is, the most disconcerting mimicry, most unexpected in a gang war. Is that once your character created in detail that you can understand what it is issue in this new Saints Row The Third.


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