These 2012: Series 5 Ultra, the Samsung ultrabooks

Samsung presents its ultrabooks these of Las vegas. Models of 13.3 to 14 inches.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra (3)

It was expected, Samsung take these 2012 to launch on the market of the ultrabooks. Korean does not create a new line of computers to do this, however, is with its 5 Series, which he characterized as now of Ultra. Two models presented, of 13.3 "and 14", both equipped with a screen of a definition of 1366 x 768 pixels. Side processors, it will be of low consumption (Sandy Bridge for the moment) i Core, while these computers will be equipped with 4 to 8 GB of DDR3.

The storage may be provided by a 128 GB SSD or a more economic solution of hybrid storage with a HDD 16 GB of flash memory. What enable these laptops to be reactive and to start and get out of standby quickly. Note that 14 "model will accommodate a dedicated graphics (Radeon HD 7550M), as this will be the case for Lenovo T430u or Ultra of Acer Timeline.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra (1)           Samsung Series 5 Ultra (2)

With regard to their measurements, there are 14 "model approach with the limit of the 21 mm thickness desired by Intel with its 20.9 mm. But it should be noted that this ultrabook integrates an optical drive, for a weight of 1.8 Kg on the scales. As the 13.3 "model, it is 14.9 mm thickness for 1.4 Kg. There remains the question of the price. Less than $ 1000 as would like the Intel? Not really, because the Series 5 Ultra "13.3 Samsung will be sold from $ 1125 and his big brother of 14" $ 1167. They will be available in the coming days in the South Korea, but it is not known when they arrive in our...


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