These 2012: Nokia announces Lumia 900 LTE

Nokia presents the 900 Lumia, evolution of the 800 Lumia, equipped with a screen larger and compatible with the 4 G LTE networks.


The Finnish manufacturer Nokia will launch a declination of the 800 Lumia, its smartphone success running Windows Phone 7.5. Lumia 900 is therefore the same design but has a larger touch screen (4.3 "against" 3.7), brings compatibility with networks 4 G LTE operator AT & T, adds a 1 megapixel front AFN sensor and 1830 mAh battery to take 7 hours using 3 G voice.

For the rest nothing moves, it is always the same processor 1.4 GHz and the 512 MB of RAM of Lumia 800. No date of availability or tariff have been announced for the launch of this smartphone in the U.S. market in AT & T. In any case, rumors had seen just...


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