Test PES 2012 - PS3

On the football fields, PES and FIFA franchises compete for years. If FIFA seems to dominate the medium, Konami does not down to the arm and tends to propose the necessary changes to get significant in the eyes of many. But the improvements are long to take place, difficult to articulate schemas. Konami should not deal with individualistic players to win a cup of the world, but defects sometimes inherent in the franchise or resulting from the improvements made. PES 2006 marked the spirits, PES 2011 initiated the useful changes. This PES 2012 resumed the foundations of its predecessor, will probably not mark the annals of the franchise, but provides very good additions. The whole is still perfectible but proves the good will of Konami to move forward. And it's better to rely on imaginary Kudos...

PES 2012 (2) PES 2012 (3)PES 2012 (3)PES 2012 (3)PES 2012 (1)

Be warned, the changes made in this 2012 PES displayed not in the content of the title, substantially the same as in PES 2011. Nothing has been removed so, and regulars lose their usual competitions: the national leagues, the League of Champions, the Europa League, Copa Libertadores always alongside games of exhibitions in the training sessions. PES suffers again and again the absence of official licenses, even if the most important are still there. But the title of Konami would gain in credibility if more official teams, more players came complement, and replace, the anonymous present in the game. New official teams are still the part, but it regretted that the version of the game on the market is not taken into account the final transfers of early season.

PES 2012 (1) PES 2012

A little change in modes to a legend and League of Masters, however, now grouped under the banner "Football Life". Small additions, in terms of objectives, challenges punctuate the whole, such as a cut-scene that promote the disposal.


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