Test Sonic Generations - Xbox 360

Sonic has twenty years. And this is not for us younger, as it is customary to say. Nostalgia is twofold. The first, quite egocentric, we reminded our personal twenty years, that we have, where we were at the time, this kind of memories which gives rise to a few sighs. Once this personal issue is avoided, it is to Sonic that we think, and very definitely to the first meeting with this blue hedgehog. Twenty years ago, Sega launched its mascot. Twenty years ago, parents had made the choice, harmless for them and finally full consequences today, turn their children to Mario or Sonic, opting for the NES and the Sega Mega drive. Many have therefore not known immediately Sonic, as others have met Mario on the later.

Sonic Generations (40) Sonic Generations (38)

Sonic, of our personal experience, said number of sunny large holiday memories. While Mario was accessible at any time of the Parisian daily, Sonic him occupied us the NAPs, the time where the Sun for own Vaucluse imposed us imprisonment behind Windows and doors, in the darkness and hoping to keep a little freshness. Sonic was therefore, ready to entertain young old, not necessarily talented player on these new challenges. Earth, Mario resembled a small old so he was less quickly to achieve its goals... And game time was counted too small to allow the joystick "at large" more experts...

Sonic Generations (39) Sonic Generations (37)

In short, we all have our personal history with Sonic. This is the way begins the stories of fans elsewhere. Also, when Sega Announces anniversary title, a landmark game in the twenty years of the franchise, it is obvious to any fan, to be. It goes without saying that the quality of plays all the same in this ownership title, but was conceivable that the Sonic Team rate check on such an occasion?


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