Windows Phone: Tango and Apollo to specify

Windows Phone Tango ApolloAfter the update Mango, which was a significant evolution of the Windows Phone platform, other inputs are provided. The names of updates Tango and Apollo circulate for several months already but their precise contribution to the platform was not known.

Site WMPoweruser provides an indication of the roadmap for Windows Phone confirming these two updates arrive in 2012 and giving an idea of what they bring. The Tango update should be available in the second quarter of 2012 and should help to expand the scope of Windows Phone to the entry.

If it is not necessarily exciting for geeks, this development is essential for the growth of Windows Phone with one of the angles of attack is to try to interest new users of smartphones by its simplicity of handling.

Widening the base before expand the Summit
The entry is also no doubt the next compartment of the overall growth of the sales of smartphones and it is already coveted by Google for its Android system. While continuing to rely on high range models providing the visibility, it is towards more aggressive price positioning that the conquest of the market by the volumes will be played over the next years.

The update of Windows Phone, known under the name of Apollo, is scheduled for the last quarter of 2012. It will have a broader spectrum of increased volumes of smartphones on all segments and pave the way for "superphones" features high-end (high resolution, multicore, wireless technologies... embedded processors) and a reinforcement of the productivity aspect / Windows Phone business.

Well that informal, this information go in the direction of the proposals and the strategy of Microsoft and its ally of circumstance complete Nokia which should be a range of smartphones Windows Phone in 2012.


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